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We have come together on this site to call attention to Halleluyah Scriptures.  Each of us have been a part of serving Halleluyah Scriptures in some capacity.  We have dealt personally with those who manage Halleluyah Scriptures day to day business and website.  Some of us have had extensive involvement and others have had limited involvement.  We have been the key postal agents and the accountants for Halleluyah Scriptures.  All of us have spoken on the phone to the “team” at Halleluyah Scriptures and all of us have resigned from our service as postal agents and accountants.  We, however, have been unable to remain silent or fade into the background. What you will read on this site is the reason “why”.

(All Evidence Is Found In The Disclosure Document And Testimonies. CLICK HERE)


Ezekiel 33:2-20
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Ezekiel 33 Again the word of YHWH came to me, saying,
2 “Son of man, speak to the children of your people, and you shall say to them, ‘When I bring the sword upon a land and the people of the land shall take a man from their borders, and shall make him their watchman: 3 and he sees the sword coming upon the land, and shall blow the ram’s horn, and shall warn the people; 4 Then whoever shall hear the sound of the ram’s horn and shall not take warning; if the sword comes and takes him away, his blood is on his own head. 5 He heard the sound of the ram’s horn but he did not take warning; his blood is on himself. But he who takes warning shall deliver his being.

6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and shall not blow the ram’s horn, and the people shall not be warned; and the sword comes and takes any being from among them, he is taken away in his wickedness and his blood I require at the watchman’s hand.’”

7 “And you, son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Yisrael and you shall hear a word from My mouth, and shall warn them from Me. 8 When I say to the wicked, ‘O wicked one, you shall certainly die’, and you have not spoken to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked one shall die in his wickedness, and his blood I require at your hand. 9 But, when you have warned the wicked to turn from his way and   he has not turned from his way, he shall die in his wickedness but you have delivered your being.”

10 “And you, O son of man, say to the house of Yisrael; ‘This is what you have said, If our transgressions and our sins lie upon us, and we pine away in them, how should we then live?’ 11 “Say to them, ‘As I live, declares the Master YHWH, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn back, turn back from your evil ways! For why should you die, O house of Yisrael?’”

12 “And you, O son of man, say to the children of your people, ‘The righteousness of the righteous man shall not deliver him in the day of his transgression.  And as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not stumble because of it in the day that he turns from his wickedness.  And the righteous shall not be able to live because of his righteousness in the day that he sins. 13 When I  say to the righteous, that he shall live and he has trusted in his own righteousness, and shall do unrighteousness, none of his righteousness shall be remembered; but because of his unrighteousness that he has done, he shall die.’”

14 “Again, when I say to the wicked, ‘You shall certainly die’; if he turns from his sin, and does right and righteousness, 15 if the wicked restores the pledge, gives back what he has stolen and walks in the laws of life without doing wickedness; he shall certainly live, he shall not die. 16 None of his sins which he has committed shall be remembered against him: he has done right and righteousness; he shall certainly live.”

17 “Yet the children of your people have said, The way of YHWH is not fair: but it is their way which is not fair!”

18 “When the righteous turns from his righteousness, and does unrighteousness, he shall die because of it. 19 But when the wicked turns from his wickedness, and does right and righteousness, he shall live because of it. 20 And you have said, ‘The way of YHWH is not fair.’ O house of Yisrael, I shall judge every one of you according to his own ways.”


These are the warnings that YHWH speaks to His people.  We take these words very seriously and have seen unrighteousness.  We have blown the ram’s horn to no avail.  Halleluyah Scriptures has continued in their wickedness and their former righteousness does not overshadow their wickedness.



Ted Ramp
accountant, postal agent, audio, President of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. (Incorporated Dec. 6, 2012) – Fort Wayne, IN

Robin Ramp
postal agent, prisoner letters, prayer email, Secretary of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. – Fort Wayne, IN

Erik Klausner
accountant and postal agent – Placerville, CA

Marilyn Nave
postal agent – Alpharetta, GA

Nance Whitaker
postal agent –Yalaha, FL

(You will find these locations printed in the back of the different print runs or stickers that have been placed in the back of the Halleluyah Scriptures.)


DISCLAIMER – Although being postal agents, accountants and two of the Officers (of the newly founded non-profit Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. Dec 2012), we had no influence or control over the Halleluyah Scriptures website, the answering of emails directed to Halleluyah Scriptures, or the business practices of Halleluyah Scriptures.  None of us served in any capacity in making decisions about printing of any material or it’s content.  The Halleluyah Scriptures version of the bible, as well as, all material that Halleluyah Scriptures distributes, including the probability that they are the author of Vain Traditions, are the sole responsibility of “the Team” at Halleluyah Scriptures. None of us on this site were ever involved. The Halleluyah Scriptures’ website’s contents and the responses to people through the contact page were all from Shalom and Max Weiss also known as Deborah and Ken Allen or Deborah and Ken Wessel.  They are the sole “voice” of www.halleluyahscriptures.com/ www.halleluyahscripturesproject.com (which is Halleluyah Scriptures).  The direction of Halleluyah Scriptures has been carried out publicly by Debra and Ken Allen-Wessel.  Alan Horvath has been recently thrust to the forefront as a public voice for H.S. and all funds, mail, etc have been redirected from Fort Wayne to New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Alan was not in this position until we informed them that we would no longer serve as postal agents and accountant and chose to dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. Alan has been contacted several times before this website was launched and has chosen to not respond.


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  1. Hi Marilyn, first off may I say you poor thing.
    My wife and I were to be the first postal agents of Ken and Deborah Allen in NZ….until we, like you started to ask questions about all the lies and deception!
    We are glad someone has set a site up to expose these serial liars!
    I and my wife have suffered very bad health after this ordeal, and just surviving day to day living has been tuff enough, as we have very little…. but value Yahweh and family most…
    You will be shocked at how far they have gone to destroy our lives and the lives of others we know…
    Best regards
    Lance and Tracy

    • Thank you Lance and Tracy. I have read your story and it’s horrible. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry that many have continued to be hurt by them. I plead with them and send them emails frequently calling attention to their sin and their heart of stone. I only get silence back.

      Can you email me personally? I would like to converse in private.

  2. Peace be with you beloved brethren…
    I would like to say to everyone that has been hurt by this project please forgive me as I should have had the courage to exposed the ugliness from what I have known. I was following the scriptures as to love our neighbor as our self and was following the teachings in the book of proverbs of how to deal with brethren and people. The way I was treated I felt I was the one with the yucky heart and i’m trying to get my heart clean. I praise the brethren for speaking out and not letting this go any further, this was such a beautiful project to begin with and is a shame on how others are treated for giving their heart into this project. May Yahweh glory be shown through this, and brethren forgive and previl as we are Yisrael (those that over come).
    Every one should get a book regardless of how or what they call him. Yahs word is to be told to all creatures! For Yahweh says his word will not turn void. Blessings to all who have worked on and who have gave their time or money with a pure heart to help spread his word for the love of Yahshua Messiah.
    Shalom to you and your home,
    Tabatha Bennett

    • Tabatha,
      You have such a tender heart. You did what you thought was for the Father and they manipulated and used you for their own purposes. I have been blown away by your testimony you shared on the phone with me yesterday. It has not left my mind. I said to my husband, “just look at the miracle our Father can do in a human heart”. You and your husband are a testimony to His kindness and grace toward His children. May you be so enriched and transformed by His love. Ken and Deb will not escape His wrath. Unfortunately for them, their minds have been given over to depravity and they don’t even know it.
      WE all have been counted worthy of suffering for His Name. Praise YHWH.

  3. For all those servants of YHWH who have had to deal with this, and some still are:
    Strength comes from YHWH alone and as He overcame, we will too!!
    “The everlasting Elohim, YHWH, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. HE gives power to the faint, and to those who have no might HE increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men stumble and fall, but those who wait on YHWH renew their strength, they raise up the wing like eagles, they run and are not weary, they walk and do not faint.” (Yeshayahu 40:28-31)

    YHWH is doing a good work in all of us who desire to be obedient to HIM alone as we search our own hearts and rid that which does not belong, which according to our individual testimonies, we each have done!! “And we know that all work together for good to those who love Elohim, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)

    “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the esteem that is to be revealed in us.” (Rom. 8:18)

    And it is written, “Beloved ones, do not be surprised at the fiery trial that is coming upon you, to try you, as though some unusual matter has befallen you, but as you share Messiah’s sufferings, rejoice, in order that you might rejoice exultingly at the revelation of His esteem.” (1 Kepha 4:12,13)

    And “So then, those who suffer according to the desire of Elohim should commit their lives to a trustworthy Creator, in doing good.” (1 Kepha 4:19)

    And, “Be sober, watch, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in the belief, knowing that the same hardships are experienced by your brotherhood in the world. And the Elohim of all favor, who called you to His everlasting esteem by Messiah Yahushua, after you have suffered a while, Himself perfect, establish, strengthen and settle you.” (1 Kepha 5:8-10)

    Be strong in the Master and in the mightiness of His strength!! (Ephesians 6:10)

    And remember, “For what credit is there in enduring a beating when you sin? But if you suffer for doing good and you endure, this is favor with Elohim. For to this you were called, because Messiah also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that you should follow His steps, ‘who committed no sin, nor was deceit found in His mouth,’ who, being reviled, did not revile in return; suffering, did not threaten, but committed to Him who judges righteously…”

    May YHWH’s favor be upon you, for you did not revile in return nor threaten those who arrogantly, deceitfully, and unrighteously threatened you, but, speaking in truth, entrusted your very lives and the lives of your family into the Righteous Hands of YHWH, waiting for His Righteous Right-ruling! Keep enduring, to the very end!!

    Yah be with you and keep you and shine HIS face upon you and give you HIS peace!!


    ~Robin Ramp
    Psalm 115:1

  4. You may have heard it said, “There will be a famine of His Word.”
    Scripture says, “See, days are coming,” declares the Master YHWH, “that I shall send a hunger in the land, not a hunger for bread, nor a thirst for water, but for HEARING the Words of YHWH.” (Amos 8:11)

    Hebrew word for hearing is: “lishmoa’ ” -> root word: “shama”
    Definition: “to hear intelligently, often with implication of attention, obedience, etc.”

  5. This all is very sad to hear. So does this mean that there will never be a HalleluYah scriptures again? What about the new CD that was going to come out soon? Is that not going to happen now, or is some honest people going to revamp things to right the wrongs and run this properly.
    I do pray for my enemies and those that despitefully use me. Shalom.

  6. I am sorry to hear of this, but at the same time feel a confirmation in my spirit as I was treated very harshly by the two people mentioned just about a month or so ago when I simply requested 2 copies of the Scriptures but at the time could only afford one copy. I was reprimanded as though I was selfish for even asking and though I was refunded my money for the one copy, I was left bewildered and hurt by the response. I pray that in the future HalleluYah Scriptures can again come together, but this time with folks who are accountable, compassionate, and desire to see everyone blessed with the Word and not just who someone with no accountability determines is worthy of them.

    • I’ve noticed that if you pay you will receive from HS. I tried to send one to someone responding on the facebook page and HS reprimanded me for trying to send one to someone even though I had already paid for it.

    • No, the integrity of the text of the Halleluyah Scriptures is the same as “The Scriptures” version with some adaptations. The text is good and we still use it. Shabbat is always a good day for truth. And many of the confrontations Yahushua had were on Shabbat. It is about truth. Shalom in Yahushua, Ted

      • I had also previously got a copy titled “The Scriptures” got it from Michael Rood store
        I still figure it’s all good..there both good (HS)

        • Just so you know, as we reply directly from the website it logs us as Admin. This is Ted Ramp. I was the one who responded. And yes the translation is still a good and valid translation. As I have mentioned in a couple of posts and letters to people who respond, the translation is The Scriptures translation done by Chris Koster. It is the same translation used by The Institute for Scripture Research (ISR) with some adaptions for the paleo Hebrew and some transliteration of Hebrew words like “kohen” – priest, “nabi” – prophet etc. You can go the I.S.R.’s website and download an e-copy for E-sword and compare it to your H.S. they are in essence the same. Shalom, Ted

  7. I knew they were behind Vain Traditions. I has signed up for emails from HS with a private email that I had not given out to anyone else. Then, I started receiving emails from Vain Tradition and there was one other one but I didn’t keep a record. Thank you for speaking out. You are truly doing the right thing.

    I do with you guys would clarify your appeal. Could you be more specific about what is going on? Thanks again for speaking out.

    • James, thank you for standing with us. You can read the sin that we called out on the “testimonies” tab. You will find clarification and specifics with evidence. We invite others who would like to share their stories as well to do so.

      May He be praised above all men.

  8. I know exposing something like this isn’t easy, but I want to thank you for doing it. I also had an ugly incident with them last year. They had asked for a volunteer to act as an agent to hand out their bibles at a feast gathering. When I volunteered and just asked for clarification on the rules, it quickly escalated to calling me a theif and a liar. It was just bizarre. I’ve never expereinced anything like it before. In hindsight, I realize the insult happened the second I mentioned we knew someone who used to “work” for them in translating. I had no idea there had been problems, and it was done in innocence on my part. But they didn’t like that and for some reason found it fitting to treat me in the way they did to cancel the transaction. They then lied to another person who volunteered to act as an agent for the same feast gathering and told her the bibles had already been shipped to someone else to hand out. Of course they had not.

  9. Thats awesome! I love being robbed! I paid for my copy and never received one! Instead I got emails telling me the boat had a mind of its own and the shipment is delayed yet another month!

  10. And I am still missing my hs restored names book! I have already made a donation and that was late last year! Email responders kept saying they already sent me a copy….but I did not receive it, and have called the local shipping services, with no resolve…..

  11. Can anyone tell me who is in charge of the website Messianic Hall of Shame? There is a lot of content, but no one claims responsibility. I assumed it was the people you mentioned above. If this is correct then someone is a hypocrite. It really make you wonder who you can trust anymore. I thought for sure these were desent people who loves and obeys YAH. Personally, I was never mistreated by these people, and always received everything as requested. Anyway, I don’t know what else to say. I will pray that whatever has been done or not done that YAH brings good from it somehow It’s what He does best. Shalom

  12. If I am not going to recieve the copies of the cd, I would like the money back so I can donate it to another charitable orignization, If you still plan on sending please do so, otherwise return. I did not send money for it to be pocketed, not sure that it is, just saying money was sent to get the word out and if thats not going to happen, then it needs to be returned.

  13. I don’t know who’s lying here. One of your testimonies or article called those who support the HS “Naive”..I have a copy. In fact, two. I think the translation is great. Might I add, superior to the ISR. I am not bashing the ISR at all. I am just saying I prefer the HS. Does that make me “Naive”? Not at all. I don’t endorse Ken, Deb, Shalom or whatever any of their names are. I really don’t care what their names are . Did I care to know who was behind the nkjv when I read it? Nope! I endorse the fact that the HS is a excellent restored word translation. Whatever they do behind the scenes is between them and the Father. Not me. There is no “Blood ” on my hands because I endorse the HS as a great translation. The fact is that it is. Now if you prefer the ISR that is your business and keep doing so. If anyone has been hurt by them and if it is true ( Not saying it is) then YHWH will judge for any wrong doing on their part. But please, don’t label us who enjoy reading the translation and recommend it as all being “Naive” Shalom!

    • As stated before, you should know that Halleluyah Scriptures IS The Scriptures version with adaptations. They are the same. The H.S. started with a copy of The Scriptures and duplicated it changing some words to Hebrew. I have copies of both and if you go online to the ISR website using E-Sword and compare the two versions you will find they are the same with few exceptions. It is a good translation. It is not the translation that is a problem.

  14. Shofar, Why would you start your response with “I don’t know who’s lying here?” Have you read our disclosure documents and our testimonies as well as the comments on this blog? Am I to understand that your choice to believe is either HS or all the evidence that stands against them? Do you think we made up this evidence? Do you think these testimonies are false?
    We have not called attention to HS because of a translation issue, nor have we called attention because we prefer any bible over another. This has nothing to do with our preference in translation. In fact, I don’t think any of us have even made a comment about our personal preference.
    What this is about is our obedience to scripture. YHWH tells us to call out sin when we see it and to do it according to Matt 18. While you may not care if they are bearing false witness to us or to their other supporters, I can assure you that our Father cares very much. He calls it an abomination. Those of us who are deeply committed to our walk with YHWH are not willing to have a cavalier attitude of not caring what is done behind the scenes when we see sin. These commands are the least obeyed commands in the bible…..but He expects our obedience to reveal their sin when they remain unrepentant, nonetheless.
    If you’ll tell us where you read “naive” and we feel it comes across as offensive, we will restate our information. We do not want the information overlooked simply because of the way it has been presented.

    • I was going to say something along those lines – with the addition of these two verses as well: 1Ti 5:20 “Those who sin rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear.”
      Also, Mat 24:12 depicts why so many believers are beginning to drop like flies in these “last of the last days”: “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

    • Selah
      well said, when one of Yisroel sins, all Yisroel sins; we are all affected. The ones who sin must be warned that the sword comes, somebody is failing to give the shofar that warning sound for others to hear.

      Ha Derech is one way, lets hope these people performs Teshuvah all the way and restore it all to the ones affected, repentance involves restitution.
      Repentance begins in the heart-mind, it ends witht the work of the hands, ask for forgiveness; repay/restore what has been taken, ask for forgiveness, walk in Ha Derech, Yahushua Ha Mashiach.

  15. Praise Yah for exposing this before it gets any more corrupt, may He bless those that have been honest and obedient to His word.
    I am in Australia and have a name and contact for the sender of my HS books I am going to send him a text with your website so that he is aware of the issues.
    I have given a lot of Yah’s money into this ministry and have the faith to know that He is in control of everything.
    Hopefully something good comes from this exposure and someone honest may be able to pick it up continue this good and very needed work.

  16. I’m still trying to digest what is being said. I probably need to read more details. However, I am relieved that others are saying some of the same things I felt a few months ago when I requested some copies and made donations. ( At least I know there was a true reason some confusion came into the interactions.) I received the ‘chastisement’ replies and wondered if they were going to keep my donations and not offer me even one copy. However, I wrote then at length and shared my concerns that they were rejecting need for the restored Bible version to Americans in order to serve other people groups ( which I find unethical.) Why take from the American poor to give to others. I felt I had to list for them all the reasons we are truly poor. Why is making Americans stronger and more equipped under valued? I was promised a Large Print copy for my larger donation to give to my son for his birthday as he requested. I dread trying to explain this to him if we don’t receive it! I also don’t want to have to explain this to my husband as his heart was just starting to open to giving again regularly to ministries we thought were blessing others faithfully. Please pray that those hurt by this mess will not harden their hearts. That is certainly my prayer. ~ Disappointed.

  17. I can concur with much that has been revealed here (Luke 12:2). Please forgive me YaHuWaH in all I was involved in this that I did not handle correctly. As one who originally spoke with Deb (and Ken when he would, or was allowed to, speak) and shared my vision of an absolutely free (shipping etc.) Scriptures with Hebrew understanding and words and no adding to the Word (Debarim 4:2, 12:32; Mishle 30:5,6 & Qohelleth 3:14) … nothing but the Scriptures.
    They suggested this was Chris Koster’s vision too and we should make it happen but how to do it?. I suggested we take the Scripture 98+ from e-sword and make significant changes as I saw many better choices for the English words out of the Hebrew. I suggested it would be a great responsibility of attaining maximum accuracy and could take years. Deb suggested we could/should do it in 6 months. I objected at this quickness because of the likelihood of not clearly making the best transliteration. The comment was must get it out and we’ll improve on later versions which was rejected when brought up again. I stayed in it for a while to help with words and finances but saw Iyzebel rising up and reduced my activity.

    Obviously there is more I can share about wrongdoings, however the good news is that there is a new group forming that is wanting to carry on improving on these Scriptures that was originally envisioned. It sounds as if there are many more that may want to help as we try and right the wrongs of a few and carry on this good work and make it even better. BaqashEmeth@ymail.com

    • Funny that
      The 1998 electronic edition is available for download. The 98+ edition was a version that I created for internal use of the ISR while we were busy with the 2009 edition. Please note that it is ISR copyrighted material, and that you can not just take it and use it for a new iteration of theft, lies and slander against the ISR like the HS did. I am sometimes astounded by the absolute blatant lawlessness of people amongst the Messianic / Hebraic Roots movement.

      • Shalom Bill,

        Firstly, The Scriptures version states this “All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness,”
        I am sometimes astounded by the absolute blatant lawlessness of people amongst any movement that think they can copyright what is breathed, inspired and given by YaH, Elohiym.

        Secondly, most to all versions have the similar to same … characters, details, storyline, books, book names, sequence of events, place names, chapter breaks, verse numbers, theme, message and overall content. Some versions are more similar than others … for example the Besorah of Yahushua seems identical to the Scriptures version with the exception of the Paleo Script in the Besorah. Whereas the HalleluYaH Scriptures is significantly different in many cases to both these other versions. Regardless, all versions use the same dictionaries of words to portray the same message originated by the Creator, Elohiym.

        Thirdly, please look up the definition of … ‘copy’, ‘copyright’, plagiarism’
        Copy – “an imitation, transcript, or reproduction of an original work”
        Copyright – “giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it.”
        Plagiarism – “closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author”.
        The note on The Scriptures page 800 (Qoheleth 1) is “The author could have been Shelomoh, or else some post-exilic writer.”

        Now we look in the mirror. 🙂
        1) “Reproduction of an original work” that is any translation of the Scriptures according to 2 Timothy 3:16

        2) “Giving the Creator (good choice of description) of an original work exclusive rights to it.”

        3) “Closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author”.
        (The Scriptures acknowledge other authors than themselves before them as noted on page 800 but I will refer again to 2 Timothy 3:16 as the Author being before all as the true Author is the One and Only true Elohiym.

        All Scripture versions are somewhat guilty of all these points except like the KJV when they are public domain.

        “Received without paying, give without being paid.” That from Mattithyahu 10:8 added with Acts 2:44,45 & 4:34,35 reveals YaH’s heart in this matter.

        That was my vision for the HS, absolutely free and I can understand how those selling other versions would try and rise up against this. That is still my vision for another much improved version … and truly absolutely FREE (free shipping, no donate button, no tax # … just FREE). I know my Elohiym is big enough to handle it.

        Hard to believe that anyone could find fault with that … but then another one comes along and does. Some how 1 Timothy 6:10 pops in my head … oh well 🙂

        Shalom Aleichem,

    • So what you are saying is that the HS was basically plagiarized from the 98+ e-sword edition. I know there was never an electronic version for the 93 edition because I never made one. And also that you suggested this plagiarism. Is that correct Baqash?

      • Plagiarism – “closely imitating the language and thoughts of another author”.
        The note on The Scriptures page 800 (Qoheleth 1) is “The author could have been Shelomoh, or else some post-exilic writer.” … the thoughts of another author captured by The Scriptures version (like all versions).

        The Scriptures version also states this “All Scripture is breathed by Elohim and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for setting straight, for instruction in righteousness,” (2 Timothy 3:16)

        The true Author of the Qodesh Scriptures is the One True Elohiym.

        He who is without plagiarism among you, let him be the first to throw a stone. 🙂

        HalleluYaH for Matthithyahu 10:8 & Acts 2:44,45 with 4:34,35. Phew, we are free if we are freely giving His Word. HalleluYaH!

        • Dear Baqash Emeth
          If Thomas Nelson Inc publishers have a panel of 10 translators working for 5 years to bring out a New King James Version translation, will it be acceptable for you to make a copy of that work, rebrand it slightly and then publish it under another name? Is that acceptable behaviour?

          Similarly, the Institute for Scripture Research did many years of hard work to translate and publish The Scriptures translation. Some so-called believers in YHWH feel free to copy this work and then make minor changes and republish it under names such as “The Besorah” and “Halleluyah Scriptures”, claiming it is the work of YHWH. That is plain common theft. Dedicated Scribes to years to write out by hand copies of the Tenach. Image how they will feel if someone came and made photocopies of their hard work, made a few changes here and there, and then start to print them in bulk on newspaper.
          The translators or publishers holds the rights to their hard work, for many good reasons.
          If people like yourself have the urge to send out free copies of a translation, then by all means get hold of a legal public domain document that you are allowed to copy and distribute freely. Don’t take the hard work of others, who are trying to keep their work authentic and with specific needs and requirements and publish it without permission.
          If you do not have the skills to translate the work from the original languages, then do not become involved with such work. Without the skills to do what you desire to do, it does not give you the write to copy the hard work of others.

          If I love the German translation of Shakespeare, it does not give me the right to copy the German translation of Shakespeare, make a few amendments and then distribute it.
          Giving the word freely does not mean copying it and printing it and distributing it. It means we should share and confess with our lips – not copy and print other’s hard labours.

          • Their e-book is also no longer available on their site (I checked today). Their e-book also has the word “me” in Zechariah 12:10, proving that they deliberately changed the verse. I’m glad you posted this picture so that people can see this.

  18. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of quarreling that has been going on when people like myself just are wanting to seek the truth. Yes as with Churches in general what they do with the monies given by people out of obedience and faitfulness back to God will be between them and God to answer too. This explains a very rude and non informational email i received by the website when all i was asking for was the required purchase to be able to get extra Bibles for a street ministry i am involved with. I pray that what God has created let NO MAN DESTROY and that whatever is being done in the darkness that God brings to light and that HE HUMBLES THE PROUD! I love my Scriptures and hope that this is not the end of it!

  19. Very sad and troubling turn of events…
    I also ordered a Book of jubilees and a Book of Enoch and have not received anything even though I made donations. Disappointing…

    • I too order these ‘forgotten’ books with a considerable donation (*cough* payment *cough*) with them, and never received anything, not even an email saying they were ordered. I found free versions in PDF format, sadly with the pagan names and words, but they still give you the ‘big picture’ of where the truth is.

      Reading about all these ‘revelations’ this morning (I read this whole site) hurts one’s soul. Pray for those who are still blind to the facts and being dragged along by the unrighteous amongst us, that they wake up to what is going on infront of their eyes and get their ‘armour’ up.

      I was very much looking forward to the HS audio project being released. Again, free versions of the KJV and NIV are everywhere on mp3, but with the pagan names which are hard to listen past.

  20. Thanks for sharing this,
    i’ve supported this ‘ministry’ and felt moved to donate more to the audio project (which had not yet been done) Thank you Ted & Co for sharing your testimonies. Is there any way we can pick up the pieces and continue this version/vision of the Scriptures in English. Man i’d love this to be translated into Russian as my wife would find it easier to understand. Can it be done? Is it Yahuah’s will for us to have these Scriptures? Is it his will that we share these Scriptures for free with others? I do feel deceived, but my faith and trust is in the Father Yahuah, and so am happy to be positive. I’d love to be able to continue this project. The printer has the file, as long as this can be kept safe, then it will continue. Please pray everyone, for those involved.
    we’re in the end days so we must expect difficulties to arise……

    May Yahuah’s will be done.
    Baruch HaBa bShem Yahuah
    Read Rev22:11

    • Thanks Barry for your encouragement. I don’t know in the end run how the Father will accomplish His desire. But truthfully I would encourage you to contact The Institute for Scripture Research because this translation is Chris Kosters and is still printed as “The Scriptures” from the same organization that Koster started. They may have been working on a Russian version, I don’t know. Bill Meyer posted a comment on this sight as well as Wilhelm Wolfardt who are part of ISR you could contact them and see.

      The most encouraging thing you have said is that your faith and trust is strong in the Father. Don’t be shaken, He is Faithful.

    • Shalom Barry (& Ted),

      I requested, from HS, a copy of the file to improve upon it and to reprint an improved version in various main cities in countries world-wide to avoid the shipping costs from China to other countries to just turn around and ship again. Expectantly, I did not receive and answer. Disappointing, as the HS originated from our idea of taking from the free copy on e-sword and improving on many of the words and adding the Paleo script, that they did not return the favour by allowing the HS to be copied from their website.

      However, there is a group forming that wants to work with what we got and continue to offer an improved and completely free version of the Qodesh Scriptures to the world. The Word of YaHUaH should be free to all and He certainly is big enough to make it happen. Please let us all pray for this and that YaH’s entire will be done.

      Shalom Aleichem.

      • I think your vision is honorable. However, YHWH WILL NOT condone any actions that are illegal. All literary work has an assumed copyright whether the status has been recorded or not. Someone(s), somewhere, have spent an enormous amount of time. To take that work from any source and use it for your own personal use, is of course, legal. But it is not legal or honorable to take other’s work to mass produce. If you truly want to continue a vision of free bibles, produce your own work or purchase other’s work with their name on it. You can do this with donations and then send them out for free.

      • Just to be clear Baqash, use public domain translations if you think you have the language ability to improve the English versions that are available. Do not use copyright material. I suggest you rather do your own translation from Hebrew, as it appears you have better skills then those who already did great translations. You will be greatly rewarded for original work, but do not expect the same for illegally using the works of others.

      • Matt. 7:7 – ..”ask, and it shall be given to you, seek, and you shall find, knock, and the door shall be opened to you”.. The wonderful words of Yahshua, our Messiah. What a blessed promise to cling to. As such, asking is a powerful tool, one that can open huge doors of change, and slam shut doors of sorrow. With that all said, Halleluyah Scriptures is a plagiarized version of ISR The Scriptures, and furthermore has many bad errors and corruption. For instance, the removed italicized words has destroyed the meaning of the sacred text, and HS essentially created a cut/copy/paste job just like a typical Microsoft Word document. HOW CAN YOU DO THAT TO YHWH? Furthermore, the blatant change in Zechariah 12:10 removed the co-eternal belief that Yahshua is one with His Father, and that YHWH is in His Son. Wow! HS translation is just that, a biased view of YHWH’s Word. It should be abandoned. As for the vision of giving out Scriptures for free, as I said when I first started this comment, has anyone ASKED ISR for a means or method to collect donations and hand out The Scriptures for free? I read somewhere that ISR works with people who want to do this, and can arrange for a special print run if the need is great. Asking can have powerful results, as it is the sign of humility upon the requester (the person making the request). I can see the fruit of Brother Wilhelm, and I know that they have a heart to spread the Good News as much as any other. I fully believe that they do not have a greedy heart. YHWH will provide for His Children. Please consider working with ISR before you do anything else.

  21. After getting their new “plea” on 3/22/13, i wrote the following:
    Shalom HS “Team”,

    Math Lesson:

    I can order from ISR a box of 10 Scriptures and the cost to me for these ten including shipping is $13.90. From that amount, some profit will go into the pockets of Lew White and others which i do not like. But there will still be enough money to print up more copies to sell. (In the last two months i have sent out some 100 copies to prisoners and new believers.) So why do you need to make an URGENT CALL for people to send you money for printing???

    Please, please, do not tell me about all the “free” copies you hand out. I have followed you people from the very beginning and i know of no one that has ever received a “free” copy – not one. I presently serve eight prisons in CA – one in AZ – two in OH and 2 in TX — some 30-40 prisoners. In all of these facilities NOT ONE INMATE has ever received from you a free copy of the Scriptures – NOT ONE!!! Two men have them in one facility because i sent them. I have a website and am in contact with people all over this world – six continents in all and many countries and islands. I know of no one in any of these many places that i communicate with that has ever received a “free copy” of the HS – not one…. and some have asked. I serve a large congregation of believers in Kenya – they know of no one there that has ever received Scriptures from you. NO ONE.

    Here in the states, i know of numerous people who have sent you money for Scriptures – some have never received them and with others it was many months before one showed up – at a donation price of $50 or more. I personally, a long time ago, tried to make a deal with you for Scriptures for the prisoners at a $20 each price — no deal! …. you wanted more and even then, you would not guarantee me that i would receive any !!!!!

    YOU PEOPLE (THE TEAM) ARE FRAUDS – you have been deceitful – dishonest – constantly changing your “protocol” – ever begging when there in no need to beg – you hide behind PO Boxes – no names – no accountability – no checks and balances. This is very wrong and the day is coming when YHWH will lift your skirts over your faces and the shame of you nakedness will be seen by all – the money you have received by deceit and fraud will be required of you in the judgement. Your SELF-ENRICHMENT will be made known to all – your many claims of “generosity” will be seen for what they really are – claims – empty claims.

    The HS are a blatant copy of the ISR – including many translation errors – no one in your group has ever “translated” anything “diligently” or otherwise. Again you are frauds.

    When folks contact me from the website about your Scriptures, i tell them basically what you read above … you put to shame Lew White and other of his ilk that “fleece the flock” for your own enrichment. SHAME ON YOU.


    • Shalom Wayne,

      I appreciate your math lesson and agree about the “profit … into the pockets” but the original vision of The Scriptures Version, and the HS that ‘borrowed’ much from it, was to provide the Word for absolutely free (including shipping).

      I personally know this happened in the beginning of HS and just because some people did the wrong thing doesn’t mean would should give up on the vision. We see Acts 2:42-47 & 4:33-35 an example for us all to pool together and offer this gift of the Scriptures to all without any cost.
      YaH can do it, if we let Him. 🙂

      Anyone interested please email … BaqashEmeth@ymail.com

      Shalom Aleichem,


      • @Gereshon
        Lew White only handled distribution in the USA for a while. He is not on the Board of Directors of the ISR. He did not receive “profits” as you insinuate.

        Bill Meyer

        • Shalom Bill,

          I am not sure if you were addressing your comments to me but I did not insinuate anything about Lew but in the commenting on Wayne’s letter was purposely leaving out the names (hence the “…”) but was agreeing that we should strive to find a way too again produce the Scriptures without “profit … into the pockets” of anyone.

          I hope that clears things up for you.

          Shalom Aleichem,


        • I apologize for that comment – i evidently was misinformed about Lew receiving money when the Scriptures are being bought straight from ISR website. Where i got that info, i do not know – but i will not again make this comment.


  22. They also have an a.k.a Timothy White !
    The Word says “by their fruit you shall know them” Matt 7:20
    Boy did I find their fruit rotten !
    Leave it in the hands of the Father He will repay and He will heal the hurt of those who trust “Solely” in Him.

    • Is there any proof of these alias actually being Shalom and/or Max? I was acused last night of being Deb/Shalom by Bill Meyer. Which is laughable as I had my picture and real name on my profile.

      So, I am dubious about believing the “false profiles and alias” accusations.

      If there is proof, I am interested in knowing it. Assumptions should hve no place in a matter of right ruling. We are to search out a matter diligently.

      Thank you for your time, Shalom Aleichem b’Yahushua ha’Mashiach.

      • Watch the video with Shalom actually identifying herself as Debra. Anyone who has talked with her via Skype or phone knows her voice is very distinct. They can testify too. As well as myself who have talked to both Ken and Deb and have recordings from them both. Yes, the evidence is there on the Review site. Along with Lance and Tracy and Wilhelm all knew them face to face with aliases. And others. ~Ted

      • Well Tricia
        Then talking via Skype should be easy.
        If the Deb and Ken are so honorable, then why no real address. Why no face to face meetings. Why do they always stay in the shadows. In the last few years they posted on numerous sites and the same pattern repeated itself. And every time the profiles had no relatives or direct family. Similar to your fb profile. If I am mistaken I apologize. But so far your posts on my site repeated exactly Deb’s flawed assumptions and repeated exactly her accusations. Sorry. But the similarity is just too much and the verifiable information just does not exist.

        • Tricia, I read the conversation you had on FB with Bill. You need to understand both sides of this argument and come down on the side according to scripture. YHWH is honorable and EXPECTS His children who bear His name to be honorable. If you want to converse and get your point across and don’t want to Skype with Bill, then Skype with myself, Ted, Erik or Nance. We all know Deb and it would be a good way to clear that accusation off the table. But really what it comes down to is conducting ourselves legally, in integrity, honestly representing the image of Mashiach. To do that, one must speak only truth, be a law abiding citizen and take correction where there is error. And there will be error on this side of eternity. That’s all we’re saying and we invite you to contact us. You can email Ted (his email in on the home page) and any of us will be happy to hear from you.

  23. Reading through all of the comments I see nothing but confusion. And I truly rue the day I became involved with HS. very sad indeed as is my daughter also taken in by it and also deeply hurt.

  24. Well said Wayne well said. I had 400 copies sitting in my cupboard for nearly 4 months because they said I was not fit to be a postal agent. Why? I questioned their motives and other things. After forcing them to remove them they sent a removal agent who then stored them in his warehouse at a cost of course. After that who knows ? But this was whilst they were people in Britain they had none to send out !!!!
    Theives liars and robbers in my opinion.
    My mistake cost me nearly £1000 and I am retired living on low income.
    Your right also when you say NO-ONE absolutely NO-ONE gets a FREE copy.

    • Shalom Kathleen,

      Let me help to clear any of your confusion. Simply, the original vision of providing free Scriptures to all was shared by many and originally did actually happen, praise YaH!

      However, the challenges and shortcomings of the one main person who felt a need to be in total control (see 1 Kings 21:25 & 2 Kings 9:22) began to ruin this idea (surprise, surprise the enemy shows up when the Word is going out free … he is the author of the confusion). This facilitated some original people to leave (myself included) and the result is what we are reading about now.

      My appeal is for us to continue to uphold this original vision to produce and distribute an improved version of the Qodesh Scriptures to all for free. Do NOT let one or two people ruin this incredible vision of this gift available too all for free. YaH’s will be done … let’s do it!

      Shalom Aleichem,



      • Question: How possible can your vision of truly “free copies” being given out be accomplished now?? These two frauds are not going to give up their lucrative scam nor their opulent life-style at any cost. A whole new set-up would have to be instituted and put into motion – one that is VERY transparent and accountable – and obviously, this cannot be accomplished using their website or their protocol. For sure there is a GREAT NEED for the Word to go forth freely and without strings attached – and, Oh, that YaHuWaH would make that possible. And when i say “freely” i mean “freely”. The HS that are now printed belong to the people who sent in their “donations” believing in the lies that were spewed out of deceitful mouths … somehow they should be “captured” and made available to those in need – and there are many!! wayne

        • Shalom Wayne,

          A new group is in the process being formed with nothing to do with HS or their website etc.

          It is simple, we build and print a new improved version of the Scriptures distributing it for free. Very transparent when someone asks for one and gets it for absolutely free. 🙂 With no donation button, no tax numbers just printing Scriptures where and when as YaHuWaH leads. I know ones who have been buying Scriptures and giving them away including shipping them for years. This was the original vision for the HS and how it began to multiply these singular efforts into one (echad) … all truly free and trusting YaHuWaH to provide all (Mishley/Proverbs 3:4-7)

          Please pray as there as been much support here on this site for those who want to help and also attacks as again the enemy does not want this to happen.



          • Just so you know, I have talked with Gereshon about this and want to make it perfectly clear that he is not suggesting taking “The Scriptures” version “Halleluyah Scriptures” version or any other single version and just copying it and doing what H.S. has done. He is talking about a whole different version. It can and probably will incorporate some points of different versions but not a copy of another. Just wanted to make that clear. ~~ Ted Ramp Prov.3:5,6

        • I was a Gideon and for many years I have distributed free Gideon Scriptures to Solders, Students, Nurses, Prisoners and Hotels on a National scale. Each and every one for free. It is the Gideon members themselves who all are Businessmen from all over the world were the ones that donate to raise funds for printing Bibles. Over 90% of the money donated goes directly to printing bibles.

          What I am really trying to say is that YES, it is possible to distribute Scripture for free, it has and still is being done today.

          I fully agree with Baqash Emeth when he said it can be done because if Yahuwah wills it, nothing and no one can stop it.

          I agree that those representing HS are shady to say the least. as myself and a close brother had tasted their bitter fruit. But that does not mean that it cannot be done with brethren who truly know what YHWH’s provision is all about.

          May all those who err turn away from their error and be reconciled and live only to serve our Loving Creator.


  25. I have to say that reading these things has really broke my heart. Me and my fiance each have a copy of the HS and we enjoy them very much. I also have an ISR too. Needless to say I pray and will continue to pray that Yahuah will have this straigtened out. I love the vision however action is more important than words. I do get excited to see people get the HS who have never heard of His Name or have never had a copy of His Word. However this vision and plan needs to be done in the way that lines up with the Word of Yahuah. My thoughts and prayers go out to this situation. Trust in Yahuah and everything will work out. Yahuah baruk you.

  26. “As part of the incorporating and getting the tax-exempt (501c3) status we were required to inform the IRS of our business plan, including growth projections etc.” This is the problem and and should have been your first clue Ted. I am not saying that not incorporating would have prevented the sins, but the organization was put under Babylons rules and not the move of His Ruach. IF you are raised of Father you need not ANY benefit from the world. He will use things of this world but does NOT want you to put yourself under it. I say this in love to ask you to NEVER join a group that needs or wants Babylons approval. If it is a Vision/Service that Abba asks to be done, He will provide.

    • Tom, any commerce done in the United States must account for it and pay taxes. All of us in this position would have considered it wise and prudent to obtain tax exempt status, not only for HS, but for the consideration of the many donors. It is up to the individual whether or not they want to use this status for their own personal reporting. However, for the sake of the organization and rendering to Caesar, Ted was being obedient to scripture in obeying the laws of the land. That is one of the reasons we were troubled by the attempts in New Zealand to circumvent their own laws.

  27. I am the postal agent for HS in the Philippines and have been for over 1 year. While I can’t say one way or another that these people are frauds (though I think from the testimonies I’ve read that they may be), I can say that I have been receiving boxes of HS Scriptures in the Philippines and been mailing them out to the orders I’ve received. I have received enough money from HS to cover all the shipping expenses and have receipts and accounting records to verify everything received and expended. At least many people in the Philippines have been receiving YHWH’s Word, and I believe many of them are getting them for FREE as they are not sending money for them (though perhaps some of the leaders of the congregations may be). Aside from that, I can add that Shalom Weiss (as I know her by–and she says she lives in Australia) did harshly attack and falsely accuse someone when there was an error in their order. I have been sent copies of Vain Traditions as well, but that was in part my request (Shalom said they could be added in with the HS copies being sent to me). I have not received any orders or further communication from “Eric” at Vain Traditions despite my attempted communications with him, so they’ve just been sitting in my house. She also told me that the “former” U.S. postal agent wouldn’t mail out the Vain Traditions, but the new one would (I think that may have been Nance as I received a box with her name and address on the return address). That’s all I have to contribute at this point. I’ll continue to watch how all this unfolds and will likely try to bow out of my involvement quietly once I can mail out whatever remaining copies I still have sitting in my house to be mailed to those living in the Philippines. But, it is sad to hear about all these problems.

  28. Heather, Yes, that was me sending you the stock to the Philippines and refusing to send out any more Vain Traditions, Yah forgive me for agreeing to send what I did in the first place. I have repented to Father and I ask your forgiveness, too. That book is blasphemous. You sound like a sweet and good hearted person and I agree with you, at least some good was done in that many people did receive a copy in the Philippines. That’s why we volunteered in the first place, we love The Father and love His Word. I can also say to those who feel completely discouraged or as though none of their donations went to those in need, that is not altogether true. I was also given stock for my missions to Ghana as well as some for our prison ministry. This is how I became involved to begin, I was contacted by “Shalom” shortly after that asking to help ship after I received stock for our ministries. I felt that volunteering time to such a worthy project that provided Scriptures for our ministries was a no-brainer! For the record, I never received a dime for payment, and, as did most of us who were involved, donated toward the project personally as well offer my own time and resources. “Shalom”/Deb outright lied when I confronted her about the Vain Traditions book affiliation. She went on to say that she had “not even read a copy yet” then she had me ship some to NZ in a box. Why lie? Why then did she later ask Ted(new shipper) to send them for her along with the HS? Why all the secrecy, deception and nasty responses to those who dare ask questions? It didn’t add up and at the advise of my husband and family, I resigned. I agreed to ship out several more jumbo boxes to you in the Philippines when I parted ways, again, because I love His Word and His people and as of now, the translation is still good. Although sadly, it has become apparent that it was indeed plagiarized from ISR. I trust that good will come of even this. Keep being a light to the remnant in the “Islands of the seas”, Heather! Yeshayahu/Is.11:11! The Philippines is barak to have you there representing Him in these exciting days. May He guard you and show you favor always. Please let me know if there is anything you need sent for your work there, I kind of miss that little Philippine Mart where I would ship to you! 😉 Stay Strong Sis and keep your mind on the things which are above, Yahweh is good and is still doing good in this earth!

  29. Very disappointing story, to say the least. I’m utterly shocked, and have spent 25 hours of research on this. I had high hopes for the HalleluYah Scriptures project, as I love Dr. Chris Koster’s vision and pursuits. I had ordered many Scriptures myself, and was a big promoter of them. I do love everyone who has been hurt, and all who have taken much time and effort to get things done for the Kingdom of YHWH. I do love ISR and the HS people. I must say, perhaps this is divine providence for the two sides to come together and work out their differences? ISR v. HS. I don’t completely dislike ISR, but I do have some deep concerns in regards to their ministry. But who knows, I have confidence this has happened for a reason, and perhaps Yah’s intervention will result in a good work??? Maybe after the Charlatans are removed, then maybe this whole group of people can move forward with this. We do things better when we do them together, and in these last days, with not much more time to spare, we can really double our efforts to get things done. Truth will trumpet forth. Let it sound! Shalom and blessings to all of you!


    • I need Everyone to know, There is NO “Team” for HS. The “Team” was Debra (and her many assumed names) controlling all those she kept in the dark. Were and are there others involve? Yes, see the testimonies and documentation, it shares the people who have served but were used by Debra. There is not a team of people to pick up the pieces. HS was started by Debra, Ken and a few others all of the others have since left. If there is anyone other than Deb and Ken we seek to hear from you if you have been part of this. Contact me personally. I’ll talk with you.

      Let me give you a quick illustration: When Robert in Whales upset Debra, Debra got rid of Robert and sent Kathleen saying she was chosen by the Father and the team had fasted and prayed and she was the one to help. When Marilyn in the US upset Debra, Debra told Ted and Robin they were chosen by the Father to help. I can give you the name of the man who was sent to us after we chose to stop working with them. But that is not necessary. The pattern is clear in every situation.

      There is not going to be pieces to pick up from HS. It needs to stop. Beginning with the website which is still operated and control by Debra and Ken and is still receiving funds and making promises they will not fulfill while they steal, use and destroy all in the name of YHWH.

      Please understand the desire to give or send out YHWH’s words to anyone and everyone is right. Go therefore and do it. Each one of you in any way that honors the Father and keeps His Torah.

      Shalom in Yahushua,
      ~ Ted Prov.3:5,6

  30. The following have been posted up on the F.O.Y. website:

    We’ve been Duped!

    Seems every now and then life will throw us a curve ball! When this type of situation occurs the best way to handle a situation like this is to just shake the dust off our feet, pick ourselves up and carry on! Even though we write this with a very heavy heart the truth must be known. The F.O.Y. ministry has recently found some very disturbing information in regards to a website we were promoting. Since we were promoting the website in question, we feel the need to also inform each of you why we will no longer be able to promote the website.

    The cause and dream the website in question had, was indeed a massive task for any person or group to tackle. Nevertheless, the attempt was made! What started out as being an extraordinary and exceptional vision sadly has turned into a great wickedness full of corruption, fraud and lies!

    To our surprise and possibly yours, the HalleluYah Scriptures is not as though they appear. In light of the recent information regarding the owners of the HalleluYah Scriptures the F.O.Y. ministry will not be promoting the HalleluYah Scriptures any longer. Now hold on before you get upset, take a few moments to learn the reasons why.

    First and foremost since the F.O.Y. ministry has been a hundred percent FREE ministry, shipping world-wide for going on fourteen years now, we like most of you, were beyond excited in hearing that there was going to be a FREE Restored Name Scriptures available to ALL! Why would we be excited? Since we have been blessed with a huge prison ministry, many times we have had to tell brothers and sisters that we simply could not afford to ship them the Scriptures. Even though the ISR (the version we have also always promoted) does offer a discount, however we still could not afford that discount!

    Therefore, when the HalleluYah Scriptures contacted us, we quickly placed an order for a case of their Scriptures. We patiently waited to get the case before promoting their version. We wanted to first read the HalleluYah Scriptures to see if this was indeed a good version. To our surprise, the HalleluYah Scriptures version was almost word for word from the ISR Scripture version. So we personally thought it was great if not better than the ISR version. Next we wanted to make sure they were indeed FREE! Even though we did not get a full case we still linked them up. (Ours was shipped in two shipments, 10 in each shipment, many months in between)

    Shortly thereafter, reports of people not getting their orders started to flow into our ministry. Time and time again we had to inform others that we are not with the HalleluYah Scriptures. Somehow, someway people believed that we are HalleluYah Scriptures. The fact remains we are not affiliated with them or any other ministry or website.

    More emails started coming in to us stating that now they had to give a ‘required donation’ in order to get their version. Brothers and Sisters, let the truth be known, if one is obligated to make a required donation of any price ($10.00; $20,00; $30.00; $50.00; even $500) then they are not really receiving anything for free, now are they? To freely give something away does not come with any strings attached to it! Yet now the H.S. is doing required donations!

    What I find interesting is that on the following website we learn from those who actually saw how much the true cost is for one. HalleluYAH Scriptures say something different than what is really the truth.

    The following has been taken from:

    US $42.73 – shipping $6.08 = $37.65

    Canada $55.45 – shipping $24.36 = $31.09

    International $72.80 – shipping $37.00 = $35.80

    So for anyone who is asking the real cost for a standard paper back HS is $2.70 + freight cost $.53 = $3.23.

    Genuine Leather (Special Edition) $8.50 + freight costs $.53 = $9.03.


    Talking about being duped? Where is the outrage here? According to the above information the HalleluYah Scriptures are indeed doing the same exact thing as what they accuse the ISR of doing. The only difference we see is that at least with the ISR, you know upfront what the price is, unlike the H.S. that are indeed falsify the cost of each Scriptures! This is horrible and wrong!

    The original plan was that these Scriptures were to be FREE to all! That was the impression we were given.

    One of the ex-workers we spoke with actually told us that once the first set of HalleluYah Scriptures came in everything changed! This worker had to actually call people up and ask them if they could help pay the shipping cost. Here the people were under the impression they were for free yet at the last minute were asked to pay for shipping cost. We know this to be true as we were also asked to pay for the shipping but we did not! We told Mr. Weiss that these were to be FREE and we will not pay for the shipping! We were to get a case of 20 but only received 10 one month and several months later the other 10.

    As we can clearly see from the H.S. website there is a required donation of such in such amount in order to receive. Notice they also compare what other versions (possibly the ISR version) are going for. Therefore they expect donations to also be in the same ballpark range as their competitors:

    Yet from the, http://halleluyahscripturesreview.com/disclosure-documents/ website they state that each copy only cost 3.23. At 3.23 that is more than just two people getting one per person. Five books could be printed with plenty of money to leftover to ship media mail!

    We personally know many that gave far more than twenty bucks to get a copy. Some of these beloved ones actually gave much and had to wait months until they got their copy. Yet others claim they never did get a copy! This is when we started to have our suspicions but there was no real proof for us. We do know firsthand how many of our orders never show up, get damaged even destroyed in the mail rooms, thefts arise and so forth. But they are truly free with no required donations! Therefore we could relate to the mail issues! However and more importantly, we here at the F.O.Y. ministry cannot and will not support, promote or even endorse what the H.S. represents.

    All of us have been told that they are not affiliate with any other website or ministry. This is clearly not being truthful as we have found out that “HalleluYah Scriptures”, “Messianic Hall of Shame” and “2besaved.com” and possibly the “Vain Traditions” websites are all indeed partners if not run by the same people going by different names!

    We have personally spoken with one of the workers ourselves and they have verified this information that they are indeed the same people!

    Considering all this information is it any wonder the people at 2besaved.com would be promoting the HalleluYah Scriptures? Of course not, they are the same entity!

    How noble of them to request that all donations go directly to the H.S. website. The HalleluYah Scriptures also hold the 501c tax exempt status.

    Many of you are aware that the F.O.Y. ministry does not believe in holding this status! After we linked the H.S. up on our website, it didn’t take long before the attacks started against the F.O.Y. ministry. To our surprise, we have been falsely accused by other ministries and people of being partners with not only the HalleluYah Scriptures but also partners with Messianic Hall of Shame. To make matters worse our attackers have degraded us, made a mockery out of Miracle Maiden, lied, falsely accused Sister Linda of faking an illness (Sister Linda has been diagnosed last 4/10/12 with Celiac Disease, a horrific disease that about killed her twice leaving her at a very low weight of 89 pounds). The attackers did not stop there, as one brother actually saw it fitting on the Sabbath to actually want to beat Brother Danny up and he about punched him in the face! To make matters worse, these same people assume that we had something to do with the book called Vain Tradition. Let it be noted here that the F.O.Y. ministry in no way shape or form agrees with this book. We have not and will not endorsed or support the Vain Tradition book. How can we endorse a book that puts down the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah?

    We strongly recommend anyone that upholds the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah to also draw the line in the sand! Brothers and Sister, the truth is how can one promote one website while their partner is thus putting down the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah? How can any of us support such blasphemy? Well we here at the F.O.Y. ministry cannot continue to do this after now knowing the truth in this matter! We pray you also will be humble enough to see the great danger in promoting a group that at the same time partners with one putting down the Qodesh Name! There are other doctrine issues we have with the book, Vain Traditions, but the big one is putting down the Name Yahuwah!

    The HalleluYah Scriptures have lied when they announce on their website that they are not with any other website or have no doctrine stance. Yet more than two witnesses have thus come forward stating indeed the H.S. and the 2besaved.com website are the same PEOPLE! Is that not bearing false witness? Could it get worst? Sadly it has! The very website we were falsely being accused of in being partners with also began to attack us! Please read “Attack against the F.O.Y. ministry!“

    Therefore the reasons why the F.O.Y. ministry will not be promoting the HalleluYah Scriptures are as follows:

    1 What started out as FREE has now turned into “required donations”.
    2. Many people have not received their copy(s).
    3. The HalleluYah Scriptures is also the same owners and people of 2besaved.com! 2besaved.com teaches contrary to the Scriptures of when a day actually begins. Our new book., “When does a day really begin” will be available in the May/June newsletter.
    4, Upon our recent discovery that the writers of the book, Vain Traditions which puts down the name of Yahuwah, is actually partners with HalleluYah Scriptures, 2besaved.com and possibly Messianic Hall of Shame.
    5. The HalleluYah Scriptures hold onto the 501c tax exempt status and are thus partners with the government.

    For these reason’s the F.O.Y. ministry cannot and will not continue to promote the HalleluYah Scriptures! We hope and pray that each of you, especially those of us that uphold the Qodesh Name of Yahuwah stands in agreement with us!

    We are called to be Watchmen! We here at the F.O.Y. ministry have thus blown the Ram’s Horn about this sinister scheme!


  31. I have come today to apologise and ask forgivness that I responded with anger when these things were brought to my attention. I was wrong to do so. I have battled with Anak and his children ( Duet 9:2 ) many times in my walk with my Father and His wonderful Son.I am certain I will battle again and again with Anak. I’m not talking now of people in the world or within the body who do such things. I’m talking about that great giant which constantly strives to usurp the throne of my heart…SELF. His children – Pride, Self pity,Anger etc etc.
    Altough I do hurt for my Father desperately when His name is brought into direpute my first thought was ME. What happened to me. But it didn’t happen to me it happened to Him. Everything I have comes by His constant goodness and the “Cattle on a thousand hills” are His. Ps 50:10 Was I robbed no, He was, it is all His. Was I slandered, am I slandered? NO He is. Can I ever live one day outside of His Grace absolutely not.
    Great and mighty things are done when the children of the Most High get on their knees and so I would ask His children pray with all your heart for these prodigal children that they will hear His voice and turn again and repent for I know He will forgive. They like we were bought with a heavy price that is beyond comprehension and the Father weeps over them.
    My Father tells me that I am “the apple of HIs eye, and whoever touches me touches touches the apple of His eye” Zec 2:8 and so the “team” whoever they may be are in a vey sad and serious place !If by chance they read this I want to ask them to picture the day they stand naked before the Sovereign Judge of all the earth and have to give account. We all will one day, what a fearful thought if we have rejected His gift of Salvation in the Son of His love.

    As His banner over us is love. Song of Solomon 2:4 Then let us in faith and thanksgiving lift up the banner He has given us and “display it because of truth” Ps 60:4 But display it in love , forgivness and compassion and bring Glory Honour and Praise to that Name which is above all names.
    And may we all learn to just “WAIT” on Him and in doing so avoid all the snares. :()

    Although the the Fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the Olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls. YET I will rejoice in YHWH, I will joy in the El of my salvation. Habakkuk 3:17-18

    Thank you for your time

  32. Kathleen, what a great reminder that this is not about us. Yes we grieve for He is the One who has been blasphemed. We are months into this process. I, personally, followed (formally) Matt 18 back in January …….no repentance. ( Prior to that, I had asked them to come clean) I waited 2 weeks and sent them more pleadings….no repentance. I know that Ted, Robin and George all followed Matt 18 sometime after that and then 6 of us came together in hopes to “gain our brother”…..no repentance. In fact, that time, anger and indignation was returned by them along with a shady attempt to discredit Erik.
    Now we find ourselves informing the Body……no repentance. How do they respond? They produce a document full of lies and a video full of lies. At this point, when their hearts are not broken, we have passed judgment according to ICor 5. And this is the pathway of obedience we are following. “In the name of our Yashua Ha Mashiach, when you are gathered together, along with my spirit, with the power of our Yahshua Ha Mashiach 5 deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Yahshua.
    Do we pray for their repentance? Yes, but right now we desire to STOP them from blaspheming our Father’s Name one more day.
    Bless you and all those who are attempting to walk this difficult road with us.

  33. I’m not saying we are not to act according to 1 Cor 5 but to contnue to pray that their eyes will open to their sin. There was no suggestion that you should cease from stopping them from blaspheming the Fathers name. I never suggested that you hadn’t followed the word so there is no need to be defensive and as everything is documented for all to read there is no need to repeat all that you have done. I feel desperately sad when I see anyone on the road to destruction and it always serves to remind me that if it were not for His grace and His long suffering none of us would be here today.
    The Father is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance 2 Peter 3:9

  34. Praise to YHWH for revealing the truth as darkness comes into the light. I have been watching this grievous, evil act unfold for about 9 months now. I am so grateful this group of former HS volunteers have done what scriptures tells us to do and expose the the darkness to light. Too many won’t do the hard work of scriptures.
    You all have made YHWH and Yeshua smile.
    Debra and Ken can hide no longer and the truth about HS is rapidly spreading. Debra and Ken can do nothing but lie. YHWH can do ANYTHING!
    I pray for Debra and Ken’s repentance. They have used YHWH not only for monetary gain, but to distribute other blasphemous and evil materials. If they don’t repent, they cannot imagine the wrath they will answer to on judgement day. I shudder to think.

    Former HS volunteers, thank you for showing the world the truth about HS and Debra and Ken.

    In His Name,
    Maureen B.

  35. Hi
    We (ISR) filed a DMCA takedown request on the HalleluYah Scriptures webpage. They attempted to hide behind Domains By Proxy to keep their identity secret and to evade any request. I had to contact three different companies before getting to the actual hosting provider.

    They were requested to respond by their hosting provider, but failed to provide any acceptable response. As a result their hosting provider, after reviewing the facts, decided to suspend the HalleluYah Scriptures webpage.

    Bill Meyer

  36. I’m afraid to donate to try and get anything from HS. I would love to be able to hand out HS to people in need here in America, seriously in need. I was hoping to attain copies to hand out as I witness to Street People/Homeless here in New York. I guess I have to afford another Translation. I would Prefer to hand out the HS Translation (which I Love) I was about to make a large donation (for me) in Hopes Of Getting a Case or Two as i can afford them. I suppose this is no longer a good idea. Frankly, I’m afraid I may not get anything. This donation would have been a sacrifice on my part. I cannot afford to fund fraud. I was seriously hoping HS would give me a good fair price, I was detoured from my check being sent from a family emergency. Believe it or Not Americans are suffering from this economy/unemployment etc too. Not just third world countries…Anyway, I was detoured in my contribution. Now I am relieved My Father stopped me. He knows my heart and actually stopped me. I’m grateful I didn’t get duped as I’m reading many have.I would have been sick seeing that money in the wrong hands however the contribution site is set up. Who Do We Trust Now? Should Anybody Trust HS? Now What?

    • I would personally pray and seek our Heavenly Father before you proceed with anything else, but I personally have investigated into many aspects of the HS translation, and have published Youtube videos stating these facts. HS removed and altered Zechariah 12:10, they have removed many italicized words without giving a clearer interpretation of the original Hebrew text and thought (see Psalms 107:1, 2, 41, 43 for example), they have accused ISR of the very same things they themselves have done (i.e. charging money for Yah’s word), and have put down The Scriptures as a copyrighted and corrupted version without proof or evidence of the like. I personally would get a copy of The Scriptures and see the evidence for yourself. They are practically the same translation. HS translation has too many errors, and has corrupted the Pure Word far more than I can see The Scriptures even doing at all. You can buy The Scriptures in bulk for a cheaper price, and you WILL BE GETTING ALL OF OF WHICH YOU PAID, NOT SOME OF THEM, IN A TIMELY MANNER! We are all saddened to hear about HS, but we must move forward and spread the Good News. Trust Yah’s Word, and you will find Him. Shalom and blessings to you, my brother, for all of your good work you do for the Kingdom.

      • Hi Michael
        When they did their copy and paste job, the italics was obviously lost. Not knowing what it was for, they ignored it. Oy Vey

      • Michael – you just reminded me of something.
        I received a copy of the HS and was paging through it – yes – blatant copy. was checking on what you mentioned on the italics. Checked. And then something from “memory lane” came flooding back.

        I remember sitting for days and hours on the “poetic” books – like Tehillim.
        Chris insisted on a very specific type of formatting for these books – and we spend many days to get it right the way Chris wanted it.

        In short – if you have a copy of The Scriptures you will note that the paragraph indent for the other books, when you go to a new line the text will be further to the left than the verse number. With Tehillim and the other poetic books, the paragraph is always further to the right than the verse number, with indent when the same sentence flows to the next line, and new sentences aligning.

        It was something that Chris was very particular about. The HS is very inconsistent in this regard – and clearly – the invisible formatting markers in the text that they copied caused havoc with the formatting of Tehillim as far as I can see.


  37. On the Explanatory Notes in the back of The Scriptures (absent from HS – and called “man’s doctrines”)

    I remember when we visited Org vdB one evening. Org complemented Chris after he proofread the Explanatory Notes, and called it a “masterpiece”. We all had enormous respect for Org (he won the Afrikaans Bible quiz competition three years in a row – with such a margin that other contestants told the show that if Org participates again, that they will rather withdraw from the competition). So for Chris it was a very proud moment when Org gave him such a complement. I was present, and remember it very clearly.

    The HS claims to “continue” Chris’s work, removes his masterpiece that he was so proud of that was part of every copy of The Scriptures – and basically insults it. It just shows you that they never had any contact with someone who worked with Chris on The Scriptures.


    • Hi Bill, yes it is a blatant copy/paste job, and they obviously had no regard to the original sacred text and message of YHWH’s precious Words, because I was just reading Psalms and Proverbs (specifically proverbs 6) and was just amazed at how HS removed the italicized words and completely destroyed the meaning of the Scripture, and added increased confusion. By the way, everyone, they added on my Youtube video a comment. They (Alan and Ken/Deb, now known as ShofarforYHWH) admitted the mistake of Zechariah 12:10 (they said it was an overlooked mistake) and say that they will correct it in future print runs. We must continue exposing their deception, so that others will not read this corrupt translation. You cannot take away words and not complete the thought of the Hebrew/Greek text!

  38. I have been trying to get the new PU new addition large print embossed bible from HellelyYah Scriptures and it has been an absolute nightmare! They will not answer a simple question but keep telling me to go to the link and read the information, which I have done several times. But it does not answer the question I am asking. The New bible has a nice leatherlook cover, a friend of mine from another country already has one, which was give to her as a gift. I have seen hers on a video link and it looks really nice. When I sent a donation for this, I was sent the standard small print. I have since been sending emails too and fro. One of the people seem to be very rude in their manner of response. Telling me the cost I have sent only covers the shipping, not the bible or cost. I have been trying to get them to tell me how much more I need to send and it is just horrific! They will not answer a simple question, it is like they are playing mind games! “I could be wrong there, that is just my flesh talking.” I have asked for the telephone number, but they will not let me have it, as it would be so much easier to speak to them. When I sent a message for their phone number again, once again they will not give it. I have never known of any Christian company keeping their phone number a secret. They claim I said I wanted the soft back standard addition. Either way, I have now sent the £37.00 for the postage and all I want to know is how much more do they need for the cost of bible and printing and it is like trying to get blood out of a stone!

    • Chloe, if you have read the documentation here it will explain why it is you have had such a problem. I hope you will read these things and make a wise choice.


  40. This is a message for all who have been affected by the actions of Deborah Wessel. She has spent her whole life leaving behind a trail of destruction wherever she goes, so you are not alone. 50 odd years pain dished out to hundreds if not thousands of people. Ripped off, betrayed, lies, slander, hurt physically, manipulation, are all things she has done with no sign of conscience or remorse. She knows who she can successfully target…the kind and the generous, and she uses your trusting nature to get what she wants. Don’t let this change who you are, but don’t get fooled again.

  41. Hi Phoebe, I am regretful for the experience that you had with Deb/Ken and HS. But I must ask, did you use Paypal to pay for this transaction? If you, you have a good chance of getting your money back, as long as it was 45 days or less that you made your donation. Please call Paypal, even if you can’t get your money back! One more complaint from another ripped-off customer (you are a Paypal customer when you use their service) will help stop HS and Deb/Ken from ripping off any more people. I can give you Paypal’s phone number if you need it.

  42. I don’t know about Michael Rood, I’ve never met the man but some of his practices seem to me to be “outside” of the Word. I noticed this past Shavuot he was charging people to watch his broadcast. Now you could have given him a dollar and you would been able to watch it, but those without money were restricted completely (not that I was all that interested to begin with but still). When people mix money with Elohiym they are walking a fine line. It seems like those people always have ready verses to support their ideas of making money with the things that are YHWH’s.

    If a brother is in need and those in the body can help, that’s good. But selling T-shirts and baseball caps with “YHWH” printed on them, is in my humble opinion, blasphemous. And making money off of that and calling it a “ministry” is dishonest. If we do judge others we’re to judge them righteously. My point is beware of false teachers and wolves in sheep’s clothing.-In Yahushua.

  43. Dear friends,

    As per what I read in this website I cannot but think that the Project was initiated by God and just for that reason alone satan destroyed it.
    Please do not lose heart due to anything human. I encourage you to keep searching diligently for God an how to wait anxiously for His Second Coming.

  44. Whenever anyone who claims a work of the Bible translation and it’s free but asking mandatory donation is a peddler. It’s not Halleluyah but blasphemy. They should open electronic file on the web for people can examine, even if one book, even if one chapter, if they are honest.

    I love David Stein’s Jewish New Testament
    I love Cassirer’s New Covenant.

    FYI check out IRENT series translation at http://tiny.cc/bostonreaders – the work I will not sell even for billion dollars, even I could save my own neck for giving it up. No, the Word of God is Good News; Good news is only good when it is spread. Good News of Messiah’s Kingdom reign of God is free. Those peddling and doing business for profit will be judged. Lord will say, ‘I never knew you’. With online access, there should no cost of book making – printing, binding, distributing, retail selling. It ought to be free.

  45. The Scriptures 1998 is available for various Bible study programs e-Sword, The Word, MySword (Android), LOGOS and the various front-ends from Crosswire. Please download The Scriptures 1998 free from our web site. If you don’t already have e-Sword, The Word or one of the front-ends of Crosswire bible study programs installed, download it free from http://www.e-sword.net, http://www.crosswire.org/sword/modules/ModInfo.jsp?modName=TS1998, http://www.theword.gr, YouVersion (www.bible.org) or http://www.mysword.info.
    The Scriptures 1998 is now also available for Logos from http://www.logos.com/product/10030/the-scriptures, although not for free. The Scriptures is also available for Logos’ mobile applications, please download from within the application.

    The Scriptures 1998 is also available for e-readers, please download for free from our web site at http://www.isr-messianic.org/

  46. Why aren’t the HalleluYah Scriptures available online to read (at the very least in PDF format)? Even the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Watchtower Bible & Tract Society post their publications.

  47. When was the last time we heard of a thief trusting anyone? Deborah and Ken are VERY aware of their sin. This is not their first business venture of deception. So, in turn, they know (intimately, as in the bible sense) that another can/may do what they did and print or send a digital copy to a printer…..such as Amity Printing in china. It’s just too bad the Body of Messiah still allows them to leaven the dough. Read your bible people…..

    • Dear Marilyn,
      I am contacting you on the tail end of one of your posts to someone else. I found your name while reading a blog about a certain huge mega-church while I was searching for a new church home. I had the same concerns about churches that are considered “feel-good, happy happy” churches that refuse to preach all of the truth. I found it refreshing to read that I am not the only one that feels this way. I started trying to find you online and I found the Chick-Fil-A interview. I knew that I wanted to reach you. I am still searching for a local church home and I was hoping that you might contact me so that I could see where your search for a new church home ultimately led you. I also have been married for over 30 years and it gets dis-heartening when you think that you have found a church home and then when you try to address certain issues, they shut you down. I think that if asking a preacher a questions makes him feel threatened, then there’s something wrong.

      Thanks for your time,

      Still searching…

      JS in Canton

  48. Because it is a direct copy of The Scriptures 1998 edition.
    The HS “Team” made an eBook version, totally locked down, with a line that read very much like a copyright statement – claiming to be able to assert rights.
    The HS group of people are just scamming the public. Simple as that.

  49. At one time the HS folks had an e-book online (which I still have on my computer) but pulled it off earlier this year. My guess is that they must have been trying to hide an inconsistency between their “newer” corrupt HS publication and the older e-book version. Even though the HS does restore some Hebrew words, which I enjoy seeing and reading in the Scripture, I do not like all of the inconsistencies and lies from them. Stick with ISR The Scriptures or other good restored Scrptures out there.

  50. Guys I am so sorry to hear about this and I have heard similar stories and a friend showed me the Halleluyah Scriptures to review and I quickly found it to be basically nothing more than a sacred name NIV and I said, “oh goodness they are gonna get in trouble for this” cause one of my old NIV Bibles has some misspelled words and I checked that in the HS and darn it the same words were misspelled (and they were common everyday words). And they just slap a sacred name or a rendering of it and expect no one to notice? Many fraudulent translations like this cause people to be weary of good translations like the Stone Edition Tanach and the AENT. I remember I used to use the HRV and I almost lost my faith in Yeshua from that translation cause of the many things rendered incorrectly and thank goodness I found the AENT, because if I almost lost my faith in Yeshua because of the HRV just imagine how many already have from the HS or the ISRS.

  51. What a strange comment.
    The Institute for Scripture Research version is nowhere near the NIV, or for that matter, any other translation. If you make accusations like that I expect you to back it up with proof.
    If you don’t have a Bible Program, I can recommend many, like e-sword, or you can use an online program. Please indicate book, chapter and verse for what you claim.

  52. I personally would love to see the next edition of the ISR Scriptures have all of the tribes, countries and names transliterated into Hebrew and proper Greek as the 2009 version has some untranslated: Philistia, Persians, Medes, Corinth, Justus, Ceasar, Philippi, Thessalonica, Pontius pilate. I think these should be in proper greek. The term Greek should be Yawan. The term Hebrew should be Ibri. I believe that stake should say timber to agree with the Torah punishment of being hung on a tree. Impale/Impaled should say put to death on the timber. Impale him in Esther should say suspend him. New Heavens and New Earth in Isiah should say Renewed to agree with the NT. Renewed Yerushalam and Renewed name and renewed tongues and Renewed piece should just say new of fresh new because renewed doesn’t make any sense there to me. It would also be nice if Elyon, Mashiach, Ruach (for Father’s Spirit), Illaya, Adon, and Tsebaoth (for YHWH of Hosts) were added to the text. The Hebrew and Greek weights and measures should also be added to the text. I also think Kehunnah and Kohen should go in. This is not much. I hope someone can inform the ISR about this. I am having no luck. The Hebrew translation are what I long to see. Also in Revelation 21:17 Forearm is mispelled as Foream. I don’t know why they couldn’t have just used Cubit. Will somebody PLEASE inform them of these ideas. There is NO doctrine here.

  53. Both as a Fellow Christian & Pastor, I’d first of all like to commend those behind this site; your candor is commendable & I believe your intents are pure. I believe it’s our Christian duty to be watchmen on the walls.. to reveal any deceptions we have knowledge of.. while preserving our own integrity without allowing the slightest bit of personal feelings mixed within our commentary.
    It is my personal belief that your purpose of bringing public awareness to the fallacies both of the character with some or all of those involved with “HS” and/or the content of the book’s text itself, are necessary and in fact is surely helping to serve the purpose it seems your site is devoted to. However, I believe your site being used as such a tool has been carried out in a manner consistent with scriptural teaching but to me, it loses it’s efficacy “here” in the commentary portion of this site. Although, likely well-intentioned, possibly to give an open platform for “general public” to share, it seems that “this” portion of the site falls short of that purpose. In the “whole” of the comments, I perceive a great amount of personal feelings being shared, and it sounds as if there is at least a minimal amount of spite/vengeance found among the comments. I only share this with intent to perhaps help from a seasoned, outsider’s perspective.. because there is/was plenty of material prior to the comments to make the case & kept factual. What the added commentary here in this portion of the site does, for me personally, is call into question your true motive of heart.. or perhaps better said, ..whether it is more out of concern for others being misled or to deliver a blow to former colleagues, that is the overpowering, driving force as to the site’s purpose.
    I believe the site is well served in keeping with the names, facts in regards to past associations or any misnomer that might prove significant in forming an official historical timeline, along with the resigned officers named (as they are) who serve as witness to the claims being made AND the active officers (as you have) in the present organization. All other information that is of a “viewpoint” nature, not only fails to aid in what I perceive the service of this site to be, but I would argue it to the contrary, adversely affects any awareness raised prior to that portion of the site (especially since clearly some or all of the site’s admins are enveloped within the commentary). If the argument is WON without the section, and it only at best serves to hurt your intent or even offend some.. consider what the scripture says & cut off the part which serves a hinderance. You can and may disagree with my analysis, but if nothing else, it can clearly be seen as what would otherwise be a website of order.. turn to chaos. God is not the author of confusion. Aside from the comments segment of the site.. I commend your efforts & hope that all would be more discerning of so-called “translations” of scripture available today.

  54. Time to chime in… I’ve been reading the ISR The Scriptures 1998 edition since 2003 and now own the 2009 edition. I’ve no beef with ISR as it’s purely just a translation and not stolen.
    Second, I DO consider WHO or WHAT writes all these supposed translations, after all, the SOURCE does matter! IMHO. That’s just my cheap 2 cents for what it’s worth. Slamming ISR after all these years they’ve been around is purely ludicrous and beyond ridiculous to see. lol It makes me laugh because it’s done in arrogance. I will not a translation when the creators of said translation are slanderous and creating strife and contention. As well as being verbally and spiritually abusive to the Body. And yes, I did look at my NKJV when I first got and read the Introduction as I know how to read a book-> from the beginning to the end. Not to be insulting, but really if you don’t know from whence it came, then how do you know it’s a “good translation”. I understand what Ted is saying when he said it’s identical to the ISR Scriptures and that’s the whole problem, isn’t it? It’s called plagiarism. Then you must also realize we have copywrite laws such as the DMCA in place to protect us from such a thing.
    I mean if you’re going to say that something was YOURS from the beginning, then why are you COPYING VERSE UPON VERSE and LINE UPON LINE from another book and renaming it? Think, brethren, think! That’s all I’m asking you to do. Shalom.

  55. please what those people are doing are un godly but the HS was writen or i should say the scripture restored a long time ago by someone whoes name escapes now but died last century aprox 60s 70s 0r 80s around that time people now are just heirlings once the wolfs come into the fold they scatter then the wolfs destroys them. i prase the hs restored theres to much pagan influnece in the mordern scripture like a total antsemitism for the jews who suppose to be gods elect and still are we are grafted in because israil refuses to open there eyes of blindness to see the truth does anybody see that the lord was a jew not gentile or pagan or greek please i support knowone who uses gods word for filty luchers sake meaning for profit HS SHOULD BE GIVEN FREELY to all who freely ask it belongs to the lord. we freely recieve we should freely give shalome shanna tovah may your name be writen in the lambs book of life.

  56. Ron…
    What are you talking about? Repeating Deb’s fairy tales?
    Myself and many others that worked with Chris is still involved. Others that was involved are still in contact. Why do you think that Deb just vaguely stated that they are in contact with some of the persons but could not even name one person.
    She even tried to contact Chris Koster’s family… and it ended up with them contacting me. And guess what… Deb and they are not on speaking terms.
    Stop spreading lies.
    Bill Meyer


  58. Get this…The HS people have filed a take down notice on my blog about the Halleluyah Scriptures Piracy claiming that it violates a trademark they filed just over a year ago on the name “Helleluyah Scriptures” !!!!

    Here is their trademark info:

    They are trying to get my blog at: http://nazarenespace.com/profiles/blogs/the-hallelyuah-scriptures-piracy as well as all other mentions of “Halleluyah Scriptures” on NazareneSpace removed by our provider.

  59. Yep the folks at the Halleluyah Scriptures (specifically Alan Horvath) are trying to shut me up and shut down my free speech. They have trademarked the term “Halleluyah Scriptures” and are now trying to use that trademark to control what people can and cannot say about the “Halleluyah Scriptures” (and even retroactively control what people said before they even registered the trademark).

    The Halelluyah Scriptures people have filed a take down notice on my blog about the Halleluyah Scriptures Piracy claiming that it violates a trademark they filed on the phrase “Helleluyah Scriptures” months after the blog was originally written !!!! (Not that a trademark can be used in this way anyway).

    The whole thing reminds me of something in the book 1984. In the book Big Brother had removed certain words from the dictionary, banning their use (words like “freedom”) thus controlling what people could say. If the word “freedom” could not be used, no one could express a desire for freedom, the very idea of freedom would be eliminated. Likewise Mr. Hovarth seeks to take a page from 1984 and control the use of the phrase “Halleluyah Scriptures” so as to control ultimately what anyone else can say about the Halleluyah Scriptures.

    I appear to have received a DMCA take down notice regarding the trademark “Halleluyah Scriptures”, however DMCA applies only to copyrights and not to trademarks. This is an inappropriate application of DMCA. This is not a DMCA matter. A DMCA takedown notice should be used only to address copyright violations. Using a DMCA takedown notice to assert a trademark claim may lead to section 512(f) liability (CrossFit, Inc. v. Alvies, No. 13–3771, 2014 WL 251760 (N.D. Cal. Jan. 22, 2014))

    This trademark was not filed until June 11 2013 several months after the blogs in question were originally published. It frankly appears that the trademark itself was filed for the purpose of suppressing free speech on the subject as expressed in my blogs and by others.

    Our use of the term “Halleluyah Scriptures” is not trademark infringement and is not used in violation of United States or foreign trademark law. The term “Halleluyah Scriptures” is used as part of a review of a product or service. The term is not used in an effort to earn profit or misdirect anyone into believing that we have produced a good or service under the trademark. It is therefore fair use. Our use of the term “Halleluyah Scriptures” is protected under the first amendment of the US Constitution, as a matter of free speech.

    Mr. Horvath is claiming the right to control what the public can say about his good or service through his trademark, which is not a legitimate use of a trademark. Otherwise movie producers could control the reviews of their movies, restaurant owners could control the review of their restaurants and (as is the case here) book publishers could control the review of their books, simply by invoking their trademark rights.

    Mr. Horvath’s “Hallelyuah Scriptures” as a book is actually itself a copyright infringement of a copyrighted book published by the Institute for Scripture Research in South Africa under the title “The Scriptures”, his own websites has been taken down in the past through ISR’s legitimate use of DMCA for actual copyright violations (not trademark violations).

    BTW Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of H.S. claiming their alleged intellectual property rights be protected?

  60. Bless you all and we are the ones that have been supplying HS with the wrist bands, and can assure you that is going to stop. I am reading carefully all that is being said and am very distressed about this, but if anyone wants to email me, please feel free as I will be happy to send you wrist bands for free. Thanks

  61. Love seems to have gone out the window. John 13:34-35
    Its a “fear and a frightening thing” for people to take their cases before the Most high Elohim. Once we “speak about anyone” we cannot take it back as its out there in the universe.
    Every word that comes from our lips will be held against us in the court of Father.
    l believe with the right heart condition and faith that if you believe Father has everything under control “you can all get on with your lives and live in peace.
    He will see to it all. Leave it all in his hands.

    Mark 7:15,21,22,23” Its not want goes into a man that defiles him its what comes out!

    Yahsuah said if you have anything against your brother you should take it to him and her alone. Then if that does not work take the 3rd party. After that leave in it the hands of the Court of heaven to handle.

    To air all this in public before anyone is sentenced before Father is extremely
    taking the matter out of the Fathers hands.
    Cant Father send angles to do his bidding? “Does his name have to be thrown and trampled on?
    Someone is right , someone is wrong. “Satan wants this bible out the way because no one has ever put his name back in it. Nor the name of his son correctly.

    Everyone wants to prove a point but where will it get them? Is there a winner out there?
    l say carry on with helping the sheep as Father has ways of righting the wrong.
    He sees the hearts of all men and woman.’ No one will get away with any sculdrudgery.

    If the H/scriptures are not from Yahuah, this project will not last. “But if he wants this Bible to be distribute amoung the nations, it will continue.

    Father will replace people if they are found quilty before him. People who have been working hard for him will be blessed.

    John 8:7 who ever is without sin let him cast the 1st stone.

  62. Okay I see your point. I like it. In fact I desire to be as close to he who creates and makes to happen in the universe as I can be. I love Yeshua.

    Could you watch this video: Exposing The Pagan Name YAHWEH – YouTube?

    Then please send me your thoughts about this? I think I am on top of the truth then wa-lah something else comes up.

    I do what I can do and Ruach Hakodesh will do the rest.


    Rick Myrick

  63. To the beloved fellow Followers of Yahshua ha Mashiah. Shalom
    In my heart I yearn to have a copy of the HS. I reside in South Africa and am on pension, aged 69. However my chances are probably slim. After many years of seeking the truth as a Christian, Abba Father has slowly allowed me to see The Light that is Elohim. This has taken me 67 years of study into a number of religions only to be finally shocked by the reel truth.
    I am extremely greatful to Alan Horvath who was the instrument used to call me out of the confusion of ALL the “world religions”
    I am saddened by the disgraceful way in which the “powers of the air” are sowing the seeds of destruction here. Many can fall by the wayside because of this negativity. Who will be responsible for their spiritual demise? Please reconsidder your actions.
    If we cannot forgive, we will not be forgiven. The time of this world has run out. There is NO more time left for bickering and the “Fallen One” is running heavey interferance to stop us from striving to serve Yahweh Elohim.
    What ever your resons, they are probably legitimate to some extent
    but washing your dirty laundry in public could seriously endanger the faith of others. That could put their blood on your hands.
    Please stop and think. Shalom

  64. Mark & Csaba,

    I know that when we read information like on this website and it is critical of something or someone we hold dear, we tend to respond like both of you have written. However, the very Words of Life that we all hold dear, instructs us to do as we have done. We took the matter to Deb/Ken personally. Many have aired their grievances for years to no avail.

    The ones of us who came together to call out their sin publicly, did so FIRST, privately….. also to no avail. The bible tells us the next step and this is what we followed. Do we like doing this? I can’t speak for ISR nor do I claim to know anything at all what it’s like in their shoes. I can only speak for myself and partly for those of us who donated our time/talents to HS. The answer is “no”, we did not like having to do what our Father instructed us to do. Our desire was for broken heartedness and repentance on the part of Ken/Deb and then, this site would have never been up. However, as you can read way beyond our part in this, many others were shown their enemy. Many others have come forward to reveal their own stories. The airing of what has gone on with HS is not sin. This is exactly how cleansing is supposed to take place.

    Mark, you talk about forgiveness. Again, speaking for myself, Deb/Ken have nothing to repent to me about. I forgave their petty bad attitudes as soon as I walked away. They have sinned against YHVH….and we are His vessels on earth who carry out His instructions. It is to Him they must repent and ask forgiveness. And until we see that kind of fruit, we are instructed to hand them over to Satan for the saving of their soul.

    Now, I’m not really sure what that means so when I pray about it, I simply tell my Father that I’m compliant and obedient and patient for Him to take any and all action that He considers consistent with “handing them over to Satan for the saving of their soul”. That’s all I can do. If Deb called me today, I would gladly accept her phone call. If she finally answered any of my emails, I would gladly respond. I do not shun people. I do not turn my back on them. Even if I disagree with their interpretations, I do not consider them less than me and unworthy of responding. But what I will not do is violate my Father’s word because it’s too hard or uncomfortable or embarrassing or publicly humiliating.

    I hope you understand that we are doing some hard work, yes, but work commanded to us in scripture nonetheless.

    my sincerest thoughts on the matter,

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