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Another post from Alan Horvath that needs rebuke.Alan Horvath Donate Button

(from Alan Horvath’s website)
“The Master ordered that those who preach the Gospel should be supported by those who benefit from it”  1Cor 9:14
Then he has his (Donate Button)

Actually Mr Horvath, the verse is :

Even 2532 so 3779 hath 1299 0 the Lord 2962 ordained 1299 that they which preach 2605 the gospel 2098 should live 2198 of 1537 the gospel 2098.

You can look up each of the words but basically what it’s saying is that those who preach the gospel should live BY the gospel  In other words, YOU, Mr Horvath are not exempt from being accountable to your brethren and dealing with sin is one of those areas of accountability.

Paul also said in the same letter:

For 1223 0 this 5124 cause 1223 have I sent 3992 unto you 5213 Timotheus 5095, who 3739 is 2076 my 3450 beloved 27 son 5043, and 2532 faithful 4103 in 1722 the Lord 2962, who 3739 shall bring 363 0 you 5209 into remembrance 363 of my 3450 ways 3598 which 3588 be in 1722 Christ 5547, as 2531 I teach 1321 every where 3837 in 1722 every 3956 church 1577.

“Be imitators of me as I am of Messiah.”  This is where you have gotten off track, Alan.  You are serving your donate button instead of the Word of YHWH.  You don’t want to do the hard thing.  You have sent emails claiming that obedience should be abandoned for the sake of family harmony so as not to cause dissension. You ignore Sabbath yourself when it’s inconvenient.

Should anyone really be listening to you?


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  1. In his highly endorsed Halleluyah Scriptures it does read in Qorintiyim Aleph 9:14 “So also the Master instituted that those announcing the Good News should live from the Good News”. Also in Mattithyahu 10: 6-8 “…but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’el. And as you go, proclaim, saying, ‘The reign of the shamayim has drawn near.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons. YOU HAVE RECEIVED WITHOUT PAYING, GIVE WITHOUT BEING PAID.

  2. l recieved my bible today and feel so happy. it was such a joy to see the names up there in full view of the Father and son.
    l wonder how long the thin paper will last though?
    Perhaps out of all that mess righteousness will grow now.
    Yahsuah said if they slap one cheek offer the other. That brother should not take brother to court. If a man wants your shirt give him everything.
    But one thing if people understand Torah Father will eventually have this case opened in the new Kingdon on earth one day.
    It will be a frightening thing to stand up to the holy Father in such a situation.
    Fear the true Elohim and give him glory.

    Im so happy with my new bible and im glad l could help send another free to someone else.

  3. OVER 2-1/2 years ago I ordered and PAID for a HalleluYah Scriptures large print edition Bible, the restored names extra-Biblical books (Jubilees, Enoch, Yasher, Apochrypha, McCabees) and the Names Meanings books along with 2 biblesas gifts for 2 of my neighbors, two sets of Cards of Hope.

    My order was incomplete when I received it. I was told that I would receive the outstanding Apochrypha book by year’s end. To date, even though they accepted my original payment for my order and generous subsequent charitable donations, I STILL have not received the outstanding Apochrypha book.

    I emailed HalleluYah Scriptures a couple of months ago & got a “flippant” reply stating that they were “busy” &, if I thought I could do better to come & do it myself. I firmly reminded them that I PAID for my order – it was NOT charity – and they have BEEN fulfilling orders that were placed WAY AFTER mine. To date, I have NOT received the outstanding book which I have PAID for OR EVEN another snotty response from them.


    I’m aware they’ve been under investigation for about 3 years now for unscrupulous dealings. Small wonder. I would steer CLEAR of them and not waste my time.

    There is One Who sees EVERYTHING that will “sort them out”. It’s just a matter of time.

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