Audio Work

Let me clarify something that Alan Horvath has accused me of.  I have not shared the “audio work” of any person that has done the audio project for H.S.  I was one of the main editors. The only thing I was ever given complete was Bereshith 1 and 1 chapter of Wayiqra  and they were never given to or put out for anyone!!  I played them for a few. That is all.

But as far as me recording Scripture:  I have been doing that long before the Halleluyah Scriptures came into existence.  I have always posted my recordings of Scripture, and shared my recordings, and burned my recordings on CD for others.  Always free never receiving anything for it.  Just my gift for my family (especially my children), friends and anyone who wanted to listen and honor Yahweh.  I listen to them on the way to work, going to bed.  Sometimes when I first get up.  That is always going to continue.  Just because I served to record and edit for H.S. is not going to stop me from sharing with others.  But I have not nor will I post the recordings of others for the H.S. audio project.

Again Alan has not bothered to ask nor seek out truth.

~~Ted Ramp  Prov.3:5,6