Disclosure Documents to
HalleluYah Scriptures

Disclosure Document of Deb and Ken Allen-Wessel
concerning the Halleluyah Scriptures

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This document is put together as a result of confronting Shalom and Max Weiss a.k.a. Deborah and Ken Allen and Deborah and Ken Wessel of HalleluyahScriptures.com HalleluyahScripturesProject.com.  We followed the process of Matt. 18 and have come to this disclosure to the body of Messiah Yahushua. 



  1. Who I am and How I got involved with Halleluyah Scriptures

  2. Starting Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.

  3. Concerning the “Vow” – “we feel you are wasting our time”

  4. Decision to stop being Postal Agents and Accountant (after 3 months)

  5. Shocking Disclosure and Critical Information:

  6. The Names Behind Halleluyah Scriptures

  7. Accounting Problems

  8. Prison Ministry?

  9. Addressing the Real Costs of these Bibles

  10. How Orders Were Processed

  11. Private Distributors of Vain Traditions

  12. Continued Abuse and Using people – while hiding themselves

  13. Final Statement – including the responses from Debra and Ken

Who I am and How I got Involved
with Halleluyah Scriptures


My name is Ted Ramp, a servant of our Yahweh and our Messiah Yahushua.  I’m a family man. Celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary in a month. Having three children, one is grown and married and the other two are at home. I have an average job working 40 hours a week, while my wife is a homemaker raising our children and homeschooling them. I love Yahweh with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and will serve Him faithfully to the end no matter what the cost.


I found out about Halleluyah Scriptures back in October of 2011 through a friend and began sending support to H.S. because we felt this cause and what was on the website back in 2011 was good and even noble. There was no specific contact from anyone in H.S. until six months later.  In the spring of 2012 they were beginning to share information about the audio project.  I volunteered to be part of that project and was asked to do some voice over work for the videos on the webpage.  I then progressed for several months being involved heavily with the Bible audio project.  After this there was an interest in helping out in other fields and my wife began to help with the prayer emails and then prisoner letters.  In November Debra informed us there was a problem with the new postal agent in Georgia and they needed to find someone else to take that responsibility over.  At the same time the current accounts brother in California said he could not continue handling the accounts and H.S. needed to find a new person to handle the finances by the end of 2012.  From June of 2012 there was constant communication via email or Skype with Debra.  Only on a few occasions had we heard from anyone claiming to be with Halleluyah Scriptures and that had to do with the audio work I was doing.  Making this long story much shorter, we were asked by Debra to handle both of these positions and to move the stock of bibles from Georgia to Fort Wayne.  We were then asked by Debra to get a new P.O. Box for all the physical mail and donations to be sent. We were also asked to get H.S. registered as a non-profit, tax exempt corporation (which at that point had not yet been done – although we came to find out later that Debra had the postal agent in Georgia working on the non-profit registration and it was being filed in Georgia – when Debra/the HS “team” did not want that postal agent to continue – they cancelled the filing in Georgia).  We were then asked to start a new Pay Pal account and new bank accounts for H.S..  All of these things were completed in December of 2012, with myself, my wife and Alan Horvath, who had been helping H.S. for about a year and a half at that point, were the  registered officers of the new Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.  This is a matter of public record.  I, Theodore (Ted) Ramp, am the principal officer and registrant of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.  (One thing for the record, I have a full-time job and have not received anything from H.S. funds except a reimbursement for the travel expense to pick up the initial stock in Georgia on Dec. 30th,, 2012 and an MP3 recorder and hard drive for the audio project.)–Most volunteers and servants for H.S. have simply done all that they can out of their love for the Father and receiving nothing monetarily.  Many have sacrificed a great deal. That is another reason this abuse and deception of the Allens has been confronted.– 


After incorporating HS Inc. and beginning to send out the orders when we received the stock of the H.S. Bibles on Dec. 31, 2012 things changed dramatically.  There was a massive shift in how we were treated by Debra.  Because of the amount of change and work to catch up, there was some confusion from the former postal agent and paperwork/spreadsheets and what was sent out, what was packaged with labels, what had yet to be filled.  As a result of the confusion a batch of orders were duplicated (over 30 – it is estimated).  But after a couple of weeks things were moving quickly and we had caught up with all the back orders by the third week in January, 2013. 


Inconsistencies began to occur with what we were being told to do and the stated purpose of the HS Inc. as a non-profit organization and even what was said on the website.  Major changes were taking place and they were taking place very quickly.  We also began to have some communication problems with Debra.  I had to wire several large sums to the printers in China and was told we were putting a deposit on a new run.  However, I never received an invoice or estimates for the print runs, nor accurate receipt of the funds wired.  I continued to inquire of these over time.  That was never resolved.


We also noticed that there were major changes in the website and new products, and ventures that were popping up.  As part of the incorporating and getting the tax-exempt (501c3) status we were required to inform the IRS of our business plan, including growth projections etc.  When we inquired of Debra, who is the only spokesperson for the “H.S. Team”, she would not divulge any future plans.  After a short period of time, we realized as far as the legal corporation goes, H.S. Inc. will not be functioning with the officers making any decisions nor having any input to the plans, purposes, or future of the corporation.  Therefore we informed Debra that we needed to have the names of the “Trustees”/”H.S. Team” members to put on the legal documents and for the IRS. This was seen as an attack and was subsequently rejected.  She/they will not divulge any team members names. This also led to several emails of notifying the “HS Team” of what was required to get the status of non-profit tax-exempt they requested.  Again this was not met with cooperation. 


Concerning the “VOW”


Then in the prayer email in mid-February the “Vow” that the team members had taken was highlighted and the link was posted in the email.  I went to the website and re-read the vow.  Now we were an integral part of Halleluyah Scriptures I thought I better understand more fully this vow they were highlighting. Having the responsibilities of being the registrant and president (in title) of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc., having all the bank accounts and Pay Pal responsibilities, along with the P.O. Box and depositing checks and money orders, along with being the principal postal agent handling 95% of the stock to be sent out, you would think that we were a part of the “HS Team”.  I was told in an email I was not. “No Ted you cannot be a main team. The Father gave a vision to a group not to anyone else as the Father has Miryam carry Yahushua it does not make her better than anyone else but she was chosen for that job as the HS team was chosen for this project and they are accountable for everything.”

Just for the record, I didn’t ask to be on the “main team”, I just assumed since vast responsibilities were asked of my wife and myself that we would be, at the very least, informed and/or directly communicated with.  We were told that we would be informed of the major changes coming on the new page called “Updates” on the website.  That was unsettling.


After reading the vow, we were concerned about how several things were presented since they did not reflect the reality of what was done behind the scenes.  This vow became highly prominent as a part of convincing people that all funds and business practices are honorable, trustworthy and used in a certain way. I then wrote an email to the “H.S. team”.  Below is the email I sent and includes the response I received from the “HS team”.  You might notice that my original email was sent at 6:45pm and the response I received was the same day at 10:12pm.  Signifying one of three options.  1) All the “team members” from all “over the world” were together at the moment my email arrived.  2) Everyone on “the team” got a quick forward, took the time to read and sent back their responses and Debra compiled them quickly to get a response back to me before morning. Or 3) Debra was acting as “the Team” and fired off a response.  Option #3 is my best guess. 


My original email is in black. The website contents are green and my suggestions in Red.  The “HS Team” response is blue.


From: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Date: February 18, 2013 10:12:26 PM EST

To: Ted Ramp <tdramp@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: Concerning the “Vow” – please pass on to the Team members




On Mon, Feb 18, 2013, at 06:35 PM, Ted Ramp wrote:


To the HS Team, 

Know that what I share with you is being shared in love with the bond of peace after much prayer.   After getting the prayer email today and being reminded of the “vow” that the team has taken I followed the link in the prayer email and read the page again. Being involved at the level that we are now I felt led to share with you these things concerning what is on the webpage.  Please understand that I believe we all (I’m not even sure who some of you may be) are seeking to honor the Father with all that we do.  And as I have lovingly been reminded throughout the audio project, we want to give our best to the Father, and with the audio it means words have to be perfect to the text.   Concerning the vow and having read the webpage I copied the text below and added my comments in red.  Please understand my intent is to present all that we say above reproach and to communicate that clearly to those outside.   One quick note when I copied the text, the name of YHWH did not appear, that is what the blank spaces are.   


May our Father barak and keep you!


Shalom in Yahushua!


Ted       Prov.3:5,6


Our vow to YHWH and you, His people:

ALL DONATIONS go to printing and shipping only.   This statement is not accurate. There are some donations, as Shalom has instructed me that are given and understood that they go to cover extraneous costs.  They funds are for, equipment (hard drives, microphones, software, books for the translation team, needed things to do this work, web work, etc.)  But this statement is misleading.   I would suggest saying, “Donations received for Halleluyah Scriptures Bibles are used for printing and shipping alone.” 


When a man vows a vow to  , or swears an oath to bind himself by some agreement, he does not break his word, he does according to all that comes out of his mouth.”Bemidbar (Numbers) 30:2

The HS team made a vow not to take any funds for wages, overheads or equipment. This vow is made public on the HS web site and has been since the inception of the project. We take this vow very seriously. No one has never taken funds for wages, payment, or lifestyles and never will. Every person on the HS team uses their own equipment and receives no payment whatsoever.  THIS STATEMENT IS NOT ACCURATE AND IS MISLEADING.  Robin and I are both integral parts of the HS team. We have made no such vow.  Although we use our own equipment, some equipment has been purchased through HS funds.  And if Robin and I are not considered part of the HS team this still applies to Max and Alan and the translation team. Again I was told by Shalom that she kept track of these amounts and knew what certain donations were for and that those funds covered these things.  As mentioned in the first paragraph they are things that are necessary.  Also we have paid for internet usage, web hosting etc. that are a necessary part of this ministry.  There is nothing wrong with doing this.  But if you make this statement it is not accurate and if I am asked I would have to say it is not true.  I suggest changing this to read:  “The original/starting/core HS team made a vow. This vow is made public on the HS website and has been since the inception of the project.  We take this vow very seriously.  We are the Father’s servants who have been given a stewardship and we are expected to prove trustworthy.  We will not misappropriate the donations that have been entrusted to us.  They will be used to for the continued printing, shipping, recording, etc. of the HS to be shared with the world.  They will not be used for wages, extravagance nor funding lifestyles.” 


The HS is a large ministry now, and because it has been run according to His Word and Law, in a short period of time the Father has barakh (blessed) the project. We consider it a great honor to serve the Father and you, His people and would not want any payment for it as our reward is not of this world. There are no overheads either, as each person counts it all joy to serve the Father.

The number one goal of the HS project is to get a copy of His pure Word into every hand that is in desperate need. That is the one and only goal (if this is the one and only goal then we should stop working on everything else and keep only to the paperback copies and audio and not get distracted by anything else – if it is not the “one and only goal” it should not be overstated here and made to read something like, “the primary goal”)  and we will never be loved by the enemy for this job, just as the Mashiach was not loved for sharing Truth. There is no hidden agenda or any other reason but only to get His Word out freely to those who could otherwise never afford. Those that sell His Word and profit from it, and have for years, will not ever love this project as it cuts into their profits, and the more this happens, the more we will be hated.




For we are not, as so many, merchandising the Word of   – but as of sincerity, but as from Elohim, in the sight of Elohim, we speak in Mashia.”2 Corinthians 2:17

85% to 90%  of the HS goes to those who have never seen nor owned a copy, and have not donated. Those that do donate want to see those without and who are in genuine desperate need receive His Word as they know what it is like to have His love letter.

There are over 50 volunteers on this wonderful project who give of their time freely with many of these brothers and sister working over 12 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week, as they know it is urgently needed around the world.

But if you have bitter jealousy and self-seeking in your hearts, do not boast against and lie against the truth. This is not the wisdom coming down from above, but it is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. For where jealousy and self-seeking are, there is confusion and every foul deed.”Ya’aqov (James) 3:14-16

We take James 3 vs 14 – 16 serious. It is an abomination and demonic to be self seeking and to promote oneself.

The HalleluYah Scriptures is the only version in English that bears the Authors Name – no man’s name or credits. The Word belongs to   and He has gifted it to us all to enjoy and share and help those who have no copy of His Word with no way of affording. No one has the right to sell the Word of the Father! How sad that people sell what He ordained and owns.  I suggest changing the word “sell” to “personally profit” and/or “claim rights to”. 



When we received a letter from a group in South Africa it broke our hearts and made us weep, as the words above are what this project is all about. The HS project has never changed, they are free to those that have never seen nor owned a copy and have no means of affording, supported by those that can afford. This is the heart of the Father and His Torah. There is no better gift or item you can give other than His Word. It has all the answers and gives such comfort. HalleluYah!


We pray that they will be able to help us receive the HalleluYah Scriptures transport. We are so exited – one of our local elders is going to Zambia for a visit to a few congregations that he is converting from Sunday to Sabbath worship, and they hunger for the truth and we think they have 3 Sacred Name Scriptures between them all! Please, please help us to help them – the hunger for the Word is worse than the famine of food!

I am so excited I can’t type fast enough. There is no way that most in Africa can pay for Scriptures – at the current prices. They are truly poor. We have never received any books from oversees in bulk, so we are going to talk to others and see what we can do from our side. HalleluYah please share and pray we can get the stock safely.

No one should be paying for anyone’s lifestyles or equipment.I suggest changing this to “extravagance” and/or “indulgences“.   If a person wants to work for the Father, then they should not be charging for such a job. The HS has proven that a large ministry can work without taking wages or payment. We believe if you cannot do it for the Father and His people freely, then do not do it at all.


“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in the shamayim, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. “For where your treasure is, there your heart shall be also.”Mattithyahu (Matthew) 6:19-21

We vow to use all donations for His Word alone, for where our heart is, our treasure is also, and this is the vow we made to the Father and publicly in videos, as all we do is for the esteem of our SOVEREIGN; not for ourselves or any man or woman, for we are to be good stewards of the Word and all donations. Again this cannot state “ALL DONATIONS”.



This is a separate issue to donations donated for a specific reason.


We feel like we are wasting our time reading through all this stuff where you are picking holes in a few words which really do not change the whole heart of the project. We have explained this a number of times and if you read all the site in all then you will understand the whole project.


If Michael say gives 500 and says this is for a team member or any one’s needs on the team and not for HS printing and shipping then that is not for the project. There is no need to have to explain all this on the site as it has nothing to do with anyone else by say Michael. It is a guarantee to THOSE that donate to the HS project that 100% of their donation will go to printing and shipping unless THEY the donator specifies something different. It is really simple to be honest.


My and others work loads have increased and we really need time to just do the job that we have been given and just do not have extra time on our hands so please be mindful of the time taken up.


I have saved a lot of time for Robin now with myself checking on items sent and also will be sorting out the prisoners mail part as another brother who has been with us for 2 years wants to now help and serve the Father. George if you need him can help you with packaging. HalleluYah.




The email concerning the vow and subsequent emails are what precipitated our separating from Halleluyah Scriptures.com/Halleluyahscripturesproject.com  After praying and seeking the Father’s direction we then decided to turn over our obligations of postal agents and accounts person.  We intended to turn over the actual Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. business to the team as well.  This is the email I sent two weeks later.


From: Ted Ramp <tdramp@gmail.com>

Date: March 3, 2013 9:48:52 PM EST

To: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>



To the Halleluyah Scriptures Team


After much prayer and fasting it is with sadness that I need to inform you that the Father has confirmed to us that we, Robin and I, are no longer going to function as postal agents for HS.  


As well I will not be functioning as the Accounts Brother for HS. 


It is my desire to carry on what I had originally offered to serve in for the audio project as the narrator.  I would like to complete that project. 


What needs to take place to make this transition as smooth as possible is for the HS team to find and designate at least two United States citizens and add their names to the organization. (We can add these names and remove our names).  Alan Horvath is already one of the officers (the Vice President).  Robin Ramp is currently the Secretary and Ted Ramp is the President.  So there will need to be two other people besides Alan to be part of this.  They will need to do the following….


            1. “Fill out the appropriate forms at the state department that handles corporate filings to register your nonprofit in the new state. For example, in Florida, the State Division of Corporations, the Department of Revenue and the Department of Agriculture Division and Consumer Services all have required filings for nonprofits.”

            2. Open a bank account in the name of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.

            3. Open a new PayPal account for Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. 

            4. Complete the filing for TAX-Exempt status as a 501c3 organization. That process is not complete.  You have up to 2 years from the inception of the organization to complete it according to the Internal Revenue Service.   We received Non-Profit status for Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. on Dec.  11,  2012. (Sic)  Therefore you have at least 21 more months to get that accomplished. 

            5. Set up a new P.O. Box where all incoming mail can be received.  We can have a change of address which will forward all mail to that new P.O. Box. That was not possible with the address in California but will be possible for our current P.O. Box.  So again it will be seamless once the new P.O. Box is set up.



This must take place for us to transfer all funds over to the person who will run the bank accounts.  According to the by laws of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. if the organization is to dissolve all funds must go to another non-profit organization.  Therefore it would be better for someone to just take our place and set up new bank accounts in the Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. name and then I can move the money seamlessly to the new accounts that would also keep the same Employment Identification Number (EIN) referred to as a tax number.  This transfer will be immediate when set up. We can close the current accounts and destroy the current bank cards.  It would be wise to set up the bank accounts and then the new Pay Pal account.  Then the web-master can switch to the new PayPal as we did before.  All all new funds will then go to your new bank accounts and we can then send the rest of the funds.  


We will complete current orders that have been given to us and assist in getting the new postal agents up and running by making sure they have the supplies they need to carry the work.  I’m going to the bank tomorrow to see about getting re-loadable Credit Cards for the postal agents to make the transition even easier. 


There will be full disclosure to all we do and have done to you as the HS team. We will turn over all receipts, all bank account and PayPal statements, and email accounts etc. so that you know exactly what has been done and where the funds are and have gone.  


It is not our desire to harm the work of HS.  We will return all materials, lists, spreadsheets, hardware, and product.  We have no desire to slander nor fight with HS.  


This has been a difficult and is a painful process.  But we cannot continue to work in these positions under the current circumstances. 


Just for your information as postal agents we have processed 683 orders in the last 8 weeks an average of 85 per week. From Pay Pal and the orders we receive through the mail the average per week has been 60-70 orders.  We have faithfully done what we can in this area, not that everything has been error free.  Yet, we cannot increase this load nor make it any faster as has been requested.  That is the best we can do. 


We know that you will need some time to take care of these actions.  Please expedite them.  We are sending much stock in the next week to the new postal agents, Kathy and Manuel. We are supposed to receive the 27 boxes of the Names books and bookmarks in the next couple of weeks.  As well we are supposed to receive 251 cases of new product from China in the next several weeks.  It is in the best interest of HS to have that shipment re-routed to another location.  If however that is not possible at this point arrangements can be made to re-ship the stock to the new postal agents after initial delivery.   


We did not seek these positions of postal agent and accounts brother.  They were asked of us in the time of difficulty and we offered to serve in these capacities.  Now that there are two other postal agents that will be taking on the majority of the work it is safe to pass this to them.  I encourage you to add two other postal agents as Shalom had indicated was going to be done so that there are four.  It is a large work.  I’m sure that there are others you trust that can handle the accounts job. 


Peace in Yahushua our Messiah


Ted Ramp      Prov.3:5,6




For one week we were emailing back and forth trying to wrap up getting as much stock out as possible before the transition.   In the middle of the week we were told by Debra that she would not be sending any more orders through to us.   And then I was told in an email that I had to simply turn everything over (keys to the P.O. Box, keys to the Storage, Bank accounts etc.) and walk away and that an accountant and lawyer would be contacting me.  Then I received a threatening phone call, from Yirmeyah Vossallmann stating that I better turn everything over immediately and that they would stop at nothing to get everything back.  He also threatened “heavy legal action” and then physical threats of coming to my home if necessary.  I have a witness of two of these phone calls.  And three other threatening and condescending voice mails. This was my response to the HS team representative after the threats.


DISCLAIMER: I want to make sure something is perfectly clear, I do not believe Alan Horvath knew any of these things that were happening behind the scenes and had not been involved in them.  I believe that he was simply acting under the influence and instruction of Debra on behalf of the “HS Team”.  To my knowledge Alan has been an innocent bystander in this.  But now he is aware of what has happened. But he was the person to whom I was to address matters since he was in the U.S. and on our paperwork.

Email to follow:


“Alan,  this is not what I wanted.  I simply wanted to move out of the responsibilities that were choking us. When we sought the information that we had to have for the legal matters and taxes we were pushed off. When I sent a letter to the team sharing changes that were not in keeping with what I saw and what I knew from doing the postal agency and accounts, I was told “We feel like we are wasting our time reading through all this stuff where you are picking holes in a few words which really do not change the whole heart of the project.”


Alan, we (that includes you-since you are on the paperwork) have responsibilities and obligations to be accountable and to hold those accountable who we are working with.  They have refused to cooperate or even give us any indication of the direction of H.S.  So when we are expected to put the paperwork together for the 501c3 tax exempt and they ask, “What are your 3 year goals?  What are your 5 year goals?  How do you expect your business to expand/grow?” and we ask the Team about these things and they either will not respond or tell us we don’t need to know.   


I don’t even know what whoever was thinking when they had Yeremiyah call me and threaten me right off the bat.  Yes, I got angry.  He said I was threatening to “expose H.S.” and that I was going to “take them down.”  Then he told me that Robin had sent threatening letters.  I read the letters before they were sent.  We were asking about the people who made decisions on behalf of HS, because the “officers” (me, you and Robin) don’t and aren’t allowed to make any decisions or give any guidance or any suggestions.  Since we can’t do that the team would officially act as “Trustees”.  By law the trustees are to be know to the public.  That doesn’t mean broadcast them.  It means if someone writes me a letter and says, “Who are the trustees of this organization?”  I’m obligated because of a non-profit/tax exempt status to tell them.  That is what the form that we would have to file says.  We sent that form to Shalom.  The form also states that we would have to make public income and expenses.  That is nothing new for non-profits.  I’ve worked with them for years.  This wasn’t a “witch hunt”-“exposing evils in H.S.”  It was simply the paper work we had to deal with. 


Over and over there have been many things that have been taken the wrong way.  I’ve tried to explain these things.  I cannot.  Shalom has decided whatever she has decided.  The woman who just months ago was so glad that we were available to help out in crisis at a critical time has now cast numerous stones.  


Now that we have been threatened with a lawsuit, for the record….IT WILL NOT COME TO THAT.  THEY CAN HAVE MY CLOAK TOO!  YHWH knows what has been said and how we have conducted ourselves.  He is our witness.  We never threatened a lawsuit.  I don’t sue.  I don’t take these things, that should be between brothers, to a court of law and that before Gentiles.  How shameful, you know the Scriptures warned of this.  It truly is a shame.  We simply wanted the transition to be legal because our name is on everything from the Official forms, the bank accounts, credit cards, the Pay Pal accounts, the P.O. box the storage space, etc.  And what is truly amazing is that we ask for the names for those who actually are calling the shots and we get threatened.  


When I receive the paperwork after talking to the accountant about how to handle this legally so that there are no problems.   There will be no hesitation to release everything.  


After the pick up tomorrow of Kathy’s order there will be room in the storage to put the rest of the stock in there.  I will turn over the keys to the storage place and the stock will stay there until someone comes and picks it up from Halleluyah Scriptures.  I will inform you when that is done. 


I will say this, there are some very unsettling things going on that only a person who has sent the orders, seen the orders made through Pay Pal, received the letters, and made all the payments would be able to know.  They will be accountable.   That is for YHWH to settle.  I have addressed some of these issues.  I was told that I was wasting their time.   I have no desire to fight or battle over anything.  We have taken nothing nor do we want anything.  We have served faithfully and will continue to serve the Father faithfully.  We pray you will as well brother. 


We checked with the Post office today.  Officially the P.O. Box cannot be transferred to anyone unless they come into the post office, prove their own residence with documentation (driver’s license) at the same time we turn it over.  If you do not have someone who can do that in the next week or so, we will forward all mail to you and close the P.O. Box. 


In Yahushua, the Truth, 


Ted    Prov.3:5,6″


After several more phone threats I chose to contact a lawyer and make sure how to legally dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. I then received this letter. (yes, I did remove personal non-pertinent information) Email to follow:




Please deal with me only on the following:


I have contacted a certified accountant and he is going to let me know what is needed to dissolve HalleluYah Scriptures, Inc. in Indiana.  He is also going to perform a reconciliation of the accounts and will be paying any taxes owed and any filings and/or outstanding fees that are owed.  He will do all that is necessary to be sure everything is be done legally.


Please transfer all funds to this account ASAP:


******* Bank


Account Number:  *********

Routing Number:  *********


Also, please have all that is in storage transferred to my name and leave the key at the office for pickup.  We need a list of all stock before it is shipped (in the next day or so) so we can perform an inventory.  Understand that you are dealing with ******* on two shipments … please see that these are expedited.


Lastly, I need the mail in the P.O. box in Indiana transfered to my name and I need you to mail me the keys at this address:




Thanks for doing all that you can to make this go smoothly for me.


Shalom, dear Brother!





Then I received this letter a couple of days later.  Email to follow:




Attached are 3 letters of cessation releasing you from all further obligations to the HalleluYah Scriptures Project.


Our accountant, Ron Foudy, has mailed you an official letter (dated March 13, 2013) releasing you and Robin from all obligations to the HalleluYah Scriptures Project.  As soon as you reply to his mail, all will be complete.


Thank you so much, brother, for all your dedication and service to the Father.



This letter then followed, Email to follow:




I know you want to do what is pleasing to the Father, as do I … we want to make everything happen as smoothly as possible.


Please know that YerimiYah will be coming to your area this weekend and will expedite the transition of all obligatory needs so that HalleluYah Scriptures can resume normal activities – you understand what we mean by this.




I was then told again to turn everything thing over to their chosen accountant and send the funds to a private bank account in the U.S.


My response: Email to follow:



“With all due respect, this I cannot do, yet.  It is illegal for me to turn over anything from Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. to anyone that is not a non-profit organization.  Even to you directly, because you specifically do not have any account in a non-profit organizations name.  You could be seen as an embezzeler.  This is not a joking matter.  This is serious.  Especially when a bulk transfer of funds is concerned and the banks will have that red flagged.  Until Hallelluyah Scriptures Project is incorporated under a new non-profit entity I cannot do this.  It is illegal!  That is why I told HS in the beginning of this that they needed to go through the process of selecting new officers to whom we could turn this over.  This instruction was not followed.  I was then threatened with “lawsuits” and “heavy legal action” by Mr. Vosselman.  I had no choice but to seek legal action for Disillusionment.  Alan this is as much to protect you, as it is us, and Halleluyah Scriptures.  No one is listening to me on this.  It must be handled rightly according to law.  The non-profit status was filed and accepted legally and it will be dissolved legally. 


We have requested the invoices and receipts for the product in our care as well for what is being currently shipped.  I have received inaccurate receipts that do not match the bank that I wired the money through, nor the amount, nor the date in which these were sent.  This is not a joking matter.  This can be seen as fraud or embezzlement.  I have contacted Amity Printing and received different receipts than what Shalom had provided.  And was in correspondence with them until my Halleluyah Scriptures email account was closed by HS.com.  I have not received correspondence since that time.  I am not pointing the finger nor am I making any accusations.  All I am saying is that things don’t match!  These kinds of activities conflict with standard accounting practices and even the articles of incorporation. We are required to have an accounting for where the stock has gone. That is what our master spreadsheet of orders is. 


If all this is are clerical errors than we’ll find it quickly with the accountant.  However, when the accountant sees what we have as evidence he will be suspect.  We are talking $10’s of thousands of dollars that have been spent with no accurate record of where it went, what was owed and what is left over.  And very scant records of what was paid.  Any business knows that you have to keep accurate records of what is purchased, what is owed, and what is spent and income.  I have received inaccurate information or none at all concerning some matters from Shalom.  She is the only contact I have for what has been ordered and what is owed.  Right now to my knowledge no one but Shalom knows what we owe the printers.  Maybe the team knows, but I’m the one who has to pay the bills and I’m the one who will have to give an account if and when we are audited or any questions arise with to what and where things were spent.  Maybe others have not cared or didn’t see what I see, that doesn’t matter, this is the situation we are in now.  If you want to turn your head to this that is on your head.  I cannot.  


If there is nothing to hide and everything is righteous than have Shalom forward the Invoices for what product was ordered, which must include the break down of what was to be paid for and the initial costs.  The last three print runs which includes: the run which was picked up in Georgia, the one I put a deposit on in January and the one which is currently being shipped.  If she sends that documentation I can present all things to your accountant and he is satisfied that all is in order,  then we can legally dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. with legal help. You will still need to have non-profit status for the funds and stock to be turned over.  That is Halleluyah Scriptures obligation to provide.  Since they have been incorporated as a non-profit, that status must remain or they must use all stock and all funds must be depleted on the non-profit status.  THAT IS THE LAW.  There is no way around that.  They have tried to get around that.  You cannot.  You can go to jail over this.  


I am accountable, to the Father and to the governing authorities.  I will do this legally.  


I will be calling your accountant tomorrow.  We received his paper today.  


I will contact you after legal counsel is finished on March 20th.  Until then there will be no correspondence.  There will be no transfer of funds nor of stock, yet.  I have sought to do this very simply and responsibly.  That was not received from me but threatened by one who claimed to be from the HS Team (Mr. Vosselman).  The funds and stock have been entrusted to us by the Father and we will be good stewards. 


So this is where we are.  Just to be fully clear.  I am not seeking “legal action” this is “legal counsel” to guide us all through the disillusionment legally. 


Ted Ramp   Prov.3:5,6


P.S. The below cessation letters do not release me from breaking the laws of this State.”


Shocking Disclosure  and Critical Information


After the initial decision to turn things over including the business and accounting information, I began to do a reconciliation of all of the transactions and such since I took over the funds and started HS Inc. I began to see some disturbing patterns which reminded me of some emails that I had been sent.  This led us to question some other information we had been told.  I then contacted the former accountant, my predecessor, asked him for some receipts.  As well I contacted the former postal agents that had received significant funds for postal expenses to make sure all was accounted for.  I then took a closer look at some of the receipts I had and realized there was a bigger problem.


Then I received this email from one postal agent who had been given permission from the person who wrote it to forward it to me when necessary.  This was the timing I received this email on March 13, 2013.


Stating from Nance to Marilyn.


“You did the right thing.  You owe nothing further but to stay in righteousness as Elohim will bring all things which are done in secret and expose them.  I would personally offer no further information at this time unless you are asked.  You have no “blood on your hands” and there is nothing further you can  do unless Ted reaches out to you.  It’s good that you gave him a few things to “watch”  for, such as the shroud of secrecy and invoice costs.  Hopefully this will be a red flag, especially when he is asked to send gift cards or cash to New Zealand.  I am glad that there are two men on board, Alan and Ted, and hope that they will establish accountability with her.  There is no way she will be able to contain her true personality for long, it’s just a short wait now.  We can keep ourselves pure and pray in the meantime, sis.  We both have done what is Biblically right in going directly to her, then the next step is to bring along witnesses, so we wait a bit for Ted and Alan.  


I am attaching the invoices from February as well as the statement from the 2 gift cards that were registered in my name and sent to New Zealand in November. Alan registered the other 2.  Just hold on to it in case……..when you are asked, you can produce them.  I have looked up the companies online that funds were spent at on the receipts, and from the looks of it, they are an online store and withdrawals are from a bank.  


The project seemed to have started as a noble effort in offering the Scriptures for free but has slowly transitioned into merchandising other products for profit such as the new apochryphal books, special sized scriptures and now a carrying case, and she needs to be forthright with the supporters about it.  There is nothing wrong with a ministry designating funds to give a “love offering”  for the faithful services of those who have provided teaching and resources and are in financial need themselves.  Shaul was supported by believers, and we are told not to muzzle an ox while it is in the field.  Just be honest about it to the supporters.  However, if they are on a pension and by law cannot show additional monies coming in, they need to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s like the rest of us.  They are skirting around in secret, all the while self righteously proclaiming that they have no hand in the till but only to replenish as they say, “a sweet, poor, elderly couple” for shipping in………New Zealand?  Another grey area.  In total, I have sent $4000 worth of gift cards to NZ.  Four cards of $500 each sent in August and another four sent of $500 each in November.  The two thousand, Shalom told me that Erik had to get arrange refunding for since the cards I purchased were not for international use.  I hardly believe that NZ constitutes a this much demand in shipping HalleluYah Scriptures, $4000 got me through almost the entire summer in shipping in the US, UK, Canada and abroad.    Shalom has also made it clear on several occasions that she wants Erik to have nothing to do with the New Books funds going forward and that she does not know why he doesn’t like her. 


As I stated before, the final straw for me was the full page advertisements in the book “Vain Traditions”.  A book written by friends of theirs(I know because she told me in a phone conversation that she was speaking with them on the phone the week it arrived from United Graphics,the same printer that does the  HS New Books, and that “they were ready to scratch one anothers face off” one day in an argument).  That book declares that Yeshua is not Elohim nor co-equal to Elohim,  and the Ruah is not Elohim but merely an “active force” which eminates from The Father.  Sounds just like Jehovah’s Witnesses heretical doctrine.  I informed them that I would no longer have a hand in a project that supports this book as it is blasphemous.  I quoted from Is. 46 & 48, Rev 1 to show what Yeshua said of Himself as a scriptural basis, He is the First and the Last, Beginning and the End, Yahweh’s exact words. I asked her, “what do you, and the HalleluYah Scriptures Team believe, Shalom?”  She refused to answer the question, and I was given the run around with lengthy email informing me that it was merely free advertising(compromising) and that HalleluYah Scripures supports no other ministry.  Then, I was asked to send 20 copies in a box along with new books to NZ as well as to the Phillipines.  Which really bothered my conscience, may Yah forgive me.   Against my better judgement, I finished up shippping the HS until another agent was found because I love the Father, His Word and His people, and to my knowledge, the translation is good and is yet uncompromised, may that never change.  My concern was that if the belief of the translation team was that of the Vain Traditions, the translation would at some point in time reflect it.  I humbly expressed that to Shalom and she responded in the usual lengthy barrage of self righteous, “shame on you” emails.  Which, served only to confirm that I was on to something.  The fruit was evident.  


That is the account of my part in the HalleluYah Scripures project and I tell the truth in good conscience before Yah and men.  You are welcome to share that with Ted, Alan or anyone else who would inquire, sis. Cut and paste away.  May righteousness prevail that His Name be honored always.  


Birekoth & Ahava,




The New Zealand Connection

There was a significant amount in cash over several installments sent to New Zealand to unnamed individuals.  They were sent to a business. Below are excerpts from the email that was sent to me to justify these funds.


 NZ deals with Fiji and other Islands and surrounding countries to Aussie as it is to much for Michael, because he is elderly more that NZ couple he can only handle certain things – but he is busy and uses mostly courier bags.  I had them very busy in Dec and had them send a quite a few parcels out in one day yikes they lost a lot of weight that day.. the total in receipts is 1221.90 ( some are older others which we said they need to get together and get into us so we can pay them – they are getting onto this as they have been sending out parcels for near 2 years now) so let us send 1500us to them so they have a bit spare. Receipt 3 is two receipts  from the end of Receipt 2 as they were cut off and I asked for them again.


Oh when you send the postal funds owed to them send to this address, it is very important to put in tin foil otherwise it will get seen by x ray. Just send 4 new books and put it in one of the books – they live in the country so do not get mail there as it is to expensive so have their mail go to this place. Rural delievery is very expensive in Aussie and NZ.


Unfortunately this same story was used for each of the postal agents and the accountants for H.S. And all of us accepted this was true.  And acting in good faith we sent what was asked.  However, we have now verified that cash and re-loadable credit cards had been sent at the end of 2012 to cover these expenses.  Thousands of dollars were sent to the same address for the same reasons. 


I received this email from Debra a.k.a Shalom stating that I was the “first” to get the funds to the older couple.  Even though the other postal agents sent them money or credit cards.  So either that money just disappeared or she was lying.  Emphasis in the letter is mine, bold and underlined.



From: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Subject: a special thanks

Date: February 7, 2013 5:23:04 PM EST


thanks.. oh the couple you sent their funds too said to say  A HUGE THANK YOU and they loved your letter you sent.. they said your writing is so cute:-))) they were touched by your letter as they had never had a letter like that before. You are the first to get their funds to them as they cannot afford to pay out for shipping.


They did pay to get the shipments into NZ  but they said they will leave that as a donation to the project they were happy to pay those fees and clearance.



Also there was a recent amount sent in cash to a printer in New Zealand for a print run I knew nothing about, just about a month before we started H.S. Inc. So I inquired about that from the former accountant. It appears that over $3,606.40 in cash was sent to a “printer” that we have no record even exists.  It was also quoted to  “Halleluyah Scriptures Project”  which was a change that wasn’t even public for another month.  But then again very little is public.  We have searched and have been unable to verify that this is a real printer.  Below is an image of the invoice that was sent.  Also on Goggle maps below is the photo for the gas station located at the address for this “printer”.  According to the Yellow Pages of New Zealand, there is no Papamoa Printing Company.  The phone number listed on the invoice is not a working number.  According to the searches we have done no registered company with this title exists in New Zealand. If someone has any direct information about this printing company please send it to me.  I have a few more questions to ask them.



The Names Behind Halleluyah Scriptures



Will the real Debra and Ken Allen please stand up?

This lead to other inquiries which then led to the disclosure of who Shalom and Max are.  You can verify from the below link on You Tube that they are Debra and Ken from New Zealand.




Feel free to watch the whole video but the information pertinent to this document is from minute 5 and 20 seconds to minute 6 and 30 seconds where Ken mentions that they live in New Zealand and Debra identifies herself by name.   To be fair, this video was made a few years ago.  It is possible that they now live in Australia, however, personally Debra (a.k.a. Shalom) told my family via Skype phone conversation that she and her husband were living in Australia and had lived their whole lives in Australia.  This statement was also made to others we have had contact with.


Debra and Ken Allen are also are behind the website 2besaved.com. It is Ken’s voice on most if not all the videos.  Also you can still order this video that is on you-tube from that sight directly.  I will leave it to others to verify their involvement with other “ministries” or “websites”.


Also on the 2besaved.com website there is an article about “When does a day start.”  The rebuttal  to this article is posted onhttp://www.2besaved.com/DayStartEliyah.html stating the presumed authors are Debra and Ken Allen.  Also Debra verified in a personal conversation that they had written this article and it came from a vision they had had while Ken was deathly ill. It is Ken’s voice that does the narration for the video on the “When Does A Day Start” video.


Because of all these things coming to light, it was necessary to dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana and disassociate with Halleluyah Scriptures.


However, biblically we are responsible for addressing the sins of those who claim to be brothers, which we did according to Matt. 18. 


Since that has been done and there has been no repentance we are compelled to inform the body Messiah of the sin within in the camp.




The two accountants that H.S. has had in the last 2+ years along with the 4 main postal agents which received all the large shipments for H.S. have come together along with other witnesses to confront these things and to inform the body of Messiah.


As accountants and the ones paying the bills and wiring money to the printers, we never received a full invoice or complete and accurate receipts for all the large print runs made.  After requesting and demanding these things they were still not provided.  They were blocked by Debra Allen (Shalom).  I personally contacted Amity printing to get the invoices and receipts.  I received some cooperation until Debra told the representative to not give me any information.  And that communication has ceased. 


The postal agents as well as both accountants sent cash or re-loadable credit cards to a supposed “elderly couple who were postal agents in New Zealand”.  No names were given, even though some receipts were sent months later it did not cover the amounts requested.  To our knowledge there were no large amounts of stock ever sent to New Zealand to be sent out for any orders.  There were no specific orders ever accounted for to our master spreadsheet for orders of any bibles sent from New Zealand.  The supposed printing that took place of the extra books is very suspect and has no verification. Maybe they did, but there is no accountability and no verification when requested by the accounts brothers.  When asked for their names and location we were shrugged off by Debra.  And all the cash and cards were mailed to a business location in New Zealand, then forwarded to Debra and Ken who were supposedly living in Australia who would then give the amounts to the specific unnamed individuals.





Unfortunately there is more behind the scenes.  Another part of this problem is that what is stated on the website is not true about the prisoners either.  As you can see the statement on the website says, “Hundreds of copies of the Halleluyah Scriptures go into prisons each month, either directly from us or thru those we support in their Prison Ministries.”  To begin with, the postal agents and accountants were held back from sending H.S. to prisoners.  For three months my wife and I had the prisoners letters forwarded to us and then when we had the P.O. Box established in Fort Wayne we received the prisoners letters directly for several months.  We went through each of them.  We prayed for them.  Debra required that we send a list of those “prisoners who would receive” the Halleluyah Scriptures to her for final approval and not send anything out before she approved it.   After sending a list of those who requested H.S.  these are the responses we received from Debra (Shalom).


Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2012 5:09 PM

Subject: Re: 2 new orders & prisoner’s orders


Sis are all these prisoners you feel are genuine? we have to be very careful as there is a huge scam going on.. so each one shared their heart and how they came to know His truth and use hebrew words? just got to make sure as we need to be good stewards.. and we only have certain copies earmarked here and there..


Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2012 6:42 PM

Subject: Re: 2 new orders & prisoner’s orders


Ok, did you talk to Ted if he will have you guys send out VT to prisoners ( it would be good for the prison system as it will wake a lot up – when a person is in prison and lost everything they are ripe for the Father and it will be a great tool for then to use in the prison to share with others – like those who are getting immursed), but check with Ted first before I get ***** to ship what is been given to us. They cannot be send in the same parcel as HS got to keep them separate.


Even if you are not sure about the order thrown it away with prayer and say Father if this person is genuine then let them write again.. now if anyone from prison writes in a demand and excepting a copy ( you know what I mean sis) throw it away no matter what.. we do not bow to anyone talking or treating us or His Word like thatÉ.



Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2013 5:07 AM

Subject: hotmail details and prisoners – HalleluYah


Are all the prisoners orders on our main spreadsheet? or do they have their own spreadsheet. If on the main one we will need to get them on a prisoners spreadsheet as we  need to know how many are going into each prison for example if Prison Xyz has 30 copies then we may pull back as we have none in other prisons… we just got to work out as we cannot substain every order and the new person will work with the spreadsheet for the prisoners request and  keep an eye on this. There is a lot more to this behind the scenes with missions so please just understand.


We have a large number of prisoners coming through soon as we have been working with a prison ministry and now they are getting the prisoners to write to us and there is a huge amount going to come through so we need to get a system in place for the new person who will take this job on.



Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 13:24:24 -0800


we noticed on the last prisoners list that there is a lot of TX.. we have had a good number from TX prisons so we may have to relook at these. That is why we need the spreadsheet done so we can view it and spread out the copies. The stock is divided up for different area’s.


Thank you and send the urgent one on the list but lets wait on the spreadsheet and view it.



Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 6:03 PM

Subject: Re: prisoners letters urgent


We also need to be very aware of numbers going out.. you guys are not aware but the missions team is working in the back ground and has ear marked a lot of stock, so we canot always send out to Prisoners.. but be really prayful, we have not stopped yet but their might be a time, for example if one group wants a number of them in prison we might have to relook at that.. in fact we do not want to send stock to Chaplins the reason why is that we want prisoners to send letters requesting so we know where they are going and they are genuine and we pray about each copy.. there is a huge racked of selling His Word in prisons by prisoners, we have been warned a number of times about this.. so that chaplin who ordered for 10 just leave it ok and write a note and say please have prisoners write to us.


You might see a lot of stock but a lot of it is ear marked and we have to think of others.. just know what we say and do there is a reason you are not aware of the whole picture.. there will be some very big shipments coming up soon for you to prepare.


In other words, there are too many going to Texas, even though there is a concerted effort to reach the prisoners there.  So we will wait and not send any more until “they” review it.  Sometimes it is hard to read what instructions have been given to us, however, verbally in a Skype conversation we were told, “the prisoners will have to wait!  They are not going anywhere.  You need to get out those who have ordered first.”  That statement was made more than once vocally. 


Unfortunately, the prisoner letters have been ignored because we were told to hold them and send them twice a month to another individual who was supposed to handle the prisoner letters.  After requesting twice who the “new” people are and where to send them, we were finally instructed to send them to New Jersey to Alan who would get them to another family who said they would help out.  And this has been a pattern not only for us but former postal agents can testify to the same treatment of the prisoner letters.


Since we received the letters, sent out the orders and also received the funds, we knew what most requests were and what amounts were coming in specifically to cover the prisoners bibles. It more than covered those requests coming in.  However, we were told not to send them.   To date at the end of March 2013 we have sent less than 100 to prisoners over the course of  3 months and unless there are hundreds from some unknown place with hundreds of unknown stock, it hasn’t happened.  But that is part of the secrecy.   No one really could understand what was going on until now.


Addressing the Real Costs of These Bibles



There are only certain costs that we can verify because we have been blocked from getting that information.  Here is what is true. Do the math.


Do the math here.            US $42.73 – shipping $6.08 = $37.65

                                    Canada $55.45 – shipping $24.36 = $31.09

                                    International $72.80 – shipping $37.00 = $35.80


Do the math again for the Large print.  Same results.

Notice the statement “there is not added profit to these amounts” – knowing that all of these Bibles arrived to the U.S. at the same time and are sent from the same location.  Why are the base costs more?  If “there is not added profit to these amounts” why are the base costs different?


These are the things that we realized are just not right.   They have tried so hard to convince everyone there is no profit and everything goes to printing and shipping.  The majority does, at least from the things I had responsibility for.  But truthfully there are other costs to doing business such as web hosting.  Are their people who donate for that?  Evidently!  That is what we have been told.  And we were told by Debra that all funds are “earmarked”.  Well we don’t know what funds are earmarked, nor what they are “earmarked” for and I’m the accountant?!  We were told, “pay this amount” there is money for it.”


Just so you know.  This invoice I was able to acquire from a former postal agent stated the following costs.  It was accidentally forwarded to her.


So for anyone who is asking the real cost for a standard paper back HS is $2.70 + freight cost $.53 = $3.23.

Genuine Leather (Special Edition) $8.50 + freight costs $.53 = $9.03.  Below you can see what they claim. 


One other bold falsehood is that with the original run of Large Print edition, we were told that all the Large Prints were prepaid.  We were told that meant they were all pre-ordered and there were none left over to be purchased or given out to anyone.  Well, after we were caught up with all back orders at the end of January, 2013.  Guess what, there were 333 of 550 Large Print that were still in storage waiting to be ordered.  We sent out another month’s worth and guess what, there are still about 200 that are still waiting to be purchased.  What do they really cost to print?   That is a good question.  And we were finally able to answer that.  Debra will not let anyone see an original invoice or estimate from the printers.  The printers have been told not to communicate with me but only through Shalom (Debra).  However, we now have a copy of the invoice that gives the prices of the shipment that arrived in November 2012 and was shipped in Oct. 25, 2012.  It clearly shows the costs to have each version of HS to be printed and arrive in the U.S..  Obviously the costs have been inflated on the website.  But they still insist “there is not added profit to these amounts.” 


The above invoice was finally obtained by a former postal agent through the shipping broker that managed the shipment once it reached the United States.  Below are my attempts at getting that information from Amity. I also tried to contact them by phone.



To whom it may concern,


My name is Ted Ramp (President of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.) located in the United States.  There has been some confusion in our organization that I need to clarify personally.  I am the one who authorizes and makes the specific payments and bank transfers to your company for our printing jobs.  


I wired these two transactions from Fifth Third Bank in Fort Wayne, Indiana United States of America. They would probably be processed on your 

calendar dates of Jan. 16 and February 5, 2013.


Jan – 15 – 2013   ************************


Feb – 4 – 2013  *************************


Please send me the invoices of the print runs attached to these to bills that have been paid. 

And send me e-copies of what our outstanding bills for the balance of the current print runs.  

Thank you for your cooperation. 




Ted Ramp

President – HalleluYah Scriptures Inc

Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.

P.O. Box 15685

Fort Wayne, Indiana 46885-5685

United States of America

Phone: **********

Email: halleluyahscripturesproject@halleluyahscripturesproject.com



Dear Ted,


I am Joyce, who is handling with the HS issues in Amity Printing.


Please kindly find the receipts as attached.


I am not sure why your people donot wire the amount according to our inovoce or sometimes without invoices, it made us confused, and we hope we can 

improve it. So I come up with a mothed, please check and confirm it, and both of us will work in this way in the future if you have no question.


Method: When receive sign the contract, I will prepare a pre-payment invoice for you to prepare the 40% payment. Before shipping, I will give you a balance 

payment invoice. As our payment iterm is 40% paid in advance, and the balance will be paid before dispatch, in case of any delay on the shipping, we will 

arrange you to pay the amount of extra books at next print. 


And hope there is no changing on the shipping address after sending out the bulk.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need my help.

Thanks & best regards,



Nanjing Amity Printing Co., Ltd. 

# 99, Mozhou Zhonglu, Dongshanqiao, Jiangning, Nanjing, China 211153




Dear Joyce, 


This is Ted Ramp again.  I am having to use my personal email account.  I’m sorry for the confusion.  Those who are seeking to keep the rest of the organization from correcting these problems have removed my email address.  


I’m seeking to reconcile the financial records with what we owe you and what we have on record.  Please send the contracts of print runs that you have on file to this email address.  This is necessary to find out why you have not received what our records show was sent and why some have not complied with your invoicing methods.  I have the receipts of what was wired from our banks and they do not match what was wired by the receipts you sent me.  I’m seeking to find out why.  


Please send me the information I requested concerning these contracts and any outstanding bills that we owe you.  At this point I am asking that you deal directly with me over these issues until they are resolved.  


Also I need to know what bank transfer information on the wires from Jan. 16th  and Feb. 5. The information I need is what bank does your transfer say the money was sent by.  This is a critical issue. 


Thank you for your cooperation. 




Ted Ramp  

President – Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. 

P.O. Box 15685

Fort Wayne, IN  46885-5685

Email: tdramp@gmail.com



From: Ted Ramp

To: joyce

Sent: 2013-03-14 05:03

Subject: Transfer information


Dear Joyce,


This is an urgent request.  I believe I have found the problem with why you have not been receiving the correct payments.  However, to prove this I must have the bank transfer information from what bank you have received your payments.  If you do not have the ability to give that information to me please give me a contact person that I can email or call to get this straightened out.  This is a legal matter for us at Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.  If you have been contacted by anyone else that is associated with Halleluyah Scriptures they do not speak for us at Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.  Which is located in the United Sates.  I am personally responsible for the funds that have been donated and sent to you at Amity in the last three months.  I need to make sure that we are responsibly getting you paid and that there are no improprieties as the information I have recently been given suggests. 


I was notified that the wire I sent to you in Jan. was short by $200 although my transfer and the original receipt that you sent me say otherwise.  Also the wire that I sent in Feb. has been indicated to me that it was not correct. And it does not match the original receipt you just sent me.   In order to reconcile these things I need to see what invoices and products have been ordered by Halleluyah Scriptures and what their original bill was as well as any payments we sent.  If I need to talk to your accounting department that is fine.  Please assist me in this by forwarding my emails to them.  I realize we are about 12hrs. apart on the dateline but I need to reconcile these things quickly. 


Thank you. 




Ted Ramp  

President – Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. 

P.O. Box 15685

Fort Wayne, IN  46885-5685

Phone: **********

Email: tdramp@gmail.com


On Mar 13, 2013 9:28 PM, “joyce” wrote:

Dear Ted,


I am not sure if I can send you tha bank transfer information, as Shalom told us she is the only one who I should contact. I totally confused.

I want to solve this problem as soon as possible, but I must keep my promise. So could you ask Shalom to let me know I can send you the inforamtion.


Please let me know if you have any question.

Thanks & best regards,



From: ted ramp


Sent: 2013-03-19 02:20

Subject: Re: Transfer information


Joyce, I just got your email today.  It went into my spam folder.  I am sorry I didn’t get back to you until now. 

This is a very serious matter. We are doing an internal investigation of all expenses and income.  I am the legal registrant of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.  In Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA. You can look that up on line.  My legal name is Theodore Ramp (I go by Ted).  My wife Robin is also on the official documents and so is Alan Horvath.  Shalom is not on the paperwork.  I personally sent the last two bank transfers to Amity.  What I have discovered is your receipts do not match what I have wired.  But I never received the paperwork or receipts from Amity.  They always came through Shalom.  Shalom no longer has any legal say in Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. 

I know this is confusing.  I am sorry.  You can call me if you would like and I can give you more detail. 1-**********.  If you prefer I can have a lawyer contact Amity if you could give me a direct number to talk to you or someone who can answer my questions.

Thank you for your help.  I respectfully request that you do not share this information with Shalom.  She cannot be trusted by our organization.


Ted Ramp

Prov. 3:5,6


From:                  ************************

Subject: Re: Re: Transfer information

Date: March 19, 2013 10:11:54 PM EDT

To:                      tdramp <tdramp@gmail.com>

Cc:                      *******amityprinting.com>

Reply-To:         *****amityprinting.com>


Dear Ted,


Thanks for your email.


First, because there are transfer fee of every amount, so the amount on the recepit is a little different from the exact amount you wired.


Second, if Shalom no longer has any say in HS, who will take over her job? As we have another title is under production, which will be shipping out at next month.


We should make it clear and then start any new titles.


Thanks & best regards,




How Orders Were Processed


The process of how we shipped orders was very simple.  All orders went through Debra, no exceptions.  She forbid anyone to act without her giving consent to any copy going out.  All orders that came in through the website only went to Debra.  She is the only one who saw them.  She then would decide who would receive a copy or an order.  Put it on a label sheet and email it to a postal agent at least 30 orders at a time.  I received the Paypal information and would know who donated but would not always know the orders until they came in the form of the label sheets.  Sometimes there were notes on the Paypal account that I saw.  Also when we received an order by mail we had to send those orders to Debra who would then put them on a label sheet or not sometimes.  Many times the label sheet orders were not complete addresses, nor accurate addresses and we would have to figure them out through Google.  Many times Debra changed the orders and added to them.  We don’t know why, she just told us to change them.  When the shipment came in November and the postal agent resigned, Debra refused to say anything on the website or tell anyone why the shipments were delayed.  We had to go get the stock in Georgia relocating it to Fort Wayne, Indiana.  But the shipments had stopped in mid December, 2012.  We started shipping things out on Jan. 2, 2013. 


The following two emails follow a request I had made verbally in a Skype conversation with Debra concerning an older woman who wrote to us.  I had received a letter from a woman who said she was on Social Security and could not afford a copy of the HS but would really like to have one.  I mentioned the handwriting definitely showed signs of age and possibly arthritis.  And I thought we should send a copy.  Here is Debra’s response and read it very carefully (emphasis mine).  My  response follows it.


From:   Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Subject:            Re: paying printers

Date:     February 10, 2013 4:46:33 PM EST

To:       Ted Ramp <tdramp@gmail.com>


We get a lot on SSI a lot and when you check them out you would cry as they just got a new this or a new that.. I will write you a note later when I get time on some struggles and I pray you see it.


did she have a phone number? we just made a rule on the whole thing to stop a lot of things happening and sometimes that rule may knock one person but save 100 others.. what you read is not always what the story is.. I deal with it all the time..


If you do not believe me then when we talk next lets cover it.. I weep over the lies and cheating and I will not bow to it.. we have a system in place that can track 99% of people and their lives and if you saw what we saw or the missions team you would weep.


We have so many countries we have not covered yet and a lot of the stock is ear marked for that, it just take a lot of time. ******* is into a good shipping company now that we are in their system so lets pray it goes well.


Everything is prayed and fasted about and we have a system in place that helps us in our prayers..





On Sun, Feb 10, 2013, at 01:30 PM, Ted Ramp wrote:.   


Yes, the verse you sent sticks very well in my head.  That was specifically why I asked about the old lady on Social Security and sent you what she wrote.  Her handwriting wasn’t very good.  I thought because of the plea would could send the one HS to her. Let me know if you change your mind on that one. I understand the normal process and will abide b

Prov. 3:5,6

After this exchange I brought it up one more time and Debra said to write the older lady and tell her to go to a neighbor’s or the library and go to the website to order a copy.


So the truth behind the orders is that no one ever really knew who all ordered things through the website.  But it was a regular process sometimes multiple donations were refunded each day because Debra chose to do so.  I’m assuming that those requests or orders were never passed along.  We also received orders back saying “they did not order this” and “I didn’t want this”.  We have not received explanations for these.  If Debra did not feel someone should be sent a copy it didn’t happen.  That is the long and short of it.  If you debated or took issue over that you were very harshly chastised.  The personal treatment by Debra via phone and emails will not be discussed in this document.


Private Distributors for Vain Traditions


In the below email speaking of prisoners who request other materials than just the Halleluyah Scriptures, it was suggested that they might get a book called Vain Traditions.  (Emphasis mine and I put an asterisk through the name mentioned from V.T. because there is no contact information nor do we know who that person is)  There is no author or information on the V.T. to communicate with those who put the book together.



Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2013 7:52 PM

Subject: Re: prison ministry


Good idea to send them separately with a time delay, great idea.. you would have to put a note in (***** from VT said it is fine) thank you for your ….. here is your book.. something like that as you are the distruators(sic) in a private way ( meaing we cannot let anyone know we are doing this) but the prisoners do need them. ***** said that it is fine to put the note in and sign off on it.


So yes all those that want extra material send that as it is filled with Scripture which they need and not rott form Rood and white etc which they will end up with if we do not get a VT to them.


We have around 350 of VT money ( people send it by mistake) so ****** said use it for half the Philippines box that we are sending as we are using half for HS and then the rest for shipping and bubble bags..



For the record we did not send any Vain Traditions to prisoners.  However six cases were sent to us and they were then sent to the Philippines.  We have read Vain Traditions and do not agree with the contents of the book.  One main issue is that it states that Yahushua/The Word was not, in “their words”, “co-eternal” with the Father.  And that VT also states that Yahushua/The Word was the first creation.  There are other issues.  You can be the judge about that if you read the book Vain Traditions.  The document you are reading is not intended to cover doctrinal issues.  However, we have sought forgiveness for sending out these books from the Father and those who are receiving them in the Philippines.  Here are a couple of quotes to show the book’s contents.  And by the way the contents are the same teachings that are posted and promoted on the 2besaved.com site.


Quotes from Vain Traditions:

“If Yahushua was created by His Father, how then can the Son and Father be co-eternal? Knowing that one existed prior to the other, reason alone would conclude that a co-eternal relationship between the Son and Father is illogical.”  pg 85


“Scripture clearly states that only Yahweh, the Heavenly Father, has immortality and is the only one who ever possessed immortality within Himself:  ‘…who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or is able to see, to whom be respect and everlasting might. Amen.’ I Tim. 6:16 This statement can only apply to Yahweh, the Father. This is further proof that a coeternal relationship between the Son and Father is unfounded in the Word.” pg. 87

Continued Abuse and Using people –
while hiding themselves


If you look up the registered domain names for HalleluyahScripturesProject.com which was registered in Dec. of 2012.  It was registered under the name of a former postal agent without her knowledge or consent after she was no longer working with H.S.. The physical address of a different postal agent/accountant who had already told H.S. that he was no longer going to work with H.S., with an unrelated email address of the web-designer and we don’t know if he is still helping out or not.  Why can’t they just be transparent?  What is really going on?


Final Statement


Debra has insisted that there are many team members and that she only does her job.  However, it is clear that either those behind her or Ken and Debra themselves who have these issues which have been confronted have not repented. 


Even if there are hidden caches of  H.S. stock around the world and many different postal agents sending thousands of bibles out, there has been only one Pay Pal account at a time that funneled all the money as well as the mailing address on the website.  It has all come through us in Fort Wayne over the last few months that we served.  We also have had all mail forwarded that came from the previous two postal addresses.  After reconciling these things with the other accountant and postal agents we cannot verify any other mass distribution or gathering of funds NOR physical STOCK of the bibles themselves.  We have been the primary agents.  And we are in agreement that these things should be told to the body of Messiah. 

Here is the final two letters sent to Debra and Ken.


The following letter was sent April 1, 2013.


March 29, 2013


Debra and Ken Allen,


As witnesses before Yahweh we come to you one last time calling you to repent of your sin and confess seeking forgiveness.


You have been confronted individually by letter/email by many and have not shown any signs of repentance.  Now as the former accountants and postal agents of Halleluyah Scriptures and witnesses we stand before you.


We come together now to confront you over these things. Debra and Ken, how is it that Satan has filled your heart that you have

Lied about your identity and your location  – Shem. 20:16

Lied about costs and expenses of Halleluyah Scriptures – Shem. 20:16

Lied about and slandered individuals who served with Halleluyah Scriptures  – Shem. 20:16, Way. 19:16

Maliciously spread rumors about individuals who served with Halleluyah Scriptures – Shem. 20:16

Took money assigned to postal agents and used it for personal use – Shem. 20:15

Refused to disclose business information thus hiding what was being done with funds – Way. 19:13

Practiced partiality by favoring the rich and wealthy over the poor or destitute – Way. 19:15, Yaq. 2:9

Misappropriated funds and the stated purposes of Halleluyah Scriptures and supported other ministries by using funds sent to Halleluyah Scriptures and Halleluyah Scriptures postal agents to send other materials. Way. 19:12, Shem. 20:16

Lied concerning work/ministry done for Halleluyah Scriptures. Way. 19:11


Concerning your arrogance, pride and your false humility: Debra, you specifically have conducted yourself as lording over people.  You have not listened but just over-powered individuals by voice or email.  You boast about your many hours of work a day and how little of an income you have and how often you fast.  Humble yourself before the Father.  You do not function with submission out of love for Messiah but continue to try to work around and through everything and everyone including the very laws that govern our countries.  You say that you do all of this for the Father but He say’s “do not bear false witness.”  Yahushua taught us to serve and wash the feet of each other not being like the gentiles who lord it over them.  Mishle 3:34, 8:13, 16:5; Yaq. 4:6; Matt. 23:11-12; Yoh. 13:12-17; Matt. 20:25-28


Debra, you entice people with flattery to get them involved and to commit to helping.  You then increase their work load and over burden them, constantly changing the tasks and responsibilities until they give up or burn out.  Then you say to others “we never let anyone go or tell them to leave, the Father sends them away”  You continually accuse others of losing things (invoices, orders, etc.) or accusing others of not doing “their jobs” taking no responsibility for the mistakes and loses for which you have been responsible.


Ken, you are responsible for Debra as her covering.  By your silence or cooperation you condone what she does according to Torah.  As the spokesperson for Halleluyah Scriptures, Debra has been the mouthpiece for H.S. and so represents the “Team.”  Her conduct is a reflection on all whom she represents. Bem. 30:10-15

Confessing and Repenting

Ken and Debra, you need to acknowledge publicly that you have sinned and confess these things openly and on the front page of Halleluyah Scriptures webpage and seek forgiveness from the Father and from those you have sinned against including the supporters of Halleluyah Scriptures. 


We want to make something very clear: you know these things are true.  As with Hananyah and Sappirah you have now been confronted.  Yahweh is witness.


You have carried this deception too long already.  Respond to this email immediately.  We will wait 48 hours to hear from you.


Sincerely before Yahweh as our witness

Ted Ramp
President of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.
Accounts Brother, Postal Agent and Audio (Fort Wayne, IN)


Robin Ramp
Secretary of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.
Postal Agent, Prisoners Letters, Weekly Prayer Email (Fort Wayne, IN)


Erik Klausner
Accounts Brother and Postal Agent (Placerville, CA)

Marilyn Nave,  Bret Nave
Postal Agents – (Alpharetta, GA)


George Wilson
Prisoners Letters, Audio (Fort Wayne, IN)



(Addendum) Letter sent by Nance Whitaker sent and used by her permission.


From Nance Whitaker – used with her permission.


 “Yes, I wrote every word below, and stand by it fully.  My husband, parents and I all stand together in agreement as to the course that we have taken thus far and trust that Yah will bring it to exposure”


Marilyn, “You did the right thing.  You owe nothing further but to stay in righteousness as Elohim will bring all things which are done in secret and expose them.  I would personally offer no further information at this time unless you are asked.  You have no “blood on your hands” and there is nothing further you can  do unless Ted reaches out to you.  It’s good that you gave him a few things to “watch”  for, such as the shroud of secrecy and invoice costs.  Hopefully this will be a red flag, especially when he is asked to send gift cards or cash to New Zealand.  I am glad that there are two men on board, Alan and Ted, and hope that they will establish accountability with her.  There is no way she will be able to contain her true personality for long, it’s just a short wait now.  We can keep ourselves pure and pray in the meantime, sis.  We both have done what is Biblically right in going directly to her, then the next step is to bring along witnesses, so we wait a bit for Ted and Alan.  

The project seemed to have started as a noble effort in offering the Scriptures for free but has slowly transitioned into merchandising other products for profit such as the new apochryphal books, special sized scriptures and now a carrying case, and she needs to be forthright with the supporters about it.  There is nothing wrong with a ministry designating funds to give a “love offering”  for the faithful services of those who have provided teaching and resources and are in financial need themselves.  Shaul was supported by believers, and we are told not to muzzle an ox while it is in the field.  Just be honest about it to the supporters.  However, if they are on a pension and by law cannot show additional monies coming in, they need to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s like the rest of us.  They are skirting around in secret, all the while self righteously proclaiming that they have no hand in the till but only to replenish as they say, “a sweet, poor, elderly couple” for shipping in………New Zealand?

 As I stated before, the final straw for me was the full page advertisements in the book “Vain Traditions”.  A book written by friends of theirs(I know because she told me in a phone conversation that she was speaking with them on the phone the week it arrived from United Graphics,the same printer that does the  HS New Books, and that “they were ready to scratch one anothers face off” one day in an argument).  That book declares that Yeshua is not Elohim nor co-equal to Elohim,  and the Ruah is not Elohim but merely an “active force” which emanates from The Father.  Sounds just like Jehovah’s Witnesses heretical doctrine.  I informed them that I would no longer have a hand in a project that supports this book as it is blasphemous.  I quoted from Is. 46 & 48, Rev 1 to show what Yeshua said of Himself as a scriptural basis, He is the First and the Last, Beginning and the End, Yahweh’s exact words. I asked her, “what do you, and the HalleluYah Scriptures Team believe, Shalom?”  She refused to answer the question, and I was given the run around with lengthy email informing me that it was merely free advertising(compromising) and that HalleluYah Scriptures supports no other ministry.  Then, I was asked to send 20 copies in a box along with new books to NZ as well as to the Phillipines.  Which really bothered my conscience, may Yah forgive me.   Against my better judgement, I finished up shipping the HS until another agent was found because I love the Father, His Word and His people, and to my knowledge, the translation is good and is yet uncompromised, may that never change.  My concern was that if the belief of the translation team was that of the Vain Traditions, the translation would at some point in time reflect it.  I humbly expressed that to Shalom and she responded in the usual lengthy barrage of self righteous, “shame on you” emails.  Which, served only to confirm that I was on to something.  The fruit was evident.  

That is the account of my part in the HalleluYah Scriptures project and I tell the truth in good conscience before Yah and men.  You are welcome to share that with Ted, Alan or anyone else who would inquire, sis. Cut and paste away.  May righteousness prevail that His Name be honored always.  

Birekoth & Ahava,





Below is the response the group of witnesses received when confronting Debra and Ken.  You will notice there is no response to us concerning any of their wrong doings, lies, and deceptions, only threats and slanderous accusations which have no basis in truth.   



— On Thu, 4/4/13, Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com> wrote:


From: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Subject: Our accountants details and Ted’s response

To: “Erik” <************>

Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 1:57 PM




We have well over  30 emails asking you to send us all the receipts and bank statments and paypal statements. You refused every single time, we have all your replies of refusal. The team is well aware of our dealings with you over 2 years.


This is our CPA accountant ( below) and again we ask you to forward everything you have to him. He will be contacting the IRS for a full investigation on HS accounts and your own personal accounts.



Contact person:   ******** CPA


If you want to do the right thing then forward everything to him. If you have nothing to hide then send him all that we have requested.


All work you have done for HS with bank accounts etc will be obtained by us as it was with Robert. It always seems that wicked people always come together to do more wickedness. This is only the tip of the iceburg here and you have no idea of the rest concerning Robert – check out the web. We have all the documents and paper work of fraud concerning Robert.


We have all the copies of bank accounts that Robert set up and the usage of  HS funds for personal reasons. Another person that came to help for a few weeks only to rob the Father.


We have all our set of accounts and an account of all the personal funds that the main team put into the project before you came along. You have no idea the thousands that the main team put forward in the beginning which was to be used for things in the future not pertaining to printing and shipping and we have every right to do what we want with our personal funds. Just like the hundreds we gave Robert out of our own pockets to help him with a computer, printers, phone and his food bills etc which amounted to hundreds.


You can pass this onto Ted below. But we will not be replying anymore to you or those you are doing wickedness with. We made our peace with you and it seems your last email to us was not truthful. We were prepared to move on Erik but you seem to not want to do that so you have left us no alternative but to proceed with action over the accounts you dealt with for HS as they are in question.


Here is our response to Ted.

Ted and Robin… and George.


We know that YHWH is not in this… Firstly, you initiate a court case of this world based on an assumption…


“Should any of you, holding a matter against another, go to be judged before the unrighteous, and not before the qodeshim?” (Need I write the rest?) 1 Cor 6 1-8.


Secondly, you open your letter with an accusation, then with the questions???


“He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him.” Mish 18:13


You have been in your role for HS for little over 10 weeks in a project that spans 10 years, and there is much you do not know, nor need to know about the toils, MONEY and effort that went into this project… In taking proceedings, you accuse us all (not just myself and my wife) of “lies, deception and misuse of YHWH Word.”


“But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you despise your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Mashiaḥ.” Rom 14:10


Whether you believe it or not, my wife and I and others on this team have forsaken every worldly possession and enjoyment and sit here from dawn till dusk in our little motorhome that YHWH has barakh us with, then arrogant know-it-alls come on the scene and attempt to bring to a halt all the mighty fruits that have been witnessed by thousands all over the world via a ministry that actually does what it says!


You have the gall to accuse those of this ministry of misappropriating money when time and space fails to write of the donations you and your wife cost this ministry through your inept dealings in the role as postal agents because of your pride and refusal to listen to one who has a complete working knowledge of this ministry…


To answer your questions after you have made the accusation would be folly…


“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also become like him.” Mish 26:4



“Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he become wise in his own eyes.” Mish 26:5


1.) This project has always maintained that YHWH receive all esteem and praise and it is of no consequence who we are. We must decrease, while He increases. It’s all about Him! (Ya’aq 3:14-16)


2.) If it was our intention to take a single penny for ourselves from His people, would we have put all trust of finance into the hands of people halfway around the world? We all stand by our oath on the site.


3.) Again answered by the above.Yet again, you have no idea of the private donations or initial input of money specifically given to cover the costs of site management, storage, audio equipment etc. This is entirely separate from the money given by those who simply donate without specifying. Having said this, EVERY cent given is used solely for the HS project and none else. Again, we stand by our oath in the eyes of Yahweh!

“YHWH judges the peoples; Judge me, O YHWH, according to my righteousness, And according to my integrity within me.” Teh 7:8



“Be well-minded with your opponent, promptly, while you are on the way with him, lest your opponent deliver you to the judge, and the judge to the officer, and you be thrown into prison.” Matt 5:25


If you consider your ways, and repent then the favor of the Father will be upon you and your family.


Then a second letter was sent to Erik



From: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 1:13 PM


Erick our lawyer will be in contact with you to request all your receipts and paypal documents for the period of time you looked after the receipts. There is going to be a full audit by the IRS on your accounts for HS and your personal accounts. We have been given the paperwork from IRS for a full investigation against you.


Robert Rickman Smith is in enough trouble as it is and he knows not to involve himself in this situation.


We will not partake in your emails or your gossip. It is in our lawyers hands and there is going to be a lawsuit against the Ramps. We have an official board that is a legal board of Directors who have been with the project a very long time and they are dealing with this situation.


It is not about me but about Him. Please do not contact us again.



As of the writing of this document, I have filed a Complaint for Judicial Dissolution of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. and are no longer in association with Halleluyah Scriptures or Halleluyah Scriptures Project. That means that the assets of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. will be distributed as the by laws and laws of the state of Indiana legally permit.  Since these things have transpired Halleluyahscriptures.com/Halleluyahscripturesproject.com has a new Pay Pal account, new personal bank account and a different mailing address all based in New Jersey, USA.  To my knowledge they are not non-profit nor actually a registered business anywhere in the world.  I’m sure that may change in the not-so-distant future.  They will use someone else unless they repent.  This was written in April 2013.   To be perfectly clear we (Ted and Robin), as of the writing of this document in April of 2013, have had no conversations via phone, email or otherwise with anyone with the Institute of Scripture Research.  We are aware they have been trying to deal directly with those behind H.S. not knowing who they are.  But they have not contacted or corresponded with us at all. The things we testify to and have mentioned here are completely independent to those mentioned in this document.


It shameful that such a good work which could be a blessing to so many has been so vehemently convoluted with lies, deception, pride and selfishness while saying it is done in the name of the Father.  And we are not the only ones who have gone through these things with Debra and Ken.  There are others along the path.


One last thing to point out: it is not the translation of the Halleluyah Scriptures that has been a problem.  It is not that everyone involved or who has helped and served H.S. has been deceptive or manipulative.  There have been continued changes to the H.S. website to make things sound better and better but that does not change the sin that has been behind the scenes. Most that have helped H.S. know nothing of the matters disclosed here.  But the two (or one–Debra) who have run this “ministry” are those who have to be held accountable.


Now that you have read the evidence you have a choice as to how you will respond.  May Yahweh be esteemed and His Word go out and accomplish what He has sent it forth to do.



Sincerely in the Service of Yahweh and His Son Yahushua,


Ted and Robin Ramp      Prov.3:5,6



P.S. I put my email up here and will check it.  I may not respond to all inquiries, because of volume.  However, these things I took the time to research, write and compile are true to the best of my ability as witnessed before our Heavenly Father, Yahweh.  Test and try the spirits.  This document is not malicious it is simply the accounts and facts that we have faced in dealing with these people and the organization of Halleluyah Scriptures/Halleluyahscripturesproject.com. 


Disclosure Documents — 17 Comments

  1. I am writing this in my personal capacity, and not on behalf of any organization, even though I am personally affiliated with Institute for Scripture Research.
    Deb Wessel (also dragging her husband Ken into her evil ways) started her vendetta against me on 18 November 2010.
    Soon after we arrived in New Zealand in 2007, in good faith I shared with her and her husband Ken Wessel my experience and relationship with Br Chris Koster as believers in YHWH, which she later twisted and distorted on their website messianichallofshame.
    She started her slander campaign shortly after I could not provide her a copy of The Scriptures 1993. I only had my own personal copy left, and the personal copy Br Chris Koster left with me, which was not mine to give away, as it belongs to ISR.
    I have asked her several times to stop her slander and spreading of lies about me and ISR, but with no success. I wrote a letter, pleading an oath before YHWH that everything she accuse me of on their hall of shame website are lies. Even that was slandered on their website.
    Everybody that knows me know that I have not received any money from ISR – that I have worked all my life as an engineer, earning every penny I have, by the sweat of my brow. She was not interested in anything I had to say, insisting that she will “expose” me. After writing her several emails, she informed me that she will block my email address, after which I had no further contact with her directly.
    After that I have directed numerous emails to her and her husband Ken; to their alias Bob Field, via their website messianichallofshame – but all in vain.
    I have left it all at that, knowing that YHWH knows the truth and that He will be their Judge.

    I was not at all surprised when your website details were sent to me.

    Over the past number of years a few people contacted me, encouraging me that they have also had very negative encounters with Deb.

    I pray for Ken and Deb Wessel that they will someday come to repentance and ask all the people they have slandered, hurt and damaged for forgiveness.

    Wilhelm Wolfaardt

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  3. Erik is a lawyer? Since when? I used to help Vain Traditions out as a postal agent until some things started bothering me and I was being pushed more and more and made to feel guilty that I could not get orderes out fast enough. I can tell you that I spoke directly with United Graphics and ONLY wired the amount of money that they told me to. Erik was my contact at VT and Shalom introduced me to him but only through email. I asked to contact Erik and was told that he moved around a lot and did not have a phone number. Shalom let it slip that he had skype once and I wanted to contact him via skype but was never given that info. I was only given his email address. If HS is fishy, I would be willing to bet that VT is not far behind. Too bad because I though both ministries were good. I also had a friend who wanted to order Bibles for Uganda and he was told that he did not truly use the correct names for the Father. I know the man personally he DOES believe in the restored name. I sent large donations and if they are embezzling funds, I suggest a class action lawsuit.

    • Just to clarify something, the “Erik” mentioned in this post is NOT Erik Klausner. The Erik in this post is associated with Vain Traditions and is not the same person as the former accountant and postal agent of H.S. from Ted Ramp

  4. NAME = CHARACTER, Personality
    That is the hebrew mindset and meaning of “name”
    As much as I appreciate the information of the original way of writing down the name of our God YHVH I need to abide in LOVE otherwise the most important is left out. So it is not so much about how to pronounce or what letters to use. It is about the character of our God YHVH: Love, Truth, Mercy triumphing over judgement, Compassion, forgiveness, humility, servanthood, priesthood, applying the blood of the lamb …
    And He in us is able –
    There is no other truth but HIM
    There is no other way to the Father

    Let us magnify HIS NAME – meaning HIS CHARACTER, HIS LOVE

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  6. Speaking of “Vain Traditions”, I detected the stench of deceit when someone slipped up and posted on my Pay Pal statement of my 50.00 donation to Vain Traditions when I knew or thought, that it was for H.S. In September of 2012 i received an anonymous donation of the book Vain Traditions and in it was an illustration of the harlot riding on the back of a scarlet colored wild beast, the same exact illustration found in the Watch Towers book “Revelation, it’s Grand Climax”. I know this for a fact because i studied out of this book when i was one of “Jehovah’s Witnesses”; another copyright infringement. So who in the hell can you trust, certainly not man, because “the inclination of man’s heart is evil from his youth up”. Bereshith 8:21. So i wash my hands of this whole mess, this scummy dross of lies,deceit, and backbiting and chalk it up as an experience. I will put my trust in YHWH and not lean upon my own understanding or the direction of blind guides, in all my ways i will take notice of Him, for He will surely make my paths straight. This stumbling block is a lesson and a necessity, but woe to the stumbler. R. Albanese

    • My friend, no one on this website (HS review), that I see anyway, is blindly slandering the HS “team”, nor are they pushing lies or deceit or back-biting. I have never been on the HS team, or affiliated with any of them, but now I am a heavy contributor with them. Why? Because I have a passion for YHWH, His Pure Word, and our precious Messiah. I do not want to slander, backbite or mislead anyone. That is not in my heart to do. What is in my heart is to expose sin, evil and deceit. I hate sin, deceit and evil. And I clearly see it in my own third party eye-witness. I admit, as many others I’m sure will too, that I was pushing down Yah’s Discernment about many “red flags” that came up with Halleluyah Scriptures that I ignored. Putting the “HS team” and project aside, review the HS translation, particularly Zechariah 12:10, and Psalms 107:1,2,41,43, and tell me, is this a “pure” version? Does this Bible portray the thoughts and intents of the original Hebrew text and Scripture? In my findings, it does not. It is merely a “counterfeit” as you mentioned in your comment about their Vain Traditions book. Deb and Ken have copied and changed (with a Bias) The Scriptures from ISR illegally. That is the primary voice and message of this website and these people. They are just testifying their witness of their experiences with Ken and Deb Wessel, the “HS team”. Please do not get discouraged, brother. We are all disheartened, but during these times, we must look to YHWH for answers and support. Shalom and YHWH’s blessings to you.

  7. Many say “you are trying to stop the word from getting out.”
    REALLY?!? Who can STOP YHWH’s WORD from going out?!? Yahushua is THE WORD!
    Now let’s look beyond appearance and make a RIGHTEOUS judgement.
    To OBEY is better than an offering.
    1 Samuel 15:22,23

    If you steal from your Brother and say, about what you stole, “it is an offering to YHWH, the work of the Father” would your offering be accepted?

    Why are the commands of YHWH forsaken in order to bring an offering to Him?
    Why are the commands of YHWH forsaken and then that work called “the work of the Father”?

    Does the importance of the offering or that which is called “the work of the Father” void YHWH’s commands?

    Is giving out scripture more important than being obedient?

    HE has said “do not bear false witness” – that would be lying, and HE HATES it- Prov. 6:16,17! HE also says “do not steal”. HE says, “do not go slandering among your people” Lev. 19:16. How about Leviticus 19:11 “Do not steal, do not lie, do not deceive one another.”

    Will YHWH accept a sacrifice or an offering that has been riddled with theft, lies, slander, deception, and cruelty from it’s inception and claimed to be “the Father’s work”?

    Stop judging by mere appearance and make a RIGHTEOUS judgement!
    Yochanan 7:24

  8. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I have no other comment than to call everyone to their personal relationship with the Father, through Messiah Y’shua, through the power and presence of Holy Spirit, for guidance in truth and action. However, my experience in ministry is that transparency is a must if what we are sharing is to be heard as truth. I laud Ted and Robin for calling for this transparency. If the ministry of Halleluyah Scriptures desires to honour the Holy One all must not only be done correctly but be seen to be done correctly. My prayers go up for all involved that the ministry may be put on a transparent footing and the ministry will then bring honour and glory to our Holy One and His Mashiach.

    Shalom Aleichem,

    Rick Shore

  9. Hi my name is Mary and I live in North Carolina I heard about the Halleluyah Scriptures for the first time a few weeks ago while watching some people that I have alot of confidence in on U-tube. these people were saying that these scriptures have the pure words of our Father and so I wanted a copy with all my heart.because I love the Father so much and I would treasure his pure words more than anything in the world I dont have alot of income so I asked for a free copy but never recieved it so I aquired an extra job for a few weeks hoping to make enough momey to send for a large print copy of the scriptures for myself and to hopefully send enough so that after HS produced my large print edition that there would be enough left over to help some other people who like myself really couldnt afford a copy. I was able to save up $75.00 which I mailed out to Halleluyah Scriptures this morning in the form of a personal check I sent a letter along with my donation saying that I wanted a copy of the large print false purple leather edition that they are giving for a donation of the cost or greater according to their web site I believe the cost of the large print plus shipping is a little less than fifty dollars so I thought there would be about twenty five dollars over that would maybe supply two other people with the pure word of the Father. now I discover all this and my heart is shattered! now I dont know if I will even get a copy of my fathers pure word or not I have already sent the money to them so all I can do is pray that the Father will use my donation to give someone a copy of His word that would cherish it as I would if I had a copy of my own to cherish. anyway my heart is so broken . May the Father bless everyone who walks in truth and may he put faithful servents over his word. thank you all sincerely Mary

  10. I recently donated 80.00 to HS. 50 toward a large print edition. After reading the information on this web site I decided to ask for a refund. Obviously, this did not happen. Instead, I was sent emails full of guilt tactics, inconsistencies, and bad grammar. I was told a large print would ship out by a certain date. It didn’t happen. Then they tried to appease me by purchasing shipping, but after 10 days, and it still had not entered the shipping process, I contacted PayPal. That finally accomplished something. I was refunded my money, but only the 50.00. I ordered an ISR Scriptures instead. They are a disgrace.

  11. Hello Mary, I am curious if you ever received your copy of the Large Print HalleluYah Scriptures? I did receive mine after filing a formal complaint with PayPal. However, H.S. continued to email me with shame tactics and demanding more money. I eventually blocked them from my email address. Disgusting. They got 80.00 from me, and, even though they said 50.00 would cover the cost for publishing and shipping, I had to fight for my copy. I don’t even want it now because I am so sickened by them. I feel so bad for you and others like you who were misled and cheated out of their hard earned money. If you still want a copy and didn’t receive one I would be willing to give you my large print copy at NO COST! I will even pay to ship it to you. I give this website permission to provide you with my email address so I can communicate with you. Unlike H.S. THIS is not a scam. I pray I can help you…

  12. Hi, i was thinking to buy this Bible, and then i found your website, can i still buy this Bible? and what website i can order? i dont want my money go to Debra & Ken…

  13. Halleluyah Scriptures is a scam. It’s been 2 yrs since I put in for an order and I still haven’t got it. I personally would love to see the next edition of the ISR Scriptures have all of the tribes, countries and names transliterated into Hebrew and proper Greek as the 2009 version has some untranslated: Philistia, Persians, Medes, Corinth, Justus, Ceasar, Philippi, Thessalonica, Pontius pilate. I think these should be in proper greek. The term Greek should be Yawan. The term Hebrew should be Ibri. I believe that stake should say timber to agree with the Torah punishment of being hung on a tree. Impale/Impaled should say put to death on the timber. Impale him in Esther should say suspend him. New Heavens and New Earth in Isiah should say Renewed to agree with the NT. Renewed Yerushalam and Renewed name and renewed tongues and Renewed piece should just say new of fresh new because renewed doesn’t make any sense there to me. It would also be nice if Elyon, Mashiach, Ruach (for Father’s Spirit), Illaya, Adon, and Tsebaoth (for YHWH of Hosts) were added to the text. The Hebrew and Greek weights and measures should also be added to the text. I also think Kehunnah and Kohen should go in. This is not much. I hope someone can inform the ISR about this. I am having no luck. The Hebrew translation are what I long to see. Also in Revelation 21:17 Forearm is mispelled as Foream. I don’t know why they couldn’t have just used Cubit. Will somebody PLEASE inform them of these ideas. There is NO doctrine here.

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