Dr. Chris Koster

I am writing this in my personal capacity, and not on behalf of any organization, even though I am personally affiliated with Institute for Scripture Research.
Deb Wessel (also dragging her husband Ken into her evil ways) started her vendetta against me on 18 November 2010.

Soon after we arrived in New Zealand in 2007, in good faith I shared with her and her husband Ken Wessel my experience and relationship with Dr. Chris Koster as believers in YHWH, which she later twisted and distorted on their website messianichallofshame.

She started her slander campaign shortly after I could not provide her a copy of The Scriptures 1993. I only had my own personal copy left, and the personal copy Dr. Chris Koster left with me, which was not mine to give away, as it belongs to ISR.

I have asked her several times to stop her slander and spreading of lies about me and ISR, but with no success. I wrote a letter, pleading an oath before YHWH that everything she accuse me of on their hall of shame website are lies. Even that was slandered on their website.

Everybody that knows me know that I have not received any money from ISR – that I have worked all my life as an engineer, earning every penny I have, by the sweat of my brow. She was not interested in anything I had to say, insisting that she will “expose” me. After writing her several emails, she informed me that she will block my email address, after which I had no further contact with her directly.
After that I have directed numerous emails to her and her husband Ken; to their alias Bob Field, via their website messianichallofshame – but all in vain.
I have left it all at that, knowing that YHWH knows the truth and that He will be their Judge.

I was not at all surprised when your website details were sent to me.

Over the past number of years a few people contacted me, encouraging me that they have also had very negative encounters with Deb.

I pray for Ken and Deb Wessel that they will someday come to repentance and ask all the people they have slandered, hurt and damaged for forgiveness.

Wilhelm Wolfaardt


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  1. Mr Wolfaardt,
    I’m so sorry about everything done to you by Ken and Deb. I’m sorry I paid no attention to the truth of this situation when I got involved with HS. In a way, I guess we’ve all been complicit in their actions. Please forgive us. We did not investigate thoroughly enough. I pray you are refined and purified and made into His glorious image for the persecution you have suffered. May the slander come to an end!

    • Thank you for your apologies and I do not hold anything against you. If there is anything to be forgiven, I forgive you and trust in YHWH that He will work in the hearts of those who have not yet seen the evil done by these people.
      Since I have lodged my statement on this website I have received further threats from Deb & Ken Wessel. As usual they do not sign their names to any email addresses. In their last email they confessed that they work very closely with messianichallofshame and Bob Field. Who knows, they are probably one and the same.
      What was interesting is that they wrote to me in the first person and referred to Bob Field in the third person, but the email came from Bob Field’s email address, info@messianichallofshame.com.
      Shalom to you

      • Why not post their email? All things exposed to the light…… It will further substantiate the spirit operating within them. Things are getting ready to change drastically for them, I’m afraid.

  2. I humbly and kindly inquire of Mr. Wilhelm Wolfaadrt to explain his and ISR’s relationship with Lew White and Torah Zone. I’ve known about Lew since 2001, and his book fossilized customs. Even though Wiess Max Ken Deb Allen Wessel, whatever their names are, have committed gross crimes punishable under the law, such as money laundering and embezzlement, and their testimony may be flawed, their description and allegations of Mr. Lew White are very very accurate. I have personally witnessed Lew’s book causing much harm to individuals and his hypocrisy and double-minded lifestyle corrupt and tarnish those who affiliate with him. Its like that Satanist Anton having and holding a Bible-based Last Supper. If you are Yahweh’s, then stand for Him; if you’re Lucifer’s, then go over to his side; but don’t straddle the fence. Why does Lew White publicly own, operate and support a profane (to say the least) retail outlet and is so heavily involved with the things of YHWH? Such as being a heavy contributor to ISR? am not expecting you to answer all of this, Mr. Wolfaadrt, but I do want you to know that this is one Big reason, for me at least, why I chose HalleluYah Scriptures over The Scriptures. This is not to defame you, but the phrase “guilty by association” applies here. Maybe you can shed some much desired light on this issue?

  3. @Michael James
    There is no relationship between Lew White and ISR.
    In the beginning The Scriptures was printed in South Africa and orders was fulfilled from South Africa.

    Later printing was done in the USA because most orders came from the USA. Dan Chaput handled distribution in the USA at that point. It was brought to our attention that Dan Chaput was sending anti-Semitic literature with orders, and we decided to sever ties with him. We are still thankful for the work he has done during that time.

    Lew White offered to handle distribution of The Scriptures after that. An entity was setup to handle the distribution. Later we decided that fulfillment directly from the printers was the best way to go forward, and the entity created that Lew administered was de-registered. We remain thankful to Lew for the work he did during the time that he handled distribution of The Scriptures.

    At no point did Lew White serve on the Board of Directors of the ISR. The ISR is a South African based non-profit organization. Neither myself, Wilhelm or the other Directors receive a salary or “profit” from the publications of the ISR.

    When you look at the facts you will find that Deb and Ken made up a whole story which they are still telling.

    For example – there was no “large sum of money” that Chris left to a “trusted friend”. The ISR was registered – with Chris, Wilhelm, myself and a number of other founding members before the first edition was made available. I still have the printer that we printed the first proofs on. I still have some of the first proof prints before we went to print with me. Ken and Deb just made up a whole bunch of lies on their videos.

    Bill Meyer

    • I want to add something so everyone reading this will understand. Those of us who have put this site together are interested in sharing the truth. There have been countless deceptions that Debra and Ken have fostered. And the premise of the H.S. and it’s “vision” is still riddled with deception. The truth will be known and whether or not we like it it is truth. Unfortunately their deceptions have harmed and continue to mislead many. May the will of YHWH be done on earth as it is in the heavens. ~~Ted Ramp

  4. Thank you Mr. Meyer for your input. Please understand that, in writing, sometimes emotion is not clearly conveyed. I was not meaning to sound derogatory and harsh, as it could have been taken. I do see that you have dissolved the USA company with Mr. Lew White. I do understand that being in South Africa, sometimes it is difficult to research and discern a matter. I did purchase a copy of The Scriptures from a re-seller in the USA and am becoming accustomed to it. Perhaps I will be buying more in the future and promoting them, like I was other ones. This is whole matter of the HalleluYah scriptures is a very confusing, disturbing, disgusting matter, to say the least, and I pray that truth will prevail and continue to be shone forth. YHWH bless you and Mr. Wilhelm and ISR and I pray that the Father’s will will be done.


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