Halleluyah Scriptures Final Letters

DISCLAIMER – Many confrontations have been made, many corrections, many requests to Debra/Shalom and the “team” for repentance, by many people (other than this group), these are the final two attempts from us.


Here is the final two letters sent to Debra and Ken.



The following letter was sent April 1, 2013.


March 29, 2013

Debra and Ken Allen,

As witnesses before Yahweh we come to you one last time calling you to repent of your sin and confess seeking forgiveness.

You have been confronted individually by letter/email by many and have not shown any signs of repentance.  Now as the former accountants and postal agents of Halleluyah Scriptures and witnesses we stand before you.

We come together now to confront you over these things. Debra and Ken, how is it that Satan has filled your heart that you have

Lied about your identity and your location  – Shem. 20:16

Lied about costs and expenses of Halleluyah Scriptures – Shem. 20:16

Lied about and slandered individuals who served with Halleluyah Scriptures  – Shem. 20:16, Way. 19:16

Maliciously spread rumors about individuals who served with Halleluyah Scriptures – Shem. 20:16

Took money assigned to postal agents and used it for personal use – Shem. 20:15

Refused to disclose business information thus hiding what was being done with funds – Way. 19:13

Practiced partiality by favoring the rich and wealthy over the poor or destitute – Way. 19:15, Yaq. 2:9

Misappropriated funds and the stated purposes of Halleluyah Scriptures and supported other ministries by using funds sent to Halleluyah Scriptures and Halleluyah Scriptures postal agents to send other materials. Way. 19:12, Shem. 20:16

Lied concerning work/ministry done for Halleluyah Scriptures. Way. 19:11

Concerning your arrogance, pride and your false humility: Debra, you specifically have conducted yourself as lording over people.  You have not listened but just over-powered individuals by voice or email.  You boast about your many hours of work a day and how little of an income you have and how often you fast.  Humble yourself before the Father.  You do not function with submission out of love for Messiah but continue to try to work around and through everything and everyone including the very laws that govern our countries.  You say that you do all of this for the Father but He say’s “do not bear false witness.”  Yahushua taught us to serve and wash the feet of each other not being like the gentiles who lord it over them.  Mishle 3:34, 8:13, 16:5; Yaq. 4:6; Matt. 23:11-12; Yoh. 13:12-17; Matt. 20:25-28 

Debra, you entice people with flattery to get them involved and to commit to helping.  You then increase their work load and over burden them, constantly changing the tasks and responsibilities until they give up or burn out.  Then you say to others “we never let anyone go or tell them to leave, the Father sends them away”  You continually accuse others of losing things (invoices, orders, etc.) or accusing others of not doing “their jobs” taking no responsibility for the mistakes and loses for which you have been responsible. 

Ken, you are responsible for Debra as her covering.  By your silence or cooperation you condone what she does according to Torah.  As the spokesperson for Halleluyah Scriptures, Debra has been the mouthpiece for H.S. and so represents the “Team.”  Her conduct is a reflection on all whom she represents. Bem. 30:10-15 

Confessing and Repenting

Ken and Debra, you need to acknowledge publicly that you have sinned and confess these things openly and on the front page of Halleluyah Scriptures webpage and seek forgiveness from the Father and from those you have sinned against including the supporters of Halleluyah Scriptures. 

We want to make something very clear: you know these things are true.  As with Hananyah and Sappirah you have now been confronted.  Yahweh is witness. 

You have carried this deception too long already.  Respond to this email immediately.  We will wait 48 hours to hear from you. 

Sincerely before Yahweh as our witness

Ted Ramp
President of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.
Accounts Brother, Postal Agent and Audio (Fort Wayne, IN)

Robin Ramp
Secretary of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.
Postal Agent, Prisoners Letters, Weekly Prayer Email (Fort Wayne, IN)

Erik Klausner
Accounts Brother and Postal Agent (Placerville, CA)

Marilyn Nave,  Bret Nave
Postal Agents – (Alpharetta, GA)

George Wilson
Prisoners Letters, Audio (Fort Wayne, IN)


(Addendum) Letter sent by Nance Whitaker sent and used by her permission.

From Nance Whitaker – used with her permission.

“Yes, I wrote every word below, and stand by it fully.  My husband, parents and I all stand together in agreement as to the course that we have taken thus far and trust that Yah will bring it to exposure”

Marilyn, “You did the right thing.  You owe nothing further but to stay in righteousness as Elohim will bring all things which are done in secret and expose them.  I would personally offer no further information at this time unless you are asked.  You have no “blood on your hands” and there is nothing further you can do unless Ted reaches out to you.  It’s good that you gave him a few things to “watch”  for, such as the shroud of secrecy and invoice costs.  Hopefully this will be a red flag, especially when he is asked to send gift cards or cash to New Zealand.  I am glad that there are two men on board, Alan and Ted, and hope that they will establish accountability with her.  There is no way she will be able to contain her true personality for long, it’s just a short wait now.  We can keep ourselves pure and pray in the meantime, sis.  We both have done what is Bionically right in going directly to her, then the next step is to bring along witnesses, so we wait a bit for Ted and Alan.

The project seemed to have started as a noble effort in offering the Scriptures for free but has slowly transitioned into merchandising other products for profit such as the new apochryphal books, special sized scriptures and now a carrying case, and she needs to be forthright with the supporters about it.  There is nothing wrong with a ministry designating funds to give a “love offering”  for the faithful services of those who have provided teaching and resources and are in financial need themselves.  Shaul was supported by believers, and we are told not to muzzle an ox while it is in the field.  Just be honest about it to the supporters.  However, if they are on a pension and by law cannot show additional monies coming in, they need to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s like the rest of us.  They are skirting around in secret, all the while self righteously proclaiming that they have no hand in the till but only to replenish as they say, “a sweet, poor, elderly couple” for shipping in………New Zealand?

As I stated before, the final straw for me was the full page advertisements in the book “Vain Traditions”.  A book written by friends of theirs(I know because she told me in a phone conversation that she was speaking with them on the phone the week it arrived from United Graphics,the same printer that does the  HS New Books, and that “they were ready to scratch one anothers face off” one day in an argument).  That book declares that Yeshua is not Elohim nor co-equal to Elohim,  and the Ruah is not Elohim but merely an “active force” which emanates from The Father.  Sounds just like Jehovah’s Witnesses heretical doctrine.  I informed them that I would no longer have a hand in a project that supports this book as it is blasphemous.  I quoted from Is. 46 & 48, Rev 1 to show what Yeshua said of Himself as a scriptural basis, He is the First and the Last, Beginning and the End, Yahweh’s exact words. I asked her, “what do you, and the HalleluYah Scriptures Team believe, Shalom?”  She refused to answer the question, and I was given the run around with lengthy email informing me that it was merely free advertising(compromising) and that HalleluYah Scriptures supports no other ministry.  Then, I was asked to send 20 copies in a box along with new books to NZ as well as to the Phillipines.  Which really bothered my conscience, may Yah forgive me.   Against my better judgement, I finished up shipping the HS until another agent was found because I love the Father, His Word and His people, and to my knowledge, the translation is good and is yet uncompromised, may that never change.  My concern was that if the belief of the translation team was that of the Vain Traditions, the translation would at some point in time reflect it.  I humbly expressed that to Shalom and she responded in the usual lengthy barrage of self righteous, “shame on you” emails.  Which, served only to confirm that I was on to something.  The fruit was evident.

That is the account of my part in the HalleluYah Scriptures project and I tell the truth in good conscience before Yah and men.  You are welcome to share that with Ted, Alan or anyone else who would inquire, sis. Cut and paste away.  May righteousness prevail that His Name be honored always.

Birekoth & Ahava,



Below is the response the group of witnesses received when confronting Debra and Ken.  You will notice there is no response to us concerning any of their wrong doings, lies, and deceptions, only threats and slanderous accusations which have no basis in truth.


— On Thu, 4/4/13, Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com> wrote:

From: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Subject: Our accountants details and Ted’s response

To: “Erik” <************>

Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 1:57 PM


We have well over  30 emails asking you to send us all the receipts and bank statments and paypal statements. You refused every single time, we have all your replies of refusal. The team is well aware of our dealings with you over 2 years.

This is our CPA accountant ( below) and again we ask you to forward everything you have to him. He will be contacting the IRS for a full investigation on HS accounts and your own personal accounts.



Contact person:   ******** CPA

If you want to do the right thing then forward everything to him. If you have nothing to hide then send him all that we have requested.

All work you have done for HS with bank accounts etc will be obtained by us as it was with Robert. It always seems that wicked people always come together to do more wickedness. This is only the tip of the iceburg here and you have no idea of the rest concerning Robert – check out the web. We have all the documents and paper work of fraud concerning Robert.

We have all the copies of bank accounts that Robert set up and the usage of  HS funds for personal reasons. Another person that came to help for a few weeks only to rob the Father.

We have all our set of accounts and an account of all the personal funds that the main team put into the project before you came along. You have no idea the thousands that the main team put forward in the beginning which was to be used for things in the future not pertaining to printing and shipping and we have every right to do what we want with our personal funds. Just like the hundreds we gave Robert out of our own pockets to help him with a computer, printers, phone and his food bills etc which amounted to hundreds.

You can pass this onto Ted below. But we will not be replying anymore to you or those you are doing wickedness with. We made our peace with you and it seems your last email to us was not truthful. We were prepared to move on Erik but you seem to not want to do that so you have left us no alternative but to proceed with action over the accounts you dealt with for HS as they are in question.


Here is our response to Ted.

Ted and Robin… and George.

We know that YHWH is not in this… Firstly, you initiate a court case of this world based on an assumption…

“Should any of you, holding a matter against another, go to be judged before the unrighteous, and not before the qodeshim?” (Need I write the rest?) 1 Cor 6 1-8.

Secondly, you open your letter with an accusation, then with the questions???

“He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is folly and shame to him.” Mish 18:13

You have been in your role for HS for little over 10 weeks in a project that spans 10 years, and there is much you do not know, nor need to know about the toils, MONEY and effort that went into this project… In taking proceedings, you accuse us all (not just myself and my wife) of “lies, deception and misuse of YHWH Word.”

“But why do you judge your brother? Or why do you despise your brother? For we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Mashiaḥ.” Rom 14:10

Whether you believe it or not, my wife and I and others on this team have forsaken every worldly possession and enjoyment and sit here from dawn till dusk in our little motorhome that YHWH has barakh us with, then arrogant know-it-alls come on the scene and attempt to bring to a halt all the mighty fruits that have been witnessed by thousands all over the world via a ministry that actually does what it says!

You have the gall to accuse those of this ministry of misappropriating money when time and space fails to write of the donations you and your wife cost this ministry through your inept dealings in the role as postal agents because of your pride and refusal to listen to one who has a complete working knowledge of this ministry…

To answer your questions after you have made the accusation would be folly…

“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, Lest you also become like him.” Mish 26:4


“Answer a fool according to his folly, Lest he become wise in his own eyes.” Mish 26:5

1.) This project has always maintained that YHWH receive all esteem and praise and it is of no consequence who we are. We must decrease, while He increases. It’s all about Him! (Ya’aq 3:14-16)

2.) If it was our intention to take a single penny for ourselves from His people, would we have put all trust of finance into the hands of people halfway around the world? We all stand by our oath on the site.

3.) Again answered by the above.Yet again, you have no idea of the private donations or initial input of money specifically given to cover the costs of site management, storage, audio equipment etc. This is entirely separate from the money given by those who simply donate without specifying. Having said this, EVERY cent given is used solely for the HS project and none else. Again, we stand by our oath in the eyes of Yahweh!

“YHWH judges the peoples; Judge me, O YHWH, according to my righteousness, And according to my integrity within me.” Teh 7:8 

“Be well-minded with your opponent, promptly, while you are on the way with him, lest your opponent deliver you to the judge, and the judge to the officer, and you be thrown into prison.” Matt 5:25

If you consider your ways, and repent then the favor of the Father will be upon you and your family.


Then a second letter was sent to Erik 

From: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com>

Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013, 1:13 PM

Erick our lawyer will be in contact with you to request all your receipts and paypal documents for the period of time you looked after the receipts. There is going to be a full audit by the IRS on your accounts for HS and your personal accounts. We have been given the paperwork from IRS for a full investigation against you.

Robert Rickman Smith is in enough trouble as it is and he knows not to involve himself in this situation.

We will not partake in your emails or your gossip. It is in our lawyers hands and there is going to be a lawsuit against the Ramps. We have an official board that is a legal board of Directors who have been with the project a very long time and they are dealing with this situation.

It is not about me but about Him. Please do not contact us again.



As of the writing of this document, I have filed a Complaint for Judicial Dissolution of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. and are no longer in association with Halleluyah Scriptures or Halleluyah Scriptures Project. That means that the assets of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. will be distributed as the by laws and laws of the state of Indiana legally permit.  Since these things have transpired Halleluyahscriptures.com/Halleluyahscripturesproject.com has a new Pay Pal account, new personal bank account and a different mailing address all based in New Jersey, USA.  To my knowledge they are not non-profit nor actually a registered business anywhere in the world.  I’m sure that may change in the not-so-distant future.  They will use someone else unless they repent.  This was written in April 2013.   To be perfectly clear we (Ted and Robin), as of the writing of this document in April of 2013, have had no conversations via phone, email or otherwise with anyone with the Institute of Scripture Research.  We are aware they have been trying to deal directly with those behind H.S. not knowing who they are.  But they have not contacted or corresponded with us at all. The things we testify to and have mentioned here are completely independent to those mentioned in this document.

It shameful that such a good work which could be a blessing to so many has been so vehemently convoluted with lies, deception, pride and selfishness while saying it is done in the name of the Father.  And we are not the only ones who have gone through these things with Debra and Ken.  There are others along the path.

One last thing to point out: it is not the translation of the Halleluyah Scriptures that has been a problem.  It is not that everyone involved or who has helped and served H.S. has been deceptive or manipulative.  There have been continued changes to the H.S. website to make things sound better and better but that does not change the sin that has been behind the scenes. Most that have helped H.S. know nothing of the matters disclosed here.  But the two (or one–Debra) who have run this “ministry” are those who have to be held accountable.

Now that you have read the evidence you have a choice as to how you will respond.  May Yahweh be esteemed and His Word go out and accomplish what He has sent it forth to do.

Sincerely in the Service of Yahweh and His Son Yahushua,

Ted and Robin Ramp      Prov.3:5,6


P.S. I put my email up here and will check it.  I may not respond to all inquiries, because of volume.  However, these things I took the time to research, write and compile are true to the best of my ability as witnessed before our Heavenly Father, Yahweh.  Test and try the spirits.  This document is not malicious it is simply the accounts and facts that we have faced in dealing with these people and the organization of Halleluyah Scriptures/Halleluyahscripturesproject.com.

Although being postal agents, accountants and two of the Officers (of the newly founded non-profit Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. Dec 2012), we had no influence or control over the Halleluyah Scriptures website, the answering of emails directed to Halleluyah Scriptures, or the business practices of Halleluyah Scriptures.  None of us served in any capacity in making decisions about printing of any material or it’s content.  The Halleluyah Scriptures version of the bible, as well as, all material that Halleluyah Scriptures distributes, including the probability that they are the author of Vain Traditions, are the sole responsibility of “the Team” at Halleluyah Scriptures. None of us on this site were ever involved. The Halleluyah Scriptures’ website’s contents and the responses to people through the contact page were all from Debra and Ken Allen – a.k.a. Shalom Weiss and Max.  They are the sole “voice” of www.halleluyahscriptures.com (which is Halleluyah Scriptures).  The direction of Halleluyah Scriptures has been carried out publicly by Debra and Ken Allen.  Alan Horvath has been recently thrust to the forefront as a public voice for H.S. and all funds, mail, etc have been redirected from Fort Wayne to New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Alan was not in this position until we resigned and chose to dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. Alan has been contacted several times before this website was launched and has chosen to not respond.


Final Letters — 6 Comments

  1. Is there now or going to be in the future anyplace to obtain the HalleluYah Scriptures other than the current site ?
    I originally discovered the HS site through the 2besaved.com site. It is much like the HS site. Great on the outside, full of false un-Scriptural teaching on the inside, mainly ‘Vain Traditions’.
    Any Hebrew Roots person that went to the 2besaved site would reject it in minutes, but you are right on. The HS site talks the talk, but doesn’t seem to walk the walk. More smoke and mirrors like they accuse others of.
    Maybe some group should put the original 1993 Chris Kostner work back in print with no big ballyhoo ! Few in the time of Dani’el could remember how to read the Paleo. Why use it ? Most of us struggle with the block Hebrew, but at least we are together in it.

  2. Bill Meyer, I noticed on this web-site isr- messianic.org/ a list of ISR publications. One of them, “Come out of her my people” by Dr. Chris Koster that i ordered along with “The Scriptures”. The former i read and could not put it down until i came to page 101&102 under the heading LAWLESSNESS. In the 4th sentence of the paragraph Dr. Koster writes”The newer translations, such as the…..,New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures,…..all have it truthfully and correct”.

    Did not Dr. Koster and the ISR team know that this translation is the tool used exclusively by “Jehovah’s Witnesses with all it’s blasphemy!

    I wrote to ISR the same as i am writing to you and they responded to me saying,”We cannot write you an answer to your question”. I responded, “Well then, If you will not answer me than you are no different than the Halleluyah Scriptures in their lies and deceit”.

    Is their anybody out there in Messianic land that speaks truth, other than Elohim.(Misley 3:5&6). Perhaps you can explain Bill Meyer. Yours in Mashiach, R. Albanese

  3. My comment is awaiting moderation,not when it comes to defending Abba’s Name,than i speak with boldness as did Sha’ul. The “New World Translation of the HOLY Scriptures” refers to the Father as “Jehovah” almost 7,000 times, a direct violation of the third command, Shemoth 20:7, read! The book also has added words to Yohanan 1:1 “….the Word was [a] God, a direct violation of Debarim 4:2, read! and the list goes on. What was Doctor Koster thinking when he writes that the NWT “has it truthfully and correct”

    I will not moderate while they blaspheme the Most Qodesh Name, the name that the whole universe is suspended on. YaHuWaH of armies. And, until i get an explanation, i will continue to comment immoderately as did Sha’ul Eph’Siyim 6:19&20. Shalom

    • Raymond, just wanted to let you know that the HSR site was not intended to provide a debate over translations or Koster’s writings. It’s purpose is stated on the front page, to make the body of Messiah aware of the “wolves” behind H.S. and to speak the truth as witnesses as we confronted them. I would encourage you to continue to pursue your questions and concerns directly with the person (Bill) or organization (ISR) directly as you have. Please understand why this is not being posted at the moment.

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