Halleluyah Scriptures and
Alan Horvath Response

Ken and Deborah Allen Wessel also known as Max and Shalom Weiss are now using Alan Horvath as their front man (they never come forward themselves).  Alan Horvath has opened a new bank and paypal account in the name of Halleluyah Scriptures to receive funds. As Alan say’s  “Doing business as usual”.

To this day Ken and Deborah have not addressed the following that was stated in the Final Letters.

Ken and Deborah Allen Wessel also known as Max and Shalom Weiss:
1. Have Never confessed about lying about their identity.
2. Have Never confessed to lying about their true location.
3. Have Never confessed to lying about the true costs and expenses of a HalleluYah Scriptures.
4. Have Never confessed to the slander against all the individuals who served with HalleluYah Scriptures.
5. Have Never confessed to maliciously spreading rumors about individuals who served with HS.
6. Have Never confessed to taking money assigned to postal agents and used it for personal use.
7. Have Never confessed to refusing to disclose information thus hiding what was being done with funds.
8. Have Never confessed to practicing partiality to people that requested a HS.
9. Have Never confessed to misappropriated funds and the stated purposes of HalleluYah Scriptures.
10. Have Never confessed to supporting other ministries by using funds sent to HalleluYah Scriptures.
11. Have Never confessed to using HalleluYah Scriptures postal agents to send other materials.
12. Have Never confessed to the copyright infringement on ISR.
13. Have Never confessed to their arrogance, pride and false humility.


Halleluyah Scriptures and Alan Horvath Response
Posted on YouTube April 21, 2013

Uploaded on YouTube Apr 21, 2013

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Halleluyah Scriptures and Alan Horvath Response — 11 Comments

  1. Wow
    Alan Horvath threatening legal action!

    When this whole saga began, I emailed the HS site, the MHoS site, and asked them on a number of times that we can meet so that we can clarify the lies they have been telling. On their site you will see that they clearly answered that they are not “under man’s laws”. They were also not willing to resolve the issue in front of a Beth Din (a group of respected elders that can render judgement on the case).

    In this case Deb, Ken and Alan feels that they have been wronged. And they threaten with legal action! Now wait a minute. Is this not what they were preaching against? Or does it mean that in their opinion they are untouchable – not under any law at all – but you – if they feel wronged – then you shall feel the wrath of the secular legal system?

    When (or if ever) they send a lawyer, please make sure that they disclose the legal address of the complainant. And also their legal names. Otherwise this is just a strawman making threats. Not that they have a case anyways.

    • Of course they have no case against any of us. We have all acted lawfully and in integrity. Their threats are empty threats. However, we are not hesitant to be witnesses in the state’s legal action against them for breaking the laws of the land. Our Father put governing authorities in place and He does not expect us to overlook lawbreakers. We are to Seek Justice, love mercy and walk humbly…….none of which are characteristic of these people.
      I pray that the Body would pay more attention to the 2 verses just before ICor6 than the verses that follow which speak about grievances and not illegal actions.

  2. As I’ve been reading the words of our Father this week and sadly am still able to watch an untruthful video not taken down along with an untruthful document, these things reveal unrepentant hearts. Why didn’t Mr Horvath read our site and consider the evidence? Why has he not torn his garments and put ashes on his head? These things I cannot answer.
    We have endeavored to be as raw and as real as we can be in telling our story. We have shared where we failed and learned from our failures. This walk is full of them. Yet the true child of the King desires transformation from his own flesh and to walk in a way pleasing to our Abba. We cannot do that if we will not submit to His Hand of discipline.
    “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the council of the wicked” Blind and deceived is the man who does.
    Blessed is the man who does not operate “in the way of sinners”. Cursed and a FOOL is the man who does.
    Blessed is the man who does not “sit in the seat of mockers”. Judged is the man who does and he will not prosper nor be left to his own end. For YHWH watches over us. He prunes us and purifies us in a fire. It’s not pleasant but we crave it. Our very soul cries out for Him to change us into His image.
    Not so, these who call themselves children of YHWH yet blaspheme His very name with their schemes and their lies. For their way will perish.
    And sadly, we mourn even still for their souls.

  3. Did you hear Alan say he didn’t even read the information on this website? And yet he has cast his judgement upon Ted? How is it that he, being a YouTube ” Torah teacher”, can nullify the commands of Torah and judge a matter before hearing it. SHEMA, it’s the foundational scripture of our faith. Hearing.

    “He who answers a matter before he hears it, It is a folly and a shame to him.” Prov.18:13

    I can’t help but wonder if the big “paypal donate” button on the website named for himself may have something to do with his deafness. Or maybe he’s just picking up the wrong signal……can you hear me now?

  4. Let us understand Alan’s comment at 14:00 re the Audio.
    So Alan reckons that they will take legal action if the Audio is shared – thereby claiming that they have the right to enforce copyright on the HalleluYah Scriptures???

    At 19:30 Alan claims (refuted in emails) that he was not on the Indiana corporation. Wonder what the one trustee that immediately resigned because Alan added him to the HS Inc. New Jersey. Is that not illegal? By Alan’s own judgement – he should be prosecuted for that.

  5. So why are the H.S., bad? Are they not basically an accurate translation of “The Scriptures”? I’m new to this debate, is the issue with copyright infringement? What are the issues?

  6. I have been following Alan Horvath, and a friend of his, on You Tube for about a year now. I am a Believer with a Jewish heritage, and was looking (and I am STILL looking!) for a decent bible translation from the original Hebrew/Aramaic scriptures, both OT and NT. I was considering the HS but since I saw all of this bru-haha going on, and the negative remarks about the translation itself, I am sooo disappointed. Greatly disappointed in the behavior of Mr. Horvath, and whoever else is involved in dishonest/illegal behavior. So, I will not be getting the HS. Too bad. Does anyone know of any other decent translation available, and even better, a study translation with notes from the original Hebrew/Aramaic? Thank you!

  7. Please email me – I want to know if the actual scriptures of the Halleluyah Scriptures are translated correctly?? Aside from horrible business practices and lying to the public, is there any problem with the actual text??

  8. Everything needs to be above board. Everything done in His Blessed Name needs to be done in daylight, not darkness. Someone quoted a verse from Proverbs that a man should not judge a matter before he hears it. Acts verifies this in Chapter 5 with Gamaliel Torah teacher. The trouble is or seems, that those of us with a honest and pure heart and spirit have been burned betimes with religious fraud. We’ve been taken advantage of. Causes kind of a twice burned very cautious about those who have come in His name, saying “I am Christ” or Messiah. It’s sad but true. Personally, I Use the Restored Name KJV so I don’t have a dog in this hunt, but I will say, I guard my spirit, don’t believe every spirit, but try the spirits according to Scripture (1 John) to see if it be of Elohiym. I believe we should all be true to our Master and be in prayer for discernment. Am listening to Alan’s defense now. Not sure it’s addressing the whole issue or how large the issue is, but we’ll see. You probably heard this in church, but beloved we ought to love one another for Love is of [Elohim] John again wrote this. We should all pray for greater discernment and to truly love one another because as you read in the Scripture, He first loved us! Shalom!

  9. It pains me. I think of Abba Father looking on as His children slander each other in a public forum. The enemy does not have a lot of work to do here. We are doing His work for Him.
    I am neither defending or condemning anyone. Did not read all the tirades above.
    What I did read was heartbreaking.
    Yes, we must expose darkness. We are called to correct each other in love.
    Remeber that two of the things mentioned in scripture that YHVH hates, are gossip and slander.
    Not one of us is without sin, and all sin(except one)are equal.
    Who then will cast the first stone?

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