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  1. Shalom fellow believers of Yahushuah,

    This is very disheartening. I was introduced to the Scriptures (which I now know to be ISR) by Jehovah Witnesses that stopped by my house. They had a good copy & I was excited to see the NAME of YHWH in the Bible with the Hebrew Names as well. So, I immediately went to search for a copy of the Scriptures online; I was led to a vendor in the US. I was soon contacted by them, but by that time I had found the website for the Halleluyah Scriptures. While speaking with the vendor, I was informed (after inquiring about Halleluyah Scriptures) about the falsifying & slandering actions of Halleluyah Scriptures. Little did I know that they were involved in mistreatment of their staff (volunteer workers). This truly hits hard with me, I just entered a contest for $5k to be given to the charity of my choice, which I stated Halleluyah Scriptures. I can’t believe this has happened.
    To help heal some hearts, I would like to say that the first copy I received was FREE. Thank you to all who donated to help with shipping cost, at that time, I didn’t have the funds. Weeks after receiving it, I submitted request for several of my friends and never received a response. However, when my anniversary rolled around last year, I desired for my husband to have one & made a donation (well, sent a payment) for his copy. I was a little disappointed upon receiving his copy because I noticed the shipping cost was $8.xx. I have done a lot of shipping in the past & knew that the cost should have been less. A few months after receiving his copy, I received confirmation of a new women’s study I would participate in, so I sent Halleluyah Scriptures an email requesting information on obtaining 100 copies. Expecting to receive the copies a little less than I purchased my husband’s for, but have yet to receive a response.

    One question though, Ted have you & Robyn ever thought that Abba was giving you two an opportunity to stop the madness by transferring the venture to “better hands”. Given that everything was in your hands, did you ever see this as His way to move things in a “better” direction? Because I would love to receive more copies. I applaud you all for making an effort to inform others about the mishandling of funds & misleading information of Halleluyah Scriptures. I pray that the legal situation will be absolved soon.

    Shine BRIGHT & Be the LIGHT!

  2. Healing MD, Are you sure a renewed Name version of the scriptures was introduced to you by Jehovah’s Witnesses? Unless they’ve changed policy, they exclusively use the”New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures published by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York. Nevertheless, i share with you in your grief over this depraved situation. Lean upon Yah always for He knows the heart of the righteous. Mishley 3;5&6 Your fellow believer in Yahshuah, R. Albanese

  3. Shalom Brother Raymond! Yes, they had a copy of the ISR, but they also had in person copies of the New World Translation; they also drove home to obtain another copy to give me a FREE copy of the New World Translation.

    Love & Light to all!

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