Testimony 1 – HalleluYah Scriptures Review

I am Marilyn Nave, the postal agent for Halleluyah Scriptures during the Fall of 2012.  I got involved with Halleluyah Scriptures because of a phone call I received one day last summer.  A lady called me from a very strange skype number, introducing herself as “Shalom” from Australia.  She asked me if I would be interested in being the postal agent for the U.S.  She said that “the team” had fasted and prayed and were led to call me.  A few months prior to this, I was searching for a bible that contained the true name of our Father and His Anointed One and the sacred names of the patriarchs.  After reading about Halleluyah Scriptures, I ordered a copy and filled out a volunteer form.

While it was not surprising that they had my contact information, they could not have known that on that very day, I had decided to leave a bible study I was involved with for 7 years.  It was a painful parting of the ways for me but it was becoming increasingly clear that I was on a very different path to truth than my friends.  The team at Halleluyah Scriptures also could not have known that I had worked in one of this country’s largest churches for 5 years shipping out their web orders.  Needless to say, I was astounded at the plans of my Father and accepted their offer.

I won’t bore you with the details of getting set up, rearranging my life, my home, my schedule, etc to take on what I was delighted to do for the Kingdom.  This was right up my alley.  It was a joy and a pleasure to be a part of such a vision and I knew I could offer not only my experience but many, many hours of my time to serve.  My four children are grown and my sweet husband supported my sacrifice in every way he could, building me a shipping table, taking care of household things when I was swamped with orders, back-breakingly (is that a word?) unloading hundreds and hundreds of boxes, loading them in his truck, unloading them in our garage, etc.  Instead, I will jump to the pivotal point in this story.

Allow me to interject at this point that neither my husband nor I ever received any money personally for anything we did for Halleluyah Scriptures.  A personal account was set up by me to which money from Halleluyah Scriptures was deposited into by their accountant.  I made purchases of supplies and postage and have been totally transparent with every transaction.  I simply executed business on their behalf and gained nothing monetarily for doing so.  The website states a “vow” that everyone who volunteers for Halleluyah Scriptures takes very seriously and is reminded of constantly.

The conflict all started when I questioned why a very large order was suddenly cancelled.  I was told in a very indirect way that it was none of my business.  It was explained to me that there was a prayer team who fasted and prayed over every order and if they felt it was not appropriate to send one, it was cancelled and I should not question it.  Okay….. I didn’t mean to offend anyone with my question and I really didn’t understand the reason for the aggressive response.  Imagine my surprise when the next day, the order was reinstated.  Did the prayer team get the wrong answer while fasting and praying the first time?  Was I even going to ask?………..NO!………….too soon to mess with their heads and inject a little humor.  We didn’t know each other well enough yet.

Throughout this time, I spoke to “Shalom” via skype phone calls frequently.  We exchanged personal stories as people do when getting acquainted.  I was so touched to hear how “hubby” mows lawns to get grocery money.  They work 14 – 16 hour days, live in a motor home and have basically given their lives, comforts, and material possessions to this project.  Neither of them have any family, only each other and their sacrifice for our Father.  Of course after talking to her and comparing my comfortable life in Georgia with hers in Australia, I came away convicted and convinced that some of these material blessings are really a curse.  Here I was with a beautiful life, a beautiful family, friends and possessions.  “Shalom” and “hubby” had no one…..no children, not even the parents who named her “Shalom”.  I was always introspective after conversing with “Shalom”, feeling guilty for my blessings but committed to serving and sacrificing even more for this vision and this team of so many people who were also committed.

At the beginning of December, “Shalom” called and asked if I would be willing to take on the accounting responsibilities.  The previous accountant was leaving.  One interesting aspect of working with Halleluyah Scriptures is that the volunteers, or “the team” members are not allowed to know or speak to anyone else on “the team”.  It was explained that all of this was not for purposes of secrecy but instead to not give or receive esteem belonging only to YHWH.  So, there was no way to verify anything I was ever told by “Shalom”.  After a bit of sleuthing, I was able to contact the previous postal agent to ask her some questions about shipping.  But other than her, I knew no one else except “Shalom” and “hubby”.  Of course I was willing to do whatever Halleluyah Scriptures needed me to do.  I called our accountant to run it by her and she instructed and warned me about the sizable donations being a red flag to the IRS and a non-profit was the only way to operate.  “Shalom” gave an academy award performance on the phone that evening claiming total ignorance of a non-profit.  We got on legal zoom and set it up in about 20 minutes.  (finding out later that Halleluyah Scriptures was already operating as a non-profit)

I should have known something was strange when she put me down as the main officer of Halleluyah Scriptures along with a couple of names I had seen on my shipping spreadsheet.  At the time, I remember asking my Father what He was up to?  Why would these people who only knew me for a few months trust me with their inventory and money?  To be sure, my husband and I are very trustworthy and this is how I answered my own questions.  But YHWH had a different plan entirely for HIS inventory and HIS money.

The next evening as I was pondering all the new responsibilities I would have and the reality of Halleluyah Scriptures now appearing to anyone who searched as  “Marilyn Nave” in Georgia, USA, I had some questions.  Anyone who reads about Halleluyah Scriptures has read about the fight with ISR and people involved with ISR.  Many hours have been spent in making videos and websites and attachments and accusations and slandering and on and on and on to fuel the fight and keep it front and center on the web.  I simply asked “Shalom” for her and “hubby’s” personal story of how they got involved with this project.  I wanted the inside story and if they knew the ones who actually knew Chris Koster and the vision of offering free bibles.  Since my name was now on the line, it seemed to me to be a reasonable question.  Whew……..you would have thought I fired a long range missile at them.  Fury erupted.  For the next 48 hours, I read email after email of emotional manipulation, shame and misunderstanding resulting in more shaming.  I kept apologizing for……………….I’m not sure…………..I guess just for daring to ask a simple question.  Something very strange was going on here.  The “team” got involved to chastise me as well in a couple of lengthy emails that I received at 4am.  Needless to say, all legal activity for the set up of a non profit was canceled.

Eventually everything settled down and over the next week my husband and I worked to get a shipment of 12700 bibles from China through customs and into a storage unit, imposing on some very dear friends to help us unload and reload all the boxes.  Part of clearing this shipment through customs required conversing with a customs agent.  I noticed on the bottom of the email chain, there were instructions from “Shalom” to not allow Mr and Mrs Nave to see the invoice.  She did not intend that I see this part of the email and probably forgot that it was even there.  When I questioned “Shalom” about this, she gave some off-the-cuff excuse that I did not believe.  But after the weekend of Jekyll and Hyde behavior, I decided to pick my battles.  I had over 300 orders to ship and there would be a better time to address the comments on the email.

For the next several days, I worked day and night to get orders packaged and shipped.  I had already researched the best and most economical way to ship packages.  I knew how to do this from my previous experience and was very conscious of how to save pennies for this organization.  Several times I had to remind “Shalom” that when sending MEDIA MAIL, the package could only contain MEDIA and not bracelets or anything other than media (which she desired me to ship).  She didn’t really like my decision to not bend the rules a little but the integrity of Halleluyah Scriptures and Who we represented was more important.  She didn’t really have an option to disagree with my decision anyway as I was not going to break the law even if it was as innocent as it seemed to be.  While shipping these orders, “Shalom” was very concerned about the LARGE PRINT getting damaged and “the team” had not yet decided how these particular bibles were to be shipped.  Hmmm….., was there really a “team” of experienced shippers who could make shipping decisions that would guarantee these bibles would not get damaged?  Or was this just part of the strange controlling behavior I had come to know?  Regardless, when I informed “Shalom” that I had gone ahead and sent out the fake leather and the small print, she went ballistic again.  At her request, my husband and I assumed responsibility for any damage done to these packages to calm her down but now I was exasperated by round two of her uncanny fury.

In all of my life experiences and in my wildest imagination I cannot fathom asking someone to volunteer their time and talents, relying on them to do something for me and for our Heavenly Father and then speaking to them as “Shalom” has spoken to me.  It got so bad that very evening, I told Halleluyah Scriptures to come get their inventory, I was done.  I left my computer screen in tears to go fix dinner for my husband.  I threw my hands in the air knowing that I still had about 225 orders sitting on my shipping table and all over the floor of my garage and couldn’t afford to take the time out to eat, let alone fix dinner.  But I needed a break from this……………demon person.  A few minutes later my husband came in the kitchen and told me he had sealed the deal and we were done with Halleluyah Scriptures.  He had sent “Shalom” an email calling attention to their fruitless behavior and our resignation as postal agents.

Many things have happened since I left Halleluyah Scriptures.  I left a mess for the next postal agent with my untimely departure.  I felt bad about that for only 5 minutes.  In my prayer time, I had peace about my decision and I knew that this was YHWH’s judgment and discipline upon Halleluyah Scriptures.  Having discovered that they had left a host of volunteers in their wake, I knew the way they dealt with people must stop.  No one should come in and save the day for these people.  That is exactly how “Shalom” and “hubby” have gotten away with their deeds of darkness up to now.  How would they ever repent if they kept using and abusing people and there was always another one to come to their rescue?  This was my perspective at the time but again, my Father had a different plan.  He brought in a lovely couple to this tragic story.  At the time, they did not know the plans our Father had for them either.  We both misinterpreted what He had for us to do as His Servants.  Looking back, His grace saved me and kept me from so much more heartache and I continually pray for this couple as they face the trouble that Halleluyah Scriptures has brought to their door.

I keep alluding to the plans of YHWH because each of us who have been a part of confronting Halleluyah Scriptures, originally thought we were just servants to get bibles in the hands of those who have not had one or could not afford one.  It is an honorable ministry and vision but it does not replace the ministry of a human heart that is brought from death to life, born again, transformed.  Scripture teaches us that there was no missionary journey more important than dealing with the false teaching along the way.  Did Sha’ul overlook the apostasy or the blatant sin in the churches just to get on down the road?  I think not…..I know not.  My brothers and sisters stand together with me in this and we have confronted Halleluyah Scriptures as servants of YHWH according to Matt 18.  We have walked in integrity and obedience to scripture each step of the way, judging ourselves first before helping “Shalom” and “hubby” see the error of their ways.  This was and is the plan of YHWH.

This story has no happy ending…………yet………except to say that there are 6 of us (ye who are spiritual) who have had to tearfully and prayerfully execute some of the hardest commands written in the bible.  We have individually confronted “Shalom” and “Max” (hubby) and as witnesses together, confronted them again.  There is no repentance.  There is no acceptance of any responsibility.  There is no humility or conviction, sadly, only anger, accusation and continuing lies.  This website and this letter serve as our last step in obedience to Matt 18.  We are informing the Body that supports Halleluyah Scriptures of their deeds in hope that they finally repent.  The rest of my letter will outline for you the corruption and deception that YHWH led me to uncover over the last 3 months after my departure from Halleluyah Scriptures.

Shalom and Max Weiss are actually Ken and Deb Wessel.  They are using fictitious names but they identify themselves in this video as Ken and Deb.  Whether or not that is their real names, I do not know.



I will refer to them from this point on by the names, Ken and Deb.  They do not live in Australia as they have stated to me several times.  The video confirms they are from New Zealand and many other issues below will also serve to verify they are in New Zealand.  Deb has spoken of a son to another postal agent as well as a brother in law, so her comments to me of having no family are not true or she has lied to the other postal agents.

You will notice at the end of part 2 of the video, Ken and Deb are promoting “The Scriptures” translation from ISR.  They are also promoting the book by Lew White, “Fossilized Customs“.  This is the same man that they tear apart on other websites.  I do not know Lew White nor have I ever been in contact with anyone at ISR.  It was my intention to contact the ones I read about on the web from ISR when this whole thing blew up but the Ruach has kept me from doing so.  If, after reading this website, anyone from any organization would like further information, I will be happy to respond.  But as of the writing of this testimonial on April 5th of 2013, I have never had a conversation, verbal or written, with anyone from ISR or past ISR folks that I know of…………..meaning that I am innocent or ignorant of any connection to ISR.


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DVD not copyrightedISR

Fossilized customs
Do the credits at the end of their video mean that Ken and Deb were part of the original group at ISR or is this just a coincidence?  I am hopeful that someone reading this testimonial can shed some light on this question in the comments section of this website.

Since I had the spreadsheet of all orders sent out by myself and the postal agent prior to me, I could see that there was no inventory sent to any postal agent(s) that supposedly exist all over the world as stated on the Halleluyah Scriptures website.  The first shipment of bibles from China was sent to a previous postal agent in California.  The second to Florida and the third came to me here in Georgia in December.  All of us received the order in its entirety and none of us sent inventory to any postal agent anywhere in the world.  Also, the previous accountant who left in December has verified that he sent no money for postal expenses to anyone in the world other than myself and the previous postal agent(s) in Florida.  So if there is inventory elsewhere, do these postal agents buy their own boxes, bubble wrap, envelopes, tape, and very expensive postage week after week?  Or is this another ruse to make Halleluyah Scriptures project seem like it is more than it is?  Why did I ship orders to the UK if there is a postal agent with inventory residing in the UK?  Why did I ship orders to Australia, New Zealand, various countries in Europe if there were options much closer that would have cost must less in postage?  When I asked this question to Deb specifically about NZ, she responded by saying that it is so expensive to ship from New Zealand and much cheaper to ship from the US even if the package is going to New Zealand……really?  Why have a postal agent in New Zealand then?

Deb told me there is an elderly couple residing in New Zealand as postal agents and they cannot show income or any deposits into their bank account even to pay expenses for Halleluyah Scriptures or they will lose their government assistance.  Therefore, I needed to send them cash wrapped in foil to a retail business where they pick up their mail since they live in a rural area.  Deb asked me to do this from the funds the accountant had sent me for my postal expenses.  Their names are not to be on the package, only the name of the retail flooring business attn: ZIPS.  On two occasions, prepaid credit cards were sent by the previous postal agent instead of actual green bills to this address for this elderly couple’s postage expenses.  Now remember the comments above about the high cost of shipping from New Zealand, yet this couple is supposedly shipping anyway (with what inventory, I ask)?  Remember also that I am shipping out orders to New Zealand as well.  Anyway back to the prepaid credit cards, you can see the credit card statements below and a quick google search will tell you that these are all personal transactions to a gas station, department store, grocery store, home improvement store, atm withdrawals, etc and none of the transactions are for postage.  Either we have some very deceitful elderly postal agents or we have no postal agents at all and some very deceitful individuals with some wild stories.

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Location address 1Location address 2
Here is another wild story.  Deb sent an invoice to be paid by the accountant for printing the apocryphal books in New Zealand.  How did Deb find a printer in New Zealand if she lives in Australia?  I guess the elderly couple who live out in the boonies and don’t have their own address found the printer for Halleluyah Scriptures apocryphal books….hmm  What is interesting is that I had hundreds and hundreds of these books in my garage and there was no need to print anymore anytime soon regardless of the cheaper price.  The books we already had in inventory were printed in the US and sent directly to the US postal agent at the time.  I know that the postal agent after me verified that he still had hundreds of these books as well.  Was the cheaper price in New Zealand going to justify and offset the cost of getting these books back into the hands of the postal agent in the U.S.?   What about the high cost of shipping from New Zealand?  Notice the 20% cash discount on the invoice below.  The accountant sent the CASH to the flooring business address in New Zealand attn ZIPS, wrapped in foil so that the elderly couple could pick it up and pay the printing bill.  There’s just one glitch.  No such printing company exists in New Zealand.  Papamoa Printing is fictitious.  The invoice is phony.  The address matches the address of a small post office in a strip mall and the phone number is not a real number.  Is this due to our sneaky little elderly couple up to no good again or continuing deception on the part of Deb and Ken Allen who “take no money for anything they do”?

Calculations in my head tell me that from the end of July 2012 through December 2012, over $8000 was sent to this address in New Zealand.


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The postal agent who volunteered before I did, read to me a packing slip of her receipt of the apocryphal books shipment from the printing company here in the US.  On the packing slip, it mentions that there was a proof sent out for “text changes” before the book went to print.  Guess where the proof was sent?  Yep, New Zealand.  This time, the address was not the flooring company nor was it a personal address.  It was another business, a mechanical company, attn: DIBS.  Would Halleluyah Scriptures trust a mechanical company to proof their text?  No, they would not.  All very strange if you ask me unless the culmination of each of these issues lead to one conclusion.


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Book of Hanok
Below is the invoice from China for the second shipment of Halleluyah Scriptures and you can do the math yourself to see if what Halleluyah Scriptures website tells you is correct about only charging the “cost” of printing.  Below that invoice is the invoice that I was not supposed to see for the shipment I received in December.  It seems YHWH wanted me to have it anyway.  The “cost” of all the bibles that are NOT FOR SALE (sarcasm) are clearly stated on the invoice.  I’m not sure how an $18 “DDP” LARGE PRINT (DDP means “delivered duty paid”) that cost $3.93 to ship domestically MEDIA MAIL, can be translated to $40 cost as stated on the website but maybe I just don’t understand shipping and printing costs………  When Deb went ballistic about how I shipped the fake leather and small print without “the team’s” instruction on how to do so, I thought her concern was only for the large print getting damaged since they supposedly cost $40 to replace.  I advised “the team”, through Deb, to add insurance of $1.70 per package so that USPS would be responsible.  Instead, she got angry, told me to just do my job and not concern myself with what others are praying and fasting over.  She then had me not add insurance but “signature confirmation” which added $2.55 per package to the postage instead of $1.70.  Signature confirmation gave us no protection or recourse at all but I was done with Halleluyah Scriptures by this time and knew her decision and the decision of “the team” (which I believe is her husband, Ken) to be more of the same controlling demonic spirit that I had witnessed many times.

To be fair when talking about actual “cost” there could be freight charges to truck the container from the port of entry to the postal agent and when postal agents continue to resign, there are costs associated with getting inventory to the next volunteer. I have seen an invoice for such a move of inventory and the total was $2137 or 17cents per bible.  There also could be an additional cost associated with each bible to warehouse or store them.  For most of my time with Halleluyah Scriptures, I had no storage costs as I kept them here at my home.  When the 12700 piece shipment came in, I secured a storage unit for $130 a month.  12700 copies would have to be assessed the additional charges making each bible cost an additional 12cents each year.  The bubble bags are 18cents each and the tape is pennies.  After all of that, we’re at about $25, and I still can’t get to the $40 “cost” of a LARGE PRINT as stated on the website.  And do we dare talk about a $500 leather bible that China printed and shipped across the ocean for $9 and some change?  Regardless how someone wants to word their business practices, money is changing hands and product is sent.  Wouldn’t this be considered “selling the Word” by anyone who has a brain?  You will read the history of two others on this site who can inform you as to who actually gets a FREE bible and who doesn’t.


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Invoice 1
Invoice 2
I have a very interesting email conversation (saved) with Deb about this very topic in which I am defending the fact that all these bibles are FREE because of the generous donations of past supporters.  Of course, this was when I actually believed they were FREE.  In other words, in a “pay it forward” type system, the actual product is purchased by previous donations as well as the shipping, and now the inventory is FREE to be sent to anyone who requests or needs one.  Future product would be donated for, purchased and shipped in the same way.  All who execute the business are volunteering.  The continuation of a model like this would be dependant on YHWH alone.  It was my impression all along that this is how Halleluyah Scriptures operates.  Deb got very angry and set me straight as to the cost of each bible on the website and the price to purchase one as well as replace a damaged one.  Only the paperback was “free” but all the others were for sale.  What?  Wait a minute, isn’t this considered “selling the Word”?  Deb and Ken knowingly SELL the Word of YHWH and they do it for more than cost????  I say all of this with disdain because I do not interpret scripture as they do and nor do I agree with their thought process and business practices.  If you or I give Halleluyah Scriptures a donation, we have PAID IN FULL for someone else to have a bible shipped to them and I believe that is what is stated and implied on the website.  That is why I donated.  That is why I got involved.  That bible is FREE in my opinion.  All of the inventory would be considered free to the next person, unlike a normal business model in the world where overhead and salaries are an ongoing expense.  I believe this is the intent stated on the website, is it not?  Notice the wording on the outside of every box of bibles.  This particular box is for the leather edition that “sells” for $500.  It says “FREE RELIGIOUS MATERIAL NOT FOR SALE OR RESALE”


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Halleluyah Scriptures website says they are not affiliated with any other ministry.  Check out www.2besaved.com and www.messianichallofshame.com.  In some of the teaching on 2besaved.com, you will hear Ken and Deb’s voice.  When ordering their material, the default country is…………….yep, New Zealand.  I guess one could say these websites are not ministries.  However, look at this website www.vaintraditions.com.  “Vain Traditions” is a book that has been accused of plagiarizing “Fossilized Customs”.   Would it surprise anyone that Deb and Ken have taken a book, rewritten it, retitled it and are selling it as their own?  The previous postal agent to me was asked to ship “Vain Traditions” and the postal agent after me was also asked to ship “Vain Traditions”.  Now why would Deb ask either of these volunteers for Halleluyah Scriptures to ship a random book that had nothing to do with Halleluyah Scriptures?  Both postal agents have stated that the book “Vain Traditions” is blasphemy denying Yeshua to be who He says.  Below, you can read the account of the previous postal agent in an email to me after I resigned and her assessment of “Vain Traditions”.

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The last thing I need to disclose about Deb and Ken Allen is their intent on lying at any cost to cover themselves, to get what they want and to discredit anyone who would disagree.  My “name is mud” according to the couple who volunteered after me yet there is no way for me to contact anyone else nor does anyone else have the ability to contact and ask me about the things Deb has stated.  Some emails have been forwarded to me where Deb spoke viciously and slanderously about me, making up lies to tell current volunteers and strengthen her case against me since I have been honest with them about exposing.  I have no way to respond except to the one who forwarded the emails to me.  We are all kept in the dark as to names and contact information and as you can read on the Halleluyah Scriptures website, a lot of sanctimonious jargon is stated as the reason.  I am all for YHWH being the only One who is esteemed but I am vehemently against those who use Him for their own deceptive purposes.  Sounds a little like Simon doesn’t it?  Deb sent me a threatening email in January with insinuations and lies on her part along with her threats.  She does this to many people and I am not the first nor the only one she uses this tactic with and I will be happy to offer the email as evidence.  I simply responded by telling her she needs to repent or all of her deception is going to come out.  It would be better if she repented before the humiliation.  After accusing me of supporting ISR (her own imaginations) she has not responded to anything I have written her since that evening.  Below are the 2 email messages I sent her according to Matt 18.  The third one is the email message that 6 of us sent her as a group according to Matt 18.  Many volunteers still with Halleluyah Scriptures currently do not know of Ken and Deb’s deception.  Hopefully, those that listen to the Ruach will be led to this website or informed by the Body of Mashiach before more damage is done.


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Letter5It is not my intent to shut down Halleluyah Scriptures or seek legal action against Ken or Deb Allen.  Quite frankly, it does not concern me as to what happens with Halleluyah Scriptures from this point forward as I have been obedient to do as my Father has written in His commands and blood is not on my hands.  I have provided evidence to the best of my ability and while I may have in some cases, interpreted the evidence with common sense, I have endeavored to be as honest and truthful as I can, not judging a matter before hearing it.  The evidence in this case, is speaking very loudly and Ken and Deb remain hidden half way around the world, answering with vitriol.  I am not offering this information for any personal gain nor for purposes of revenge or vendetta.  Nor am I interested in supporting  or participating in any legal action that is being sought by other victims of Halleluyah Scriptures.  Simply stated, my motives and my actions are only to obey my Father in heaven and carry out His plans.

I am burdened, not only for the innocent supporters of Halleluyah Scriptures, but also for Deb and Ken themselves.  They have been led astray by a very cunning enemy who has his talons in their flesh.  They have opened many doors for sin to take a foothold as you have read by the false witness they are presenting to the world.  Our character is identified not while everyone is looking but while no one is.  My prayer is that the Body will be obedient to scripture and expect Ken and Deb’s full disclosure, repentance and seeking of forgiveness on the Halleluyah Scriptures website or the Body will be obedient to turn them over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh as scripture commands.  As always, we seek to keep the promise made at the end of these commands in the forefront of our minds…….that when we obey these very hard, yet true, loving words of our Father, it is in the hope that Ken and Deb’s soul will be saved on the day of judgment.  I pray for our Father’s mercy always.

Addendum:  April 15th, 2013
Since the writing of this testimonial, I have attempted to contact Alan Horvath 3 times.  He is the current acting postal agent and accountant for Halleluyah Scriptures.  Alan resides in New Jersey and can be contacted at the address on the Halleluyah Scriptures website.  My first attempt was blocked.  According to a former volunteer, Alan was told to block my email address.  My second and third attempts were sent to his other email address on his site for web design.  Alan has ignored, not only my emails, but others on this site.  At this point, he has not bothered to consider the matter and continues to support Halleluyah Scriptures, their vision, their trustworthiness and their credibility.  He will be sadly awakened. Also, this morning, I am sending my testimonial to ISR for the first time.

Addendum April 24, 2013
I would like to make it known that I stand corrected in my assumptions that there are no postal agents in other countries.  Since reading the posts on this site, it is obvious that there is inventory in New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.  I did find where inventory was sent from the US to Australia as you will see on the Shipping Summary that we have posted.  I do not know how inventory found it’s way to New Zealand or the UK but there are postal agents who verify with their own testimonies that they have/had Halleluyah Scriptures.  Recently, quite a bit of inventory was sent to the Philippines also.

Addendum June 28, 2013
It has come to my attention that a $2000 refund for two of the prepaid cards that Nance sent to New Zealand was indeed credited back to HS.  This does not change my testimony or my evidence of the other cards or where personal money was spent or the questionable existence of “elderly postal agents”.  It simply lowers the total amount of what I know about sent to NZ in the fall of 2012. I will always endeavor to speak the truth and correct any errors.


Testimony 1 – Marilyn – USA — 6 Comments

  1. I knew something was up with this group.. 2 months ago I had ordered fake leather scriptures. They withdrew my money, then told me that they can only send me 2 for that price. i was told my donation was not enough. Thank goodness i used papal, i was able to get my money back. i still have my emails from that day. They accused me of paying $40 then changing my donation to $60. i have proof that I paid $60. If they wanted a set price, they needed to make it clear on the form what the price was.. but they asked for a donation. The person I talked to was Weiss. I even called them out on face book.. but they never answered my questions.. bu they left the conversation in a hurry. I understood they were not for free, but for a donation. After praying about it.. i made my “donation”.. but it wasn’t good enough. They withdrew my money BEFORE telling me they were only gonna send me 2 instead of 4 that i HAD ordered. They should have came to me before withdrawing my money… but i did get my money back. i had also made a separate donation for a free paperback because my friend needed one.. and they were mad at me because i questioned them over the fake leathers and was mad over the fact i called them out.. that they didn’t send me my free scripture.. they refunded my money for that as well. They are a fake.. and those that are innocent in that group, i am praying for you!
    Are they in trouble by the IRS? Is that group shut down completely? i have since then found a different company to order scriptures from.. and it is CHEAPER!

    Many of my friends have had similar experiences as myself. Some were even turned down for a free copy because they couldn’t pay more than $15. So many people have been hurt. i am glad they are being exposed.. finally!!!

  2. “Do the credits at the end of their video mean that Ken and Deb were part of the original group at ISR or is this just a coincidence? I am hopeful that someone reading this testimonial can shed some light on this question in the comments section of this website.”

    No – Ken and Deb was never part of the ISR at the beginning or ever. The people that they claim they know is also a lie – that is why they never publish a name.

    On the image of Chris Koster that they use – I spoke to Chris’s son. He confirmed to me that Deb tried to contact the family – and that she (Deb) ended up blocking their emails as well.

    • Bill, the latest video and article they published is out right lies. I have no words for these people and all who support them at this point. It is grievous sin to bear false witness. Our Father HATES those who act in the manner they are conducting themselves. Alan Horvath has been drawn into their web and he is lying about his own knowledge and complicit actions in the last several months. We have found many transactions of money sent to Alan of which HALF we cannot account for. I pray he is disciplined severely for acting so foolishly. Praise YHWH for so many who are willing to hold these people accountable.

  3. I have been going through each piece of evidence…and each one just weighs my heart down more. This is heartbreaking – that the adversary has taken hold and tried to thwart something good. I’m reminded that Abba renders judgement – and that I must keep focused on Him. I’m grateful to the brothers and sisters here, who have come forward with the Truth – and with evidence – and have exposed these lies according to the Way Abba wants it done. I’m grateful Abba led me here today to see why He put a ‘check’ in my ruach some months ago. I wish I had seen sooner. I don’t regret giving as much as I did as I did it with a clean heart. But it does make me very angry that the adversary tricked me for as long as he did into believing the ‘HS Team’ was sincere. Shalom.

    • We all feel that way, Lisa. I read your other posts and they are quite interesting. Even now, the HS website says they are down because they are increasing server space. NO, they are down because they’ve been taken down. They will keep being taken down and have no where to hide. “shalom” has said many times, “if the Father wants this to come to an end, He will end it”. That’s the most honest thing she has ever said.

  4. I requested a free bible from HS and got work via email that my req was approved. I an an American living with my son in the Philippines. I have no access to credit cards so I cannot donate. I received the Bible, children s little book, rubber wrist band, some book markers for free via LBC here in the Philippines. They requested a photo via return email of us holding our books. We did as asked. Then I discovered your web site and after reading thru what you present I feel that Ken and Deb are deceiving people. I thought it odd that they could give free Bibles away to people but was hoping they were truthful.

    I guess I am a lucky one to actually receive the very cheap Bible that I received. It is small print and very hard for me to read since I am 67 and in poor eye sight (diabetes) so not sure how much reading I can do, expecially since my Scofield Bible has all my notes handwritten in it already and it is small print also.

    I told them I was 67 and had diabetes so if they knew this they would guess a large print Bible would be best for me but when I had used there web form to get a free Bible it appears that the only thing tou can get free is the small cheap bible. Everything else requires a donation. I have to CC so I cannot do that plus I am on SSA benfit so little extra money plus I support 8 poor Filipinos with my extra SSA benefits.

    So I am sad to hear about Alan (whom I used to listen to on you tube) and HS association. It is sad how easily people can and are deceived by Satan. So since Alan is willing to be deceived with no investigation I cannot depend upon anything he teaches.

    I hope the IRS does not bother you folks and thank you for this web site.

    Daniel Booth

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