Testimony 2 – HalleluYah Scriptures Review

Stating from Nance to Marilyn….

“You did the right thing. You owe nothing further but to stay in righteousness as Elohim will bring all things which are done in secret and expose them. I would personally offer no further information at this time unless you are asked. You have no “blood on your hands” and there is nothing further you can do unless Ted reaches out to you. It’s good that you gave him a few things to “watch” for, such as the shroud of secrecy and invoice costs. Hopefully this will be a red flag, especially when he is asked to send gift cards or cash to New Zealand.


I am glad that there are two men on board, Alan and Ted, and hope that they will establish accountability with her. There is no way she will be able to contain her true personality for long, it’s just a short wait now. We can keep ourselves pure and pray in the meantime, sis. We both have done what is Biblically right in going directly to her, then the next step is to bring along witnesses, so we wait a bit for Ted and Alan.


I am attaching the invoices from February as well as the statement from the 2 gift cards that were registered in my name and sent to New Zealand in November. Alan registered the other 2. Just hold on to it in case……..when you are asked, you can produce them. I have looked up the companies online that funds were spent at on the receipts, and from the looks of it, they are an online store and withdrawals are from a bank.


The project seemed to have started as a noble effort in offering the Scriptures for free but has slowly transitioned into merchandising other products for profit such as the new apochryphal books, special sized scriptures and now a carrying case, and she needs to be forthright with the supporters about it.


There is nothing wrong with a ministry designating funds to give a “love offering” for the faithful services of those who have provided teaching and resources and are in financial need themselves. Shaul was supported by believers, and we are told not to muzzle an ox while it is in the field. Just be honest about it to the supporters. However, if they are on a pension and by law cannot show additional monies coming in, they need to render to Caesar what is Caesar’s like the rest of us. They are skirting around in secret, all the while self righteously proclaiming that they have no hand in the till but only to replenish as they say, “a sweet, poor, elderly couple” for shipping in………New Zealand?


Another grey area. In total, I have sent $4000 worth of gift cards to NZ. Four cards of $500 each sent in August and another four sent of $500 each in November. The two thousand, Shalom told me that Erik had to get arrange refunding for since the cards I purchased were not for international use. I hardly believe that NZ constitutes a this much demand in shipping HalleluYah Scriptures, $4000 got me through almost the entire summer in shipping in the US, UK, Canada and abroad. Shalom has also made it clear on several occasions that she wants Erik to have nothing to do with the New Books funds going forward and that she does not know why he doesn’t like her.


As I stated before, the final straw for me was the full page advertisements in the book “Vain Traditions”. A book written by friends of theirs (I know because she told me in a phone conversation that she was speaking with them on the phone the week it arrived from United Graphics, the same printer that does the HS New Books, and that “they were ready to scratch one anothers face off” one day in an argument). That book declares that Yeshua is not Elohim nor co-equal to Elohim, and the Ruah is not Elohim but merely an “active force” which emanates from The Father. Sounds just like Jehovah’s Witnesses heretical doctrine.


I informed them that I would no longer have a hand in a project that supports this book as it is blasphemous. I quoted from Is. 46 & 48, Rev 1 to show what Yeshua said of Himself as a scriptural basis, He is the First and the Last, Beginning and the End, Yahweh’s exact words. I asked her, “what do you, and the HalleluYah Scriptures Team believe, Shalom?” She refused to answer the question, and I was given the run around with lengthy email informing me that it was merely free advertising (compromising) and that HalleluYah Scriptures supports no other ministry. Then, I was asked to send 20 copies in a box along with new books to NZ as well as to the Phillipines. Which really bothered my conscience, may Yah forgive me. Against my better judgement, I finished up shipping the HS until another agent was found because I love the Father, His Word and His people, and to my knowledge, the translation is good and is yet uncompromised, may that never change.


My concern was that if the belief of the translation team was that of the Vain Traditions, the translation would at some point in time reflect it. I humbly expressed that to Shalom and she responded in the usual lengthy barrage of self righteous, “shame on you” emails. Which, served only to confirm that I was on to something. The fruit was evident.


That is the account of my part in the HalleluYah Scriptures project and I tell the truth in good conscience before Yah and men. You are welcome to share that with Ted, Alan or anyone else who would inquire, sis. Cut and paste away. May righteousness prevail that His Name be honored always.


Birekoth & Ahava,


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