Testimony 3 – HalleluYah Scriptures Review

I am writing to you with regards to the personal attacks from the unknown administrators of the website ‘Messianic Hall of Shame’. Such persons also are the administrators of 2besaved.com, Halleluyah Scriptures.com and Vain Traditions.com.
May my motivation to write, be not found or deemed spiteful, retaliative or seem vexatious, but to quell the many assumptions and speculations found on many forums and websites, as to who is actually responsible for the many frivolous misguided half-truths and slanderous accusations.

It has been with much reluctance to forward this information, as the couple who are solely responsible for this work, who, under a delusion, thinking they are doing Yahweh a service, have also made vexatious threats, passed judgments and perpetrated retribution on myself and family.
I believe the unscriptural publicly published accusations-judgments has bought about irreparable and long-lasting damage (disrepute) upon the children of Elohim and Name of YAHWH.
I can confirm, from first-hand experience such attacks come from within the Messianic movement, persons known to you. We personally have been close to this couple, once considered best friends.
I will not quote scriptures in reply to their abuse, as I believe one can well discern this matter. I hope that this information will put you and your wife’s minds at ease, as you realise, these are very unstable, irrational and spiteful people.

I will go back to the beginning when we first met, leading up to the launch of “The Hall of Shame”.

Late 2007-2008 we bought some DVD’s online, from the trader ‘Shocking DVD’s, who promoted the sales of documentary DVD’s  of New World Order, Conspiracy theories of Government, Food, Education, medicines and promoted a DVD on ‘Who is Jesus’?
The Lady my wife dealt with, this ‘un-named’, undisclosed online trader, after the purchase sent an e-mail using the name ‘Chanel Allen’, (maybe daughter from her first marriage?). She was found to be very rude, abrupt and seemed to lack empathy due to a simple mistake she had made with the order. We thought this behaviour most bazar for someone whose trader profile said they were a ‘believer’. We dismissed this incident as maybe just a bad hair-day! Sometime later I asked if it was her, she denied it was. It was until we found out their surname it all clicked together.

Not long after we made contact with this couple (who consequently appear on the “Who is Jesus’ DVD), arranged to meet with this evangelist couple at a friend’s basement flat. The meeting-evening meal was to say none the least very interesting, we were excited to hear more about ‘Who is Jesus’, the sacred Name, Sabbaths, the festivals and pagan traditions. My wife and I found the couple very friendly, and eager to share food and stories. They spoke of ‘forsaking all’, selling everything, living a very basic life allowing them to dedicate all there time to promote and follow truth. We had much in common with regards to the current state of the world and the times we are living in.

In conversation, we found them both passionate on every given subject, she was very outspoken, and dominated the conversation. We were shocked with her style of preaching, she interrupted and spoke over her Husband Ken (whenever he tried to speak), telling him to ‘Hush, don’t move, sit still, don’t do this-or do that. This we later found had also been noted by the many friends and acquaintances who have met them, and all have agreed as ‘dishonouring her husband’. She was always praising us with kind words on one breath, then next breath it could be real nasty, sort of a Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde!

We also found her very over anxious, in fact very fearful, to the point of obsessed with regards to the many conspiracy theories, death camps, guillotines, wars, natural disasters, poisonous foods, famines and pestilence, government spies……these subjects upon any visit or conversation my wife found overwhelming at the least, in-such causative to both our stress and her anxiety. Cell phones were always kept in lead lined parcels, we were told of hidden technology- listening devices in all Computers, digital TV’s, cell phones and that all conversations and e-mails were recorded by Big Brother. We were also led to believe there was a concerted effort to quell or subvert-destroy their godly work! Both had destroyed or cancelled any formal government documentation such as licences, Passports bank accounts or registrations that linked to them. The definition of Paranoia in all dictionaries’ certainly needed to be redefined after meeting this couple!
A severe social paranoia exists with Deborah with her worldview surrounding the many conspiracy theories, as Ken later told me “he wasn’t interested in most of that junk” and  said it ‘just wasn’t worth going there, as the grief from her just wasn’t worth it’! Ironically he played into her delusion!

We were given an early edition of ‘Fossilized Customs’, some copied DVD’s. We were shown a copy of ‘The Scriptures’ and heard many praises to the great works of the original writer Koster and his publisher friend who lived nearby. We were amazed to the uncovering of the many Pagan traditions and the ineffability (hiding) of the Sacred Name of Yahweh. We also met their youngest son Jesse. We parted ways and met nearly a year later.
We started to communicate and decided to share our first Passover (2010) with them, my wife was very reluctant, frightened that they might pass judgments on how we lived (which was very basic) and how our children aged 4 and 14 may act in their presence. (How true that turned out, as she later passed judgements on me as a father, my children and my marriage!)

We made the date and they arrived in there Ford Campervan called “BARAKH” which supposedly ‘she had borrowed from a good friend’. Our meeting was a joyous time, experiencing good fellowship, a festival meal, learning much about Torah, the Festival/s and played games. Ken and I had similar interests, it was great to find friend!

I was puzzled to why someone would lend them an expensive Camper for such a long time. In conversation this bought about a confession (in front of Ken) that she had ‘bought it behind her husband’s back’ and was ‘paying it off’! He looked a bit mortified with embarrassment; I laughed it off, although my wife did comment to me “wow-that was a biggie” (a huge lie)!
I dismissed this fact at that time, but soon realized she had lied to me on many occasions about the true ownership. We were asked by her if we could put the ownership papers (Registration) of the campervan into one of our names, this was an urgent issue as they had now owned the vehicle for some time, and the previous owners just ‘wanted it out of their names’. As they both had no drivers licences or identification (a pre-requisite for vehicle registration in NZ), and my drivers license had just lapsed, my wife kindly offered to use her name for the change ownership papers.
Well, what a mistake that was. Over the next year my wife received some parking summons (tickets), we asked many times over a 6 month period to have the registration changed out of her name. I started to have concerns about liability, how two unlicensed drivers were now driving an uninsured, and un-warranted i.e no road worthy certificated vehicle, in our name!

We met later in the year on Atonement, discussed the new Halleluyah Scripture (HS) project, whereby they expounded a desperate and most urgent requirement for a bank account, for the donations that had started to come in, and to facilitate payment for the soon printing in China. We considered the H.S. a worthwhile cause for Father YAHWH, and their motivation to publish, print and distribute seemed sincere.
I offered the use of an existing bank account, of an old and unused ‘Christian Ministries Trust’ which had prior tax exemption due to its non-profit status. We were told by her that ‘on no certain terms would messianic donators accept paying into an account with the name “Christian” in the title’.

Due to their insane urgency, (as they would not have any bank account in their own names), there was no time to re-register the trust with a new name, designate new trustees, rewrite the constitution and apply for new tax exemption! Her response a year later was a big slap in the face;
You offered the non profit account as a  service to Yahweh not personally for us. You set it up and ran around to get it organised for His Word.  So if you are feeling used because you did a service for Yahweh then this has nothing to do with us. Take it to Him.

This left only one logical option, for me to open a ‘commercial bank account’…….my personal name “Trading as” (T/A) – Halleluyah Scriptures. We thought that we were sowing into a worthwhile project for YAHWH so donated our last $2000 to kick-start the project off. The first initial production was for 1000 copies of HS, we do not know to this day where they went.
I looked forward to becoming the NZ-Aus distributor, holding 200-300 copies and distributing them.
I told them that I wanted to always hold min 200 copies for the 3 ½ yrs ‘time of trouble’ soon to come. Little did I know it had already started in HS!!!!

I tried to reason with them (really always only her) over a period of time, that all such accounts would be subject to the rules of commercial activity. I have studied Contract and Civil Law for 6 years and said ‘All liability and responsibility would thus land on my shoulders’!
I tried to reason with her to take some responsibility for this account (a logical process of accountability to the many donors), that a simple receipt would have been sufficient, but she preferred to think I was stirring and telling lies.  It took over 2 months to receive a simple receipt. We were also kind enough to let them use my Importer code, and our old business PO Box in Auckland, (which we have had for over 6 years as we had moved north), as they were of ‘no fixed abode’. On the many occasions Deborah’s used our mail box I noticed she always used fictitious names.

Her response later on was;
•    Here is the receipt for Halleluyah Scriptures printing for your files.
not sure if you needed this for your strawman hide away box number in Whangaparaoa, the box you use and don’t tell anyone about. It is not good to be a hypocrite as Yahweh sees that clearly. You talk about others hiding facts ( more like do not want to be in a system and get out as much as possible and be obedient and work daily for Him and His Son), and you have used a strawman names and box numbers for years. (I jokingly commented one day “my worldly ficticious (straw)-man name lived in my mailbox and I am the true flesh and blood man YAHWH made me!! Wow what a mistake!)

Aprox $25-$30,000 was deposited into and moved through the account in a short period of time, then paid to the printer for the first 5000 copies. To give them (Her) direct access to the account for the use of the project, I gave them the online banking codes and an eftpos (bank) card so she could facilitate payments at her discretion. Her responses later were;
•    we have never used your personal account for ourselves…
•    You forced us to take the bank card…
•    Never mind we will all move on and give all our time to Him and those that are truth seekers

The overseas payment to the printer had to be processed-transacted at the bank by the account holder only, by myself in person (being that account holder). Well what a drama! No dealing with Deborah was simple or easy. It was always ‘kick against the pricks’. I always felt rotten after dealing with her!

I also noted some strange personal transactions had taken place on the bank statements, and many large cash withdrawals. I made the mistake and asked questions!!! I had no receipt of, or any prior notification, or acknowledgement from her about some personal purchases and the cash withdrawals at any stage. Here is her response;
•    I emailed you the time we used the card for 2 purchased but deposited the funds back into the account…. (no such emails were ever received and no monies was banked)

I also said it would be good to have the account independently audited, thus establishing credibility to the many kind people who donated worldwide. This also fell on deaf ears and was held with complete mistrust and utter contempt. Her Reply;
•    So to say we used your personal account for our personal use for 20,000 is a lie (I was just trying to ask about the daily $800 cash withdrawals, new computer and cosmetics)
•    You know that it was for the HS that you did this. So do not lie as you know no lier enters in.

Later in the year, and close to Dec 23rd we (were demanded, not asked) to rush payments to the printer in China, this is where my suspicions that all the small problems to date was problematic to much of the unscriptural behaviour of these people.

My many questions were becoming overwhelming;
What if there are any printing mistakes (which there were)? Why the big rush? Is Yahweh’s hand in the wrong? How will Yahweh deal with me if all is wrong? Why do these people not have bank accounts? Are they undisclosed bankrupts? Why does she hide behind false names and speak in the 2nd or third person? Why does Deborah use the names; Chanel, Channiel, Linda, Kepha, Shalom, Jane (to name a few)? Why all the secrecy? Have we been fools to give near strangers such private and personal details? Why sneak in and out of the country on boats with no passports? Do Emissaries of Yahweh hide behind different persona’s (the face or mask of an actor)? Shaul didn’t! Who’s actually running this show? Does Ken know what is going on? Why doesnt Ken communicate with me? Why do I feel so bad after sharing information with her or then have to re-communicate-repeat what I thought he should have already known? Why are these people so critical of other Messianic believers? Why the exclusiveness? Why all the secretiveness? The hiding from authorities? No details on any of the websites? Why use other peoples personal details? Would Messiah really require this of us? Would Messiah if on earth today act this way?
Well my mistake, I just asked too many questions!
All of my requests fell on deaf ears, and were held with utter contempt and suspicion.

Earlier in Nov, an Adventist friend forwarded an interesting piece of scripture that was found missing in Psalms (and still is!). I had asked her in conversation, txt and email if Ken had an e-mail address as “it would be good to communicate with him”. I considered him a mate. I was very baffled why he never communicated, this offended me. I forwarded 3 times this information, but found no response from him. This is where I made the mistake and started to ask the question ‘what is going on’, does Ken know what is going on? My wife said I should have kept my big mouth shut!

I would later be severely scorned by her with regards to “talking to him about accountability”!
•    can you not talk to my hubbie about bank accounts and money and documents, he has never dealt with things like that and gets very confused and does not really know what is going on,…

I then knew he had no dealings with the day to day financials as the grief from ‘Jezebel’ would be just too much too handle, and he loathed internet communications. Ken is a very talented sign-writer, artistic designer, and very dedicated with study, his typography skill as the leading designer and publisher of all above mentioned websites is evident.

Much of Deborah’s conversation with regards to the up and coming “Hall of Shame’ was spoken in the third person e.g. ‘you won’t believe the shocking information a friend has shown us’….wait till you see whats coming online soon…. then the next conversation conflicted, so we soon worked out it was them building the website. You will notice that they have listed their own name way down in the list of contributors ‘Allen Family’, always hiding their identities and allowing others to be at the front as canon fodder!

As to the web host, who we presume a Bob Field may be a hoax name. They told me of a semi retired NZ business man who Ken said Deborah has had many major fallouts over the years with this person, she has been very clever to get him in back on the project, as he, has been a major financial contributor over time.

We totally disagreed with the blatant plagiarism, the copying of someone else’s work and then redistributing it under false names. Deborah believes that copying DVD’s, movies, Using an electronic version of the Scriptures and the 96 ? version of Kosters work is all OK and copyright laws didn’t apply to her! Theft is theft at any level! I believe she has also approached the Koster Family in S.A. I guess to cause some infighting over publishers rights. Also all the scull-duggery and undermining of the distribution of THE SCRIPTURES on YahSpace.com was to get the HS sold instead!!

Deborah spends day after day on blog sites logging in as different people saying ‘Oh look here….arent those wonderfull people at Halleluyah Scriptures doing a worthwhile job”….”lets support them”….”aren’t they just lovely!!!!

I warned them that hiding behind false names, false “persons’ (persona = putting on the face of an actor) was unscriptural. Clowns do a marvellous job at this! How ironic to find two months later, the reading response ‘Lew unmasked’!
I concluded that even Shaul didn’t hide behind false names, he wrote letters “I Shaul” and went in chains to Caesar! He didn’t fear the authorities; he used every opportunity to preach Messiah and counted all affliction, even death as worthy!

All communication to date, over the 2 years, had only been with her, was at most times very very difficult, as she constantly missed important points of communications, took most of what (near everything) I said, txt or emailed out of context, exaggerating and changing what was fact into lies. Most communications were very frustrating and dragged on (and on). Every agent or person who we used were shocked at how rude and demanding she was, always saying…”for free, for free, not for profit, don’t charge us, we have no money”….. after a while it just got real embarrassing!
A type of dyslexia is evident in the way she reads numbers and or interprets conversation, a very sociopathic form of destructive behaviour is evident with how she deals with people.
Ken divulged that she has had a “major meltdown – and episodes” in the past, whereby she required some serious time out to get “stabile”.
I had witnessed this before with others, evident by the anxious and nervous ‘crossed knee, foot kicking” that a mental breakdown had occurred.
She told us many a time that she worked as a Psych nurse, working in the’ nut ward’, I seriously believe it was the other way round. Deborah always ‘dangerously’ tells people not to take any subscribed pharmaceutical drugs, or medicines as they will kill you….maybe she just doesn’t take here pills? She is one of the most unstable persons I have ever met.

Deborah has ostracized both his family (in Canada?) and her grown children 3 or 4 NZers (with kids) if they exist. It is hard to separate fact from fiction with anything you hear or see from them.
They have in their eyes scripturally ‘forsaken their families’ as they are not believers! All relationships they have ever had have eventually turned sour, with her burning all bridges as she goes.
They said they once had a signwriting business in Auckland (bankrupt?), had a farm (I think inherited a property down south from an uncle?), and owned a motorhome bus…all has whittled away to nothing, as they are obviously not good stewards with all that is YAH’s .
Ken said she burnt most of his belongings one day in a complete rage! We were utterly stunned by what she had done.
Deborah had a compulsive spending disorder in her previous life; they ended up with many shipping containers full of rubbish she had bought over the years.
Later this destructive behaviour would manifest itself in the verbal attacks towards us.

Late 2010 I started to discover many scriptures that conflicted with some of their theology (and brochures).
They screamed at me “they believe that Messiah is not Yahweh, but ‘another person”. They believe in a form of Dualism, two deity-person theology. I tried hopelessly to ask him to talk about the problems, not only in their personal lives, but also I saw in their belief system and publishing. Brochures say there is a name above the name of YAHWH…Ken agreed there was a problem… They don’t believe Messiah is YAHWH, the creator, or El-Shaddai, not being Yahweh Messiah as Covenant giver at Sianai and speaker to father Abraham! Insertion of the ‘Paleo name’ in the Brit Hadasha’ conflicting with Name‘YAHWH’ in the OT.

I believe that questioning is good, though I believe that my asking questions was seen as deliberate attacks on them personally, always interpreted as critical of his intellectual understanding of Babel Hebrew! His comment was I had nothing to offer and lacked any understanding. They are under the allusion that everyone (including me), are out to get them, to destroy ‘their good work’!
By the end of the first quarter of 2011 things were getting very heated, and any attempt to rectify the situation, by e-mail, txt, phone calls and or in person only seemed to exasperate the situation. She blocked our e-mails and txt’s. We agreed to go our separate ways, she agreed to leave me with 200 copies of HS (out of the 500 sent to NZ). I thought it would all work out and settle down.

Here is her response by e-mail;
•    That is good you can take 200 as another couple are taking 100 and we will have 200 left for Australia. Blessings and many thanks.

Well unfortunately the fairy story dosent end here! The Horror story had just begun!

As they started to find house-sitting jobs, a way to freeload off unsuspecting people, we had pre-aranged for them to house sit my inlaws property when they went to Europe. We did not want to get them concerned with the problems we had experienced, so they could have a nice trip.
When I got there I had a bad feeling she had gone through all the drawers and cupboards, something just didn’t feel kosher…..
The Last conversation we had ended with both of them manifesting, and I mean major manifestation….. absolutely screaming and yelling “liar liar, lies all lies, you are a liar bleep bleep bleep, blah blah blah…., this was in reply and defence of them taking 80 copies of my allocated 200 HS books consequently stored my inlaws garage for safe dry keeping. I just walked away in shame and disgust at there actions, talking was now a total waste of time and felt like crying!

This theft was reported to the police along with her many threats of retaliation to the likes of the local Government Authorities and CYPS (Child Youth and Family Services)!

Well sure enough after this these texts soon appeared;
•    If u do not transfer the camper in the next 48 hours we wil contact K-Council about ur building an child an family. 64272985880 11:03:30am 06/07/2011
•    We have ur address details 4 the council 4 ur current address an the other building. We wil also talk 2 the last people. 11:13:35 06/07/2011

We reluctantly decided a week later to put all matters and contact to a final end, to deregister the Barakh camper, in such taking the vehicle completely out of my wifes name. We couldn’t transfer it to their name, they just didnt exist! There was no one else on their team! The Police advised us the theft of the 80 copies of HS was a civil matter, and it was advisable to cancel-deregister the motor vehicle. This was the only option, the only way to get the registration taken out of Tracy’s name, a final and irreversible cancellation.
Once done, the threats then started to come thick and fast. Deborah then started to ring around, ringing a close and long time family friend, trying to get another’s Christian couples phone details. This was to try to dig up the dirt locally and create an allie for her assault on us.

We received a visit 1 week later from the District Council building compliance officer with regards to an ‘anonymous complaint from the public’. We have been subsequently crucified by the local council, with Notices of a $20,000 fine and $2000 per week penalty, and if not paid imprisonment, and for what you may ask?….wait for it……”for living in our house bus on our small worthless property in the country”, ….. for erecting a small ‘illegal building”, our storage shed Ken and Deborah helped us to build!!!

Here is Deborah Allens response (delusional legal threats) to her best and only friend at that time:

Hello Tracy,
You have deregisterd the camper.
We have asked you to take it out of your name. You have not done this and chose to not do this so this will leave us no opitions. This was simple and easy but Lance has made it hard and difficult.
We have taken legal advise as we have the receipts for the payment for the camper which my brother paid for, we have the emails from the owners who dealt with us and the trade me advert. We asked you to put it in your name as we travel and cannot always do the rego and wof which you did and we were thankful and worked and helped you with your buliding and other labor work. You would not have gotten that shed up without my husbands help. You agreed with this.
If you will not transfer it then we will go to the dispute tribubal, it will be a case against you not Lance as the camper was in your name. Lance will not be able to appear to speak for you. He can only sit there and say nothing.
We will be claiming, $2500 for the reregisteration, and the short fall we sold it for as it was deregistered, the value of the camper is 17,500 and we have sold it for 7500. So the total will be 12,500
If you take it out of your name we will move on and leave the problem about the deregistration. But if you do not take it out of your name then you leave us no opitions. We know you get stressed out easily but this leaves us no opition. 
We will win this case as we have all the documents and ownership papers and history and receipts. If you choose not to pay when we win the case against you they the courts will put a debt against your property and you will not be able to sell that land until it is paid in full.
We were more than happy to go our way and you both go your way.
So we leave this with you. The new owner will check if you have taken it out of your name this coming week and if that is not done we will take this to the disputes tribual.
We do not need you to email us as your email is block from our system. All we ask is for you to fill out the simple small form to take it out of your name. We have always been respectful to you Tracy and pray you do the right thing.
Thank you

Deborah will go way out of her way to dig dirt on people, any information she finds out about people, the most private of confidential matters will be used to legitimise her saintly judgments. It seems she has the view (divine right) to be Judge, Jury and Lord executioner in all of Yahwehs affairs here on earth. They are always right, there is no repentance.
Most information is usually a ‘half-truth’ and then presented as a full fact, irrespective of the other persons situation (or misfortune) and or defence. Her view is that anyone who owns property or holds  items of value will not enter the Reign. “You must forsake all and follow Him” as they have, or you are viewed as worldly and an unbeliever.

Here are some more parting responses;
•    Never mind we will all move on and give all our time to Him and those that are truth seekers
•    Your older children are lost, you have no relationship with them…
•    Your land and house will fall on your head…it is all a waste of time
•    You are not believers

I hope that this small portion of information (as there is much more, but we’ve now moved on) has helped establish the full facts, quelling the much misinformation with regards to who the attacks come from, on the Messianic Hall of Shame. I now understand what the Jews during WWII went thru and how they felt.

PS Unfortunately 2 years later we are still fighting the council and have suffered much ill-health over their nasty exploits. We are healing but are very wary about meeting new folk.
Well in conclusion….
I can faintly hear the cackle of her voice as she stirs the cauldron of her indignations….“lies, lies I tell you, it is all lies”!

Lance and Tracy (sorry surname withheld for fear of further persecution)
Far North
New Zealand


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  1. “Testimony 3 | HalleluYah Scriptures Review HalleluYah Scriptures Review” ended up being a very good read and also I personally was indeed quite happy to locate the article.
    Thanks for your time, Rafael

  2. Hi Lance and Tracy,
    Sad to read your story, but know exactly how you feel having gone through much of what you have experienced myself. I too wish to keep much of my personal information under wraps for fear of persecution as I’m in NZ as well. My contact with those two has left me scarred but I have healed. I guess I’m just putting this message up as a bit of moral support, and to let you know that the reason you were targeted was because you were good and trusting people.

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