Testimony 4 – HalleluYah Scriptures

My name is Erik. I’m not going to go into all the minor details of my experience with Deborah a.k.a. (shalom) and HalleluYah Scriptures, because everything that’s been said on this website should be sufficient. I’m in total agreement with everything that Ted, Nance and Marilyn have said, and there is no need to repeat what we have already proved to be truth.


I first want to say how very sorry I am to all the brethren that got hurt in the past and present because of the practices and the commands that came down from a very manipulating Deborah (Shalom Weiss) and Ken (Max Weiss). The only thing I know is our Father in heaven turns bad things into good and that’s what I hope and pray happens with the truth on this website.


I am not the (Eric, Erick, Erik) of Vain Traditions, and I have never had anything to do with Vain Traditions. So if you are talking to a person by email or phone, with this same name, it is not I.


I’m going to make a really long story very short and to the point. I got involved with HS in 2010 and ended my dealings with them in Dec. 2012. I was called by my Father YHWH to help with the HS project. To be a postal agent and help with sending out the individual HS books at my expense free to others. I loved the concept of getting a box of 20 and the 20 names and mailing at my expense to help others get free HalleluYah Scriptures.


One thing led to another and I ended up receiving the first shipment into the USA to help get the HS out. The printing was complete and many postal agents were ready to start mailing. After receiving the shipment, I was then to send these boxes of 20 out to other postal agents around the USA and then they would send them out to individuals that had requested a free HS. The postal agents would receive a box of 20 HS and a list of 20 people to mail to. Using their own money they would package and pay for the postage and mail the HS. But as I received the big shipment from China, Deborah changed things and instead wanted me to do all the individual mailings myself because “the team” (which I believe is her), had fasted and prayed and did not trust postal agents to mail the HS. She talked me into opening a mailbox, paypal and a bank account for HS. Deborah would give me more and more to do until I finally started saying “no”. This is one word she does not like to hear, or maybe she just doesn’t comprehend this word.


The only way I could keep getting the scriptures out and doing my (job), was to not talk to her (Deborah – shalom) over the phone ever. After about the 3rd time talking to her, I could see we were going to butt heads every time over something. So the only communication I could do and keep my sanity would be through email. Email was still very hard, because she doesn’t take “no” for an answer and even with email I would need to tell her no and other details 3 and 4 times before she would accept the answer and move on.


After a while Deborah realized it would be better to get someone else to do the mailing of the HS because more and more mail was coming in for me to process and the banking and there was also a new shipment coming in from the printer in china. This is when Nance came into the picture, and then Marilyn after Nance couldn’t take anymore, and then Ted, after Marilyn couldn’t take it anymore.


I always ask myself why did I ever get involved with such a person as Deborah (shalom). The only answer I come up with is I listened to YHWH and really believed in getting the word out for Free. But when I saw that the HS wasn’t really free for so many people and that they wouldn’t get one unless they donated, this was heartbreaking. I’m not saying that no one got an HS for free, some did as long as Deborah approved it to be sent to them. Most of the prisoners that asked for an HS free never were sent one.


Truth is what this website is about. We sent a letter to Ken and Deb about many issues and they didn’t respond with any remorse or repentance whatsoever, instead they attacked us. Our next step was to follow scripture and share the information to the body of believers that have helped HalleluYah Scriptures. This is exactly what we’ve done. We have brought you the facts. It is up to you to do what you want with the evidence. You can believe the facts or not, then if you still want to participate in what Deborah is doing with HalleluYah Scriptures, then do so.


What’s important right now is repentance and that has not happened, at all, from Ken and Deb.


Ken and Deborah Allen Wessel also known as Max and Shalom Weiss:
1. Have Never confessed about lying about their identity.

2. Have Never confessed to lying about their true location.

3. Have Never confessed to lying about the true costs and expenses of a HalleluYah Scriptures.

4. Have Never confessed to the slander against all the individuals who served with HalleluYah Scriptures.

5. Have Never confessed to maliciously spreading rumors about individuals who served with HS.

6. Have Never confessed to taking money assigned to postal agents and used it for personal use.

7. Have Never confessed to refusing to disclose information thus hiding what was being done with funds.

8. Have Never confessed to practicing partiality to people that requested a HS.

9. Have Never confessed to misappropriated funds and the stated purposes of HalleluYah Scriptures.

10. Have Never confessed to supporting other ministries by using funds sent to HalleluYah Scriptures.

11. Have Never confessed to using HalleluYah Scriptures postal agents to send other materials.

12. Have Never confessed to the copyright infringement on ISR.

13. Have Never confessed to their arrogance, pride and false humility.


Confessing and repenting is what’s important. Without this, is there eternity?

Do we just say, “oh it’s okay, because the HS is a good book and the distribution shouldn’t stop”

What does YHWH say? What does YHWH want?


YHWH bless you all that read this website, and true Shalom in Yahushua be in you.


Erik Klausner

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