Testimony 5

What happened in the UK 2012-2013


Here is a summary of some events in the UK in Wales and Scotland in 2012-2013 accounting of Kathleen Lavanchy.

First there was a man named Robert that was the postal agent, web-designer and had accounts and Paypal in the UK for Halleluyah Scriptures.  This has been kept very quiet by Debra because it would shed a bad light on the Halleluyah Scriptures.  After having a severe run in with Deb and H.S. Deb involved some people in the U.K. to pick up the stock and told them to get the computer, phone and access to the bank accounts and Paypal account that Robert was running.  Deb is and was accusing Robert of receiving donations and not sending HS to where donations came from.

Thus enters Kathleen L.  She volunteered to help and traveled from Scotland to Whales to pick up the stock from Robert.  There exchange was not bad between Kathleen and Robert.  He told her she did not “know the truth.”  Kathleen was instructed to carry out some illegal activity by Debra.  Kathleen refused.  Kathleen did return with most of the stock about 40 cases (800) H.S. copies. Kathleen wasn’t promised reimbursement. She said she would do it for YHWH and didn’t want money and saw it as a gift to Him. But when she was told she wasn’t fit for H.S. she felt she had been used and requested the money back in anger. Then Debra told her she was stealing from the Father and was a blackmailer, an extortioner and a thief when Kathleen said she was going to seek legal advice. So Kathleen said she didn’t want it back.

When she returned home she was not given any reimbursement for the trip as promised.  She began to inquire about some things and that again caused Deb to chastise her the same way she has done to anyone who questions her.

Kathleen was then told she was not fit to be a postal agent and she should ship the stock to certain locations and no longer be involved.  They advertised for a new agent and tried to keep Kathleen happy until they knew where to send the stock.  Debra first had Anna send an email to try to smooth things over and calm the situation (just as Debra had Ted contact Marilyn on behalf of the H.S. team in the U.S.  and just as Deb had Mr. Vosselman contact Ted in the U.S.).  Then Debra posed as Timothy White (a team member who was flattering and smooth) to get Kathleen to send out materials because they had been covering up the events on the website so no one knew what was really happening.  Shipments had been so long in coming some were upset.

Eventually Kathleen demanded that H.S. come get the stock that had been in her flat for 5 months or she would have them removed in July of 2012 and charge H.S. to keep them.  She would no longer participate in anything H.S. did.  They eventually sent a courier to pick up the stock from Kathleen. The stock was then housed in a removal company at more expense.  She didn’t know for how long and doesn’t know where they went from there.

But months later she was contacted by the police saying that “Shalom Weiss” had contacted them concerning Robert and wanted to file a suit against him but needed Kathleen’s testimony since she had gone to his house to pick up the stock.  Kathleen at the time did not feel right taking legal action against a “brother”.  Kathleen stated in her own words, “Also because I knew in my heart that there was something else going on that I couldn’t put my finger on and wasn’t going to be used to do Shalom’s dirty work. And because when I at the beginning said that if this man is defrauding people of their money he should be arrested for fraud and Shalom said “not yet I have other things I want to do first” ! Then I knew for sure I didn’t have the whole story and that she was devious and dangerous. Also she wouldn’t answer the Police Officers question as to how she knew how much money was involved if the donations were going to Smith and the Officer told me she couldn’t understand how she could know.”

She refused to testify and would have not anything to do with “Shalom Weiss” nor Halleluyah Scriptures.

This began in January 2012 and concluded in January, 2013.  Kathleen visited the HS Review site and has shared her story.  She has also passed this information on to the authorities in Wales.


The following emails are an accounting of this story.

Debra’s emails are in green.

On 3 Mar 2012, at 23:28, info@halleluyahscriptures.com wrote:

       What we need to do is do a write up on our letterhead for Smith to sign, or we take further action with the Police.  Steve can tell Smith that we are working with the fraud dept of the Caerfilly  Police and they are more than pleaesd to do an investigation for us and are now waiting for our word.

       So what we need is the following and also an understaking that he will remove every single reference on every single social network and twitter etc on the net with his name and HS..

       This is important. So this is what we need.. and then you write.

       I Robert Rickman- Smith hereby swear that I will delete every reference to the HalleluYah Scriptures project. Every social network, twitter and all other internet pages I have added the HalleluYah Scriptures project with my name  or anyone elses name.

       I agree to the following.

       1. To change the You Tube HalleluYah Scriptures account toinfo@halleluyahscriptures.com and hand over the password.

       2. To hand over the password to the two email accounts and any other email accounts in the name of HalleluYah Scriptures… HalleluYahScriptures@live.co.uk


       3. To hand over  all passwords to the above email address  and any other email adressess open by you for the HalleluYah Scripture project

       4. To hand over all bank statements to all HalleluYah Scripture bank accounts. Full and offficial bank statements

       5.To hand over all spreadsheets for incoming and outgoing orders for HalleluYah Scripture to include all names and addresses of those who have made donations by check or cash. To include all names and addresses of those who received a copy of the HalleluYah Scripture.

       6. To hand over all copies and boxes of HalleluYah Scripture to Steve.

       see what else you can think of to go on the list and are we to mention the laptop printer and phone on this list of just on the page that Steve needs the permission to up life?

       do we give Smith the option of giving us 587 for laptop, 120.00 for printer, 33.00 for phone or do we just take these back.. the laptop cost around 800 I think for there about and he was support to pay us back 7 months or more ago so he is in default of that payment so the laptop belongs to us..

       let me know what else we need to put in this official letter for him to sign and date.

On 05.03.2012 00:58, Kathleen wrote:

Shalom I’m praying and praying about this and honestly I really      believe that he should be prosecuted for embezzlement.  ************      wants to do that and now she can’t move without the info she      requested.

He could sign that paper and not do it and say he only signed because  he was threatened or whatever.

I’m waiting to hear from Steve as he’s away on business at the moment.

But I truly feel we must let YHWH lead the way and wait on Him. Else it could all go haywire.

When I hand it to Him I feel quite at peace.

Robert had control of the websites and passwords. Shalom/Debra phoned the hosting/domain in the UK and said he had passed away !! To get access. She then forwarded the new information from them to Kathleen. In Kathleen’s words. “She told me on the phone laughing. She gave me as a contact and I changed the password to HS and she passed on to the Web designer’s so she said. who knows ? That was to remove it from the hands of Smith who said the site was his. !!”

This letter was from the domain/hosting to Debra and was forwarded then to Kathleen

Subject: [#SOV-403096]: Our domain Name is due

Date: Wed,  7 Mar 2012 10:41:00 +0000

From: “Billing Team | UK2.net” <support@support.uk2.net

To: info@halleluyahscriptures.com

Reply-To: support@support.uk2.net



We are sorry to hear about your loss. I can see that a payment for the following domains have been paid up for, they are all set to auto renew and as long as the credit card details stored on the account are always up to date you will have your services renewed automatically.




In order to gain control of this account you will need to send us a company letterhead stating the changes you will like to make on the account and you wish to gain access to the control panel details.



Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2012 9:02 AM



Dear Anna,

Being part of the HS team you will know that we have been told we are no longer required as agents.

I find it incredibly strange that it’s forbidden to ask an honest and open question of any sort especially when one of the questions asks why  it is ok that someone who has ‘apparently’, (according to Shalom), embezzled over £10,000 of other people’s donations, is not being prosecuted for that crime.

We have been told to be sneaky, deceitful, to lie and break the law in order to obtain those things which the team required.  A team who has been fasting and praying, supposedly, for YHWH to lead.  Is that truly His way???

In joining this team searching for believers, I’d have to ask another question, which is, believers in what and for whom? Because the Elohim we serve is an Elohim of absolute truth and we will not partake in anything that can bring His name into disrepute in the world.

My mum, having asked such questions, and having undertaken to retrieve the stocks and some of the monies at great expense has now been told that due to her questions another agent will be prayed for and sort after as, obviously, YHWH made a mistake in leading the team to us.

A lie has been told on Facebook to the world that ‘stocks have just arrived in the UK’ when they have been sitting in someone’s living room in Wales since August last year.  We were also told of the urgency to get books out in the UK and after obtaining the scriptures and refusing to be party to the above things (sneaky etc) we were informed that ALL orders had been shipped from the USA as those in the UK had been waiting for a very long time, and yet I have seen on Facebook people who’ve waited over a year in the USA.  Surely they would be priority to the USA team plus the expense of sending to the UK from YHWH’s funds we felt was inappropriate, whilst supposedly fasting and praying for us in our retrieval of stocks. We wonder where the faith is in the team.  Again this question was ‘wrong’.

This has hurt my mum so very deeply and it tears me up that she has been treated so badly by a team that seemed so qodesh from the world and yet shows to be just like it. And HER prayers mean nothing according to the team because it’s contrary to what the team wants.  Also she has been judged as not working for the Father, this is such an insult for me and everyone else who knows her.  As we here know HE is her life and we are shocked that such a thing could be thought let alone said.

All the joy I felt at joining this team and working for YHWH has been utterly squashed by this experience.




Hello Alexandria,

I’m truly sorry you feel this way and that your mom has been hurt. I’ve forwarded your email onto Shalom, as your issue is with her apparently.  I am merely a helper for HS.

Please know there is a lot more to this project and that situation you’ve described than you understand, but trust that the Father has hand-picked each team member and if it is indeed not being run according to the Father’s will, and His alone, He will take appropriate action. I do know that despite how you feel, not for one minute of my experience with the HS team have I witnessed what you’ve described in your email.

I appreciate your hearts to help the Missions team.  I hope you find a ministry that better suits your needs.

Peace be with you~



On 18.03.2012 22:38,  Kathleen wrote:


I haven’t posted the Scripture to Sri Lanka so could you please remove it from the list.

I didn’t post it because it would have cost £10 which is ridiculous when it could be posted from Australia for a quarter of the cost. I feel it would be a waste of funds. So could you please send that one out.

I don’t understand why just before I went to Wales you had the USA    post out to the UK where was the faith ?

Especially when I see on Face Book that there are people in the USA    who have been waiting for a year for their Scriptures ?

I don’t understand it !



On 20 Mar 2012, at 03:24, info@halleluyahscriptures.com wrote:

Thank you and i will pass it onto the Usa as Australia does not have any stock for 8 weeks.

Can I kindly ask a favor and this is important. Please do not questions how we run things because honestly you are not in our shoes and you have no idea who things are worked at this end and it honestly takes a lot of energy to have to answer things. All the bulk agents do is get the orders out and they all love it and it saves on engery.

I say this in a kind way and do not mean to be rude. You say you do not understand….. you have no idea why what and how and it is best that you just send out the orders that are sent to you and do that job for the Father. If you do not want to do the job just say and we will pray and find someone that can. again I do not say this to be rude but I have so much to do and so little time and I have to use it in the rightway. It is not only this question but others.

   You are in our prayers and much love


On 20.03.2012 19:48, Kathleen wrote:

Of course I want to do it there is no question of that. I just felt that the cost would cover the postage for 3 scriptures rather than one.

I won’t contact you again except to send the lists of those which  have been posted and confirm receipt of those lists.

In love


You do not now why we sent them and it was before you got involved and His people had been waiting for 7 months there is always a reason and the Father put us in charge of His Word and believe us He would not do that if we were not doing things right, you talk about faith that is what you need to have to believe He has it all in order.. we have been with the vision He gave us many years ago..



Below is the response to my daughters mail.

Please note how Shalom can twist things to make herself seem so righteous.

Richard is a solicitor who advised Shalom of the costs of prosecuting Smith.

Please note that altough she speaks of forgivness and turning the other cheek she was, behind his back in contact with the Police in Wales which I will show with mails from them.

This woman a devious creature !

Hello Alex,

Anna passed your email onto me. The problem is with me. Truly it seems you do not understand the project at all as you falsely accuse me of lying and being ‘sneaky’…this is very disappointing to say the least, as I have tried so many times to explain things that it seems no one is listening and I just honestly do not have the time to waste.  I must say quite honestly, everyone else on the project, all helpers and main team members simply do our jobs to the best of our ability for the Father and everything goes smoothly. But it seems your mother is not satisfied, so through  prayer it is best we find someone else that will be a better fit as we do not want your mom to be continually disappointed and upset with how she feels the project is not being handled according to the way she would like to see it.

You stated serious accusations in your correspondence.  We understand that you are upset, but accusing another of lies and deceit is far from appropriate. To correct your misunderstanding of the availability of UK stock: it is not a lie to say that we now have stock the UK as it was not obtainable and we never thought we would get it back; so to say we now have stock in the UK that is obtainable is the truth as people were asking and we now let them know. This has been a terrible incident, one that clearly you do not fully understand, as you are splitting hairs over words and then pointing fingers in accusations.  Considering this please be aware of your accusations and judgments of incidents; as it is no small matter to go around accusing one another of lies and deception. Your mother gave her word and a promise that she would not share about the problem with Robert and that was very disappointing.

Alex, you stated you do not want to partake in what you feel is dishonesty and we agree, neither do we. Understand that if the HS is dishonest or not run according to the Father, He will shut it down and that is our daily prayer…we pray only for His will to be done as this is His project, not ours.  It is clear that you’ve taken words and motives out of context turning them into accusations against HS; again, a very serious matter to put yourself in the position of accuser.  We have no other life and want no other life and we give up to 16 hours a day 6 days a week to the project and at any time He can take it away with our full permission, which He does not need. We serve Him and His people and all we want is for His people to receive His Word who have never seen or owned a copy before…it is this simple, we are doing the best we can, I’m sorry you don’t understand this.

We are called to forgive and turn the other cheek and sometimes we have to let the Father deal with things. He will deal with Robert there is no doubt about that and I have explained this so many times and so has Richard the lawyer to your mother but it seems that you do not want to accept that.  I do not know what else to say. I can keep explaining myself over and over but if you do not understand it then you will keep asking questions and I have to draw the line as I have very little time, and it seems nothing I say satisfies, so we appreciate your willingness to help, however, in light of these circumstances, we feel it is best we seek a better fit. You say you are upset, we too are upset and have been hurt but we must all move on and continue the work. We will continue to pray for you and ask that you seek His peace and joy.

I will find sometime in the next few  weeks to try and organize the stock you have. So there is no more stress on you both.

Thank you,


From: HALLELUYAH SCRIPTURES <halleluyahscriptures@hotmail.com

To:  Kathleen

Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 3:33 AM

Subject: Shalom

Shalom Kathleen,

Hope this finds you well. I’m just checking to see if you are interested in continuing to send the orders out until the team finds another helper, or if you would like to continue; as we know you’ve felt worry and concern with some things and we do not want to trouble you to continue if it is no longer something you feel led to take part in.  Also, would you like to remain on the prayer team?

If you are interested in continuing, we are needing to organize the brother to get a courier to pick up 15 boxes for Africa….is this a possibility? If so, what address do we give him?

Please know however you feel led is fine, we understand and trust the Father’s will to be done whatever your decision may be. Praying for you and your family…I look forward to hearing back from you.

Peace be with you~


From:  Kathleen

Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2012 1:25 PM


Subject: Re: Shalom


Shalom Anna

I have to say I find your mail somewhat strange !

Firstly I never said I wanted to stop? I received a mail from Shalom who said that after “prayer” had decided to find someone else. I cannot express the hurt that caused, I don’t have the words !

I have spent a lot of tears whilst trying to understand what it was that I had done that was so awful that I was no longer required. I don’t normally talk about anything I do in my service to Yahweh as it gives me joy just to do it for Him but I would like at this point to tell you that with the trip to Wales and preparation for sending the Scriptures out I spent almost £900 in total. I said that I would also cover postage, but when I realised how very expensive postage was I realised I had spoken somewhat rashly and so I asked Yahweh to forgive me for speaking without thought and would it be okay to ask for a portion of it to help. I believe he understood and made an enquiry only to be told that I had let the Father down. That was like a knife in my heart, I cannot tell you what that did to me Anna. I keep asking my Father “what was it that I did that was so awful” ? I don’t believe I was wrong to ask questions when I am being asked to do things for someone else. I have to know that I am right with my Elohim and that is what counts for me. Anyone who blindly acts on the instruction of man is a Fool. My Scriptures tell me to “Acknowledge Him in ALL my ways, and HE will direct my paths” If you had been present on that day in Wales you would understand !!!

I do know without any doubt whatsoever, why the situation with Rickman Smith was allowed to go the way it did. I also know why Steve was reluctant to pursue it, and why he was withdrawn from it.

You said that you felt that this ministry was not for me? I find that strange since according to Shalom it was the leading of Yahweh after prayer ? Then after more prayer I wasn’t ? The Elohim I serve is always very precise in His leading He knows me inside out so I find it hard to undertand that He has been so indecisive !!!

I never once said I did not want to do the work, I waited eagerly everyday for addresses, and everyday was disappointed. I have supported other ministries for years and I have never had any conflict. There are often discussions from all of us over  various issues with no offense ever taken by them or me ! My only ministry is to hopefully let people know that the King of Kings is on the way, in whatever way I can, I have no motive other than that He is lifted up.

For the above reasons I won’t continue. I have no trust in the “friendship” or feel able to ever speak openly and I won’t be in a position like that as I am very straight in my dealings with others.

I would also point out that in my folder for HS I have upward of 35 mails from HS not counting the ones deleted. So how can I be accused of putting anything on the “project “, actually I feel very used.

The 15 cases can be picked up at anytime, address below, with sufficient notice.


In the NAME that is above all names.



Shalom Kathleen,

Sorry for any confusion, I’m not aware of the details of the things you mention in your email, I work with the Missions and Prayer team, so I’m not up to speed on what has taken place, only briefly from Shalom and Alexandria’s email that you were hurt and disappointed and that maybe HS wasn’t a good fit for you, my email was following up with this.  I do not know the situation or how it was left, nor did I ever say that I thought this ministry was not for you—I do not know to what you are referring, as I’ve only responded to your daughter via email and stated the same sentiment as above when she mentioned how hurt and upset you were…I was sorry to hear this and explained the same to her.  Either way, to avoid further confusion, I’ve forwarded your email on to Shalom as it is with her whom you’ve been working, however the team is out for the week for Passover, so they will not be in contact until afterwards.

Thank you for getting back with me….I hope you and your family have a wonderful Passover.

Peace be with you~



I was asked to prepare boxes to be collected to be taken to Africa.

Shalom was always away for a week when confronted! “Timothy” did the same thing.


Shalom Kathleen,

I am emailing on behalf of Shalom as she is away for another week. She said we will not be sending any copies to the people who are going to Africa as they have a bookstore which we were not aware of and am selling Messianic Books. We do not support any person or group that sells or profits off the Father and His Son.

So please do not worry yourself about their order. Shalom will email you when she arrives back in a week. She and her husband are on a well needed break.

Thank you

Timothy White


On 19 Jul 2012, at 00:24, Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com  wrote:



  We pray you are all well.

  We are in urgent need of a postal agent in the Uk. It is not a hard job and all costs are covered. You would need to store a number of boxes and send out orders when we email them through to you. You would be dealing with no one else us here as we organize the orders for HS. There is not much time taken up.

  It is so rewarding to work for the Father and His people in need of His Word.

  If you can help can you let us know as soon as possible.

  Thank you

  Shalom Weiss


From: Alexandria

Date: 19 July 2012 09:57:12 GMT+01:00

To: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com

Subject: Re: HalleluYah Scriptures

Please stop sending me emails Shalom, after the way you treated Kathleen, (after the ‘Father’ guided you to her), I, in all respect for Him cannot and will not consider giving out these scriptures.

The HS is a blatant copy of the KJV with Hebrew inserted and I want no part in it, I have gone through both and found the same KJV ‘errors’ in the HS. Also there is a blatant error in Zechariah that IS NOT in the KJV;  I see it has not been acknowledged on the site, yet you continue to send them out with this error in it. And before you answer this I suggest you speak to the ‘translation team’ who have admitted the error.

People should know that if they work as agents they cannot question YOU or have an opinion.

It’s amazing that both agents that the ‘Father’ led you too, after having contact with YOU ONLY had problems and became demonised by YOU.

The ‘Father’ must make a lot of mistakes as YOU always use Him as the reason for YOUR decisions.



On 09.04.2012 17:23,  Kathleen wrote:

I am sorry to say that I won’t continue with HS. I have been in a  constant state of prayer over the last 4 days and many things have been opened to my eyes and I cannot continue.

I won’t be able to arrange for a courier because the cases will have  to be out on a pallet and I am unable to do that as I don’t have space in my flat. Also it would have to be taken out of the entrance hallway and down steps and we can’t do that. So whoever it is you wanted to take over from me will have to arrange it.

Take care


Hello Kathleen,

Shalom and Anna are busy with a large project they have on their hands so I will be working with you. I do hope you do not mind. I have heard of the kindness you have shown the project.

We are looking to ship the boxes from you to the Philippines/Indonesia and India as the need is so great in these places and the Uk is closer than the Usa.

I have contacted our shipping company in the Usa who will get back to me with how to proceed and I will keep you informed.

We will have 22 boxes go to the Philippines and 25 boxes go to India, these totals may change but it will give you an idea. There will be a few copies left over which we will let you have for the hard work you have done for the project.

I will keep in touch and let you know when the shipping company informs us of costs and timeline.

Thank you

Timnothy White


On 19 Jul 2012, at 10:20, Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com  wrote:


  Hello Alexandria,

  I am working around the clock to get the boxes picked up. It looks like we can have them picked up from your mother next week.

  Thank you



From: Alexandria

Date: 19 July 2012 10:36:38 GMT+01:00

To: Halleluyah Scriptures <halleluyahscriptures@halleluyahscriptures.com

Subject: Re: HalleluYah Scriptures


I have no doubt that you are endeavouring to get them picked up I am just very saddened by the way Kathleen has been treated and the position she has been forced to take.

You have no idea how much this has hurt her and what a waste it has been by HS, as she depends wholly on her faith in the Father to get through each day and I don’t know another person with such a giving heart as she.

This is not how I envisioned being an agent would be for her or myself. It is such a shame on His name that the free will He gave us to have opinions and to seek Him is so shunned by HS if it does not fall in line with the beliefs of other team members.



Hello Kathleen,

No I am not Shalom’s husband.

I am working with the storage people now.

Thank you & I am away for a week and will not be able to email as I leave soon on a trip.

I have done all I can with this situation and have left it with the Courier Company and the Storage Company.

Thank you and we pray the best for you. I will not be emailing anymore as it is best it is left with the Father and I thank you for your patiences and understanding.

I will be trying to get on line tomorrow and get the final details. If not the Courier will be calling early next week. I am signing off now.

My last email to your daughter

Thank you Alexandria.

No need of thanks. We thank you both for your patience and kindness over this sad situation.

I leave shortly on a trip. I will be away for a week. I have organized everything with the Courier and the Storage Company and have organized a PayPal payment to go to your mother.

I pray it all goes well.

Again thank you for all the hard work you both have done and we pray the Father will barak you both for this as we know He will.

Your mother asked if I was Shalom’s husband. No I am not. I am much older.

Thank you


I am off line now.


On 27 Jan 2013, at 17:53,

PROTECT – INVESTIGATIONS – Wales police contacted Kathleen.  She responded with the following

From:  Kathleen

Sent: 28 January 2013 18:20

To: *********

Subject: Re: HalleluYah Scriptures: ************

Hi *****

Further to your mail, I will not give a statement and I have no idea why Ms Weiss would indicate that I would ?

I would like a copy of the mails that you say she has given you copies of between myself and *********?

There is more to this issue and I told Ms Weiss I wanted nothing to do with it many months ago. I am of the opinion that

HS is not all it is supposed to be. I have found Ms Weiss to be extremely deceitful. If you would like further details as to why you may phone me on the following number *************. I will not be involved in anything she does in relation to Mr Rickman Smith.

I told her then to give it to the Police and she said no, she had other things she wanted to do first! At her direction I spoke to  ************

saying exactly what I was told to say by Ms Weiss and  ************ thought it best to let the matter go !!

She refused to take the cheque because as she said “no one knew about this” ! And she gave me an address in the USA to send it to stating it was a donation !! When I questioned this and other things I was subjected to email abuse and late night calls and the boxes then lay in my home for 5 months whilst they were telling people in the UK that they didn’t have any ! When I contacted her to have them removed she responded under an assumed name!!!

That was until I said I knew it was her then there was silence and I can prove it was her.

I will not come to Wales, I have a very sick husband whom I care for virtually 24 hours a day and he cannot be left. He has been in hospital 5 times over the last 5 months.

He has had a lung transplant, has stage 4 renal failure, osteoperosis,and has very severe gout attacks. On the night I was in Wales he was taken ill and NHS 24 called an ambulance

he wouldn’t go to hospital because there was no one to take our dogs. The issues that night could have killed him and because I did not phone Ms Weiss imediately when I got home she was very abusive and after a tirade said “by the way I hope your husband gets better” and she was mailing and phoning constantly day in and day out whilst I was trying to get my husband sorted out. He will be going into hospital soon for surgery.

I also help to care for my grandson who has  Aspergers.

Please do give my details to the Crown Prosecution because I would gladly write to them and tell them why I will not give a statement; please forward me an address and name for me to write to.

The scriptures tell me that believers are not to go to secular law but to deal with it themselves, and I will obey that first and foremost and I will not be threatened by Crown Proscecution or anything else.

If Ms Weiss is intent on this then let her get on a plane and fly to Wales and be her own witness.

I will never forget what Mr Rickman Smith said to me as I left nor the look the on his face and I will not be party to Ms Weiss’ actions which are spurred on by hatred  and anger and bitterness which is not at all becoming of a so called believer.

Finally, what exactly is the draft copy you will send for me to edit? I have not given a statement nor spoken to you.

I am sorry for the length of the mail above but believe me it is an abridged version of the events and abuse that this woman has subjected myself and my family too.



Kathleen has sent the police an update.


Sent: Sunday, April 21, 2013 3:26 PM

Subject: RE: Halleluyah Scriptures Update

Thank you Kathleen.

I can confirm the case was dropped against mr Rickman Smith much because of your email to ******** expressing your concerns.

I appreciated that and it was an important steer for me in which way to assess them at HS.

Thanks for the info


From:  Kathleen

Sent: 21 April 2013 13:02

To: ************

Subject: Fw: Halleluyah Scriptures Update


My name is Kathleen Lavanchy. ********** contacted me some time ago

to see if I would be interested in being a witness in a case for Halleluyah Scriptures against a **************. I declined because of issues that I found to be suspicious.

However, just yesterday I received the following email which will show that Shalom Weiss is actually Deb Wessel ! I wanted you to have this information for your records. I spoke to a CID officer yesterday and was told the case was dropped !? But thought you should look at the following information for any future reference.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Kathleen ( Lavanchy )


Testimony 5 – Kathleen – United Kingdom — 4 Comments

    • Michael, if you look at Zech. 12:10, the H.S. took out the word “Me”. “And they shall look upon ‘ME’ even whom they pierced,” If you want to know why I’ll answer that in another email. Thanks. Ted Ramp

      • Ted, my paper back copy of the H S has the “me” in the translation but my large print edition does not have the “me” in the verse. I just received the large print edition a few months ago but the paper back edition is over 1 year old.

        • Yes, the first print run which was done in a very short period of time, according to those who were involved–a target time frame of 6 months, were later updated to have several changes. One I know of is the Zech. 12:10. They also changed “master” to “Adon”, “life” to “hai” and other such changes. These things I know because as I was beginning to record I was told I had to use the latest version because of the changes. And had to go back and change a few places.

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