The Pictures of HS

The Pictures of HS, Halleluyah Scriptures.

I want to share an email that was sent to my family from Debra of Halleluyah Scriptures and . Before I share that email I want to quote from the H.S. website

“The HalleluYah Scriptures Project is busy as usual, continuing to send out YHWH’s Word to many brethren in genuine need in different countries! We will post some wonderful recent pictures showing the grateful faces of recipients in our site shortly.”

Here is an email that was sent to my family Jan. 19, 2013 – from Debra.


“Shalom Family

Can you guys take a picture of you in the snow pretending you are in Russia, i am laughing my head off as hubs is explaining..  with you in the middle reading from a standard HS and say the wee one or Leah holding the HS faced to the camera, , just you and the girls as you need Robin to take the picture I think unless you have an automatic picture taker or hey George can take it even better as a family pix is always better.. so you all and everyone with heads down so you cannot see your faces and know you are not in Russia.. do you have large costs with big fur around the brim of your hoods…

well it is better than getting the rag on the head for a M uslim picture.. ha ha ha.. hey there is George here we need to think of.. maybe dress him up but not in the snow as Iran is hot, sorry but I am laughing so much over this.. Oh no doubt that George would look the part but in the snow not so sure.

but couch down as we will be putting a radio at your feet.. but make sure one of the girls is holding the HS front to the camera so one can see you are reading from the HS..

sorry no snow here only heat.”


Needless to we did not do that.  And the Father melted all our snow away.  I want to draw your attention to the fact that you cannot even trust the pictures that you see.   I’m not doubting that some are real.  But it is clear she intends even to deceive with pictures.  I am only sharing as they continue to deceive.  We will share the truth.  YHWH will take care of the rest!!!

Ted Ramp  Prov.3:5,6


The Pictures of HS — 7 Comments

  1. Mr. Ramp, this has nothing to do with pictures but last month they sent me about 4-5 pages (front & back} a list of all the different locations bibles were sent to because of my donation. There was no letter with the lists but to the side was scribbled something to the effect that this is where my donation went-I think-was very hard to decipher. Just letting you know. Not knowing all this has come about I threw them away. Jan

    • Jan, this is Marilyn and I shipped out before Ted and Nance shipped before me and Erik before her. I did an analysis of all the shipping done out of 3 large containers from China over the last 2 years. That analysis is on the “updates” tab at the top. Anyway, HS says a lot of things on their website that make it seem like bibles are going all over the world. They are not, unfortunately, only about 29 countries and many times only 1 or 2 bibles. Sadly, over 80% of all the bibles stayed right here in the United States and of that 80%, only 5% made it into the prisons.
      I am not saying this to belittle anyone’s donation as I donated myself as well. I’m just trying to be truthful since almost everything Deb and Ken say is not true.

    • I can definitely verify that I and two other brothers took large shipments of HS to Jerusalem during Sukkoth last year to give to a brother there, five cases total. I have no idea what was on your list, but if Jerusalem was on your list, I can validate at least that one personally.

      • I stand corrected. I did not include the copies that brethren took with them on their travels and there is really no way for me calculate that. I could possibly take those shipments out of the equation if I knew whose name they are under.

        • Well I only know about mine and the other two brothers. If you email me at the email I provided, I’d be happy to give you my name, and I’ll ask the other two if that’s ok to do on their behalf.

  2. I share the latest communication I had with HS Team regarding the 2 PU Leather Books that I ordered (and my dad paid for) back in late Feb.

    MESSAGE START (again start at bottom)
    >>Halleluyah Scriptures via
    8 May (1 day ago)

    to Lisa {sir name redacted}


    On Wed, May 8, 2013, at 05:06 AM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    No — we were not charged any customs fees, praise Yah.

    On 8 May 2013 12:55, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    Oh good, was there any customs on it? we pray you love it as it is special. HalleluYah

    On Wed, May 8, 2013, at 04:53 AM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Shalom – just wanted to let you know my copy arrived safely today!

    On 5 May 2013 07:11, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    We have told the postal agent to make sure the value is 2.00 to 5.00 only, if it comes through as to much email us and we will do a letter that will cover the costs for customs and you only need to show them, as it was a donation so there is no value on it. It can take up to 4 weeks to arrive so kindly let us know. Thank you

    On Sat, May 4, 2013, at 04:45 PM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Ah yes — my apologies. I double checked the email and it did say end of April (not March like I thought for some reason). I am trying to keep track of outstanding items being mailed to our address – since we’re selling up (Abba willing) as quickly as possible and moving country. Hopefully it will be here before we’ve sold.

    Is this item being mailed from the USA?
    IF SO – please know this:
    If a high dollar value is placed on the package – they will charge exorbitant taxes on this end. This happened to us recently. My Dad sent us dvds (creation science for my children) — he oredred them through somewhere in Florida.They made the mistake of putting what my Dad actually paid – and we were charged over $60 in taxes on this end. We are CASH poor right now — so please, make sure the package is marked as “GIFT” (it is a gift from my Dad who should be receiving his copy in {location redacted}). If the post office asks for a value – please put no more than $25 value (that should be safe receiving on this end but sometimes we’re charged for that too). But usually, “GIFT” suffices with ‘no value’ entered.

    If it’s being sent from a UK or European postal person – then it shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe you guys already know this….but I thought it worth mentioning in case you didn’t.
    Shalom and Yah baruch you all!

    On 5 May 2013 00:29, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    Thank you for your email. We are unsure if you got our update email. The PU leathers were to arrive end of March as they were on back order, but they got delayed with the shipping company and they have arrived and our postal agent is working hard to get all the back orders out. We will be working hard to get them all out by tomorrow. It can takes 3 weeks to arrive.

    We are sorry about this and are truly trying to do our best.

    Thank you for bearing with us.

    The HS Team

    On Sat, May 4, 2013, at 04:23 PM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Shalom – I still have not received my hardcover edition. I read that shipping had been delayed until the end of March…it’s now May – so I am writing to ask when it will be shipped to me. I don’t mind waiting — but we just put our house on the market to sell it and move to {location redacted} (we’re currently in {location redacted}), Abba willing and I want to be sure it will arrive before we leave.
    Lisa {sir name redacted}

    On 8 March 2013 04:52, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    Shalom Sister,

    We will send your father a PU leather edition and you a hardcover edition as that will leave a little over to help someone else. We will send you both the names book as well.

    {**PLEASE NOTE they are opting to send me a Hardback DESPITE my dad SENDING MORE than enough to pay for BOTH PU copies AND extra for free copies of HS to give to others!; When I received this reply, my heart sank and it was the 1st confirmation that fruit was rotten.}

    Thank you so much once again for your generous heart
    Sis Shalom Weiss

    On Thu, Mar 7, 2013, at 04:53 AM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Shalom –

    I made two orders (one for my Dad in Texas, and one for me living in UK) – my Dad sent one money order to cover both. I just want to be sure you know this (and there was not some mixup).

    We would prefer the PU leather and don’t mind waiting until the end of April.
    I want to make sure, however, there is enough to cover the costs – and a bit left over to provide others with Scriptures.

    If that is the case, then yes please – we would like the PU leather.
    Can you confirm this for me?

    If it is only enough to cover one PU leather; one Hardback – and leave some left over, then just send me the hardback and send my Dad the PU leather.
    Please let me know.

    {PLEASE NOTE: I ALREADY KNEW my dad NOT ONLY sent enough to cover the costs of 2 PU leathers – one to be shipped within the US and one internationally, BUT he sent EXTRA as a donation for others to receive free HScriptures – I WAS TESTING THEM!! Scroll up to read their reply}

    Many thanks and Yah baruch the HS team.

    On 7 March 2013 08:44, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    Shalom Sister,

    We pray you are well. We received your donation and just want to know if you would like a PU leather large print? These arrive end of March and will be shipped out first thing April. These are very special edition. Can you kindly let us know.
    Thank you for your generous donation and donations in the past, halleluYah for you, the Father’s faithful! Truly you have found the pearl of great price and are enabling others to receive it as well. We and they praise the Father for our brothers and sisters like you whom heed the voice of the Father and His Son and strive to pass along such a gift as the HalleluYah Scriptures!

    Keep a lookout, we are in the process of revamping the site with many new articles that come with some wonderful pictures of believers from all over the world who have received a copy for the first time and are so excited over the tresure they were gifted.
    The HS is the only version that bears the One true authors Name on the cover and inside.

    All praise and honor to the Father…what marvelous times in which we live!

    We are so grateful to the Father for your continued support…it is clear, like us, you’ve been born for such a time as this!

    We have just started to update the HS web site and we have so much more to share with you and others.

    May He always show you favor
    The HS Team

    My copy arrived yesterday – after being told it might take 3 weeks. It arrived a couple of days AFTER I sent my query. I was actually sent the PU Leather. I was prepared to accept the Hardback – per the email reply I received from ‘Shalom’. It seems the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. I won't bother to point out anything else; it is self evident if you read the exchange fully.

    As an aside; — I am less than impressed with the PU cover. It is, very simply put – cheap, low quality. I suspect the Hardback might be better quality.

    I share this with a heavy heart. Shalom.

  3. In relation to Pictures by HS – I share this email exchange. It is self evident when you read what unfolded.

    MESSAGE BEGINS (at bottom, working your way up):

    “Halleluyah Scriptures via
    25 Feb

    to Lisa {sir name redacted}
    Shalom Dear Sister,

    That might be right in Oman but we can tell you first hand dear sister it is not in a good number of countries and it is a death sentence and very dangerous. You cannot send anything to the countries we are taking about, that is why we smuggle in through Yisrael to get to Egypt. The lady on FB was not asking about the picture she was asking if it was true if it is against the law to have His Word in some of these countries we are talking about. A brother answered her. It is truly dangerous.

    Thank you and HalleluYah

    On Sun, Feb 24, 2013, at 07:29 PM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Shalom – I do understand.
    I appreciate you taking the time to mail me.

    You speak as if I didn’t know the hardships out there. However, I lived in the Middle East (Oman) for over 12 and a half years. My husband worked there for 25 years.
    We also travel throughout the Middle East and we know very well the hardships to bring Scripture into some of those countries. In Oman, it is not against the law to take in scriptures. I had mine shipped there when I moved there (and they went through all my belongings). We travelled three or four times per year in and out of the country and there were times I carried them in my hand luggage and had no problems on leaving or re-entering. But we are well aware that other UAE countries (and some of the muslims countries in Africa) have varying regulations. They are not all the same. Saudi is definitely one of the worst (though Christians working there have no problem having their bibles in their personal belongings). I have Persian (not Arab) relatives (by marriage, since I was a very little girl) who are muslim. They have Christians and Jews in Iran – who keep a fairly low profile and are pretty much left alone in their practices, but you will not see the West reporting this.

    Someone asked on the photo if ‘it was true’, and that was when I commented (which I see has been deleted). The picture niggled at me the first time I saw it – and it was only *after* I saw that question asked (if it was true), I spoke with my husband about it. He had over 35 years in the military and diplomatic circles before retiring a few years ago. He was raised in {country redacted}, subsequently being caught in the war there in the 1980’s, working under {dictator name redacted} (wicked dictator) for 2 years before fleeing the country in 1982 ({dictator name redacted} was trained by Chinese Communists). I share to illustrate his experience; and part of his experience entailed propaganda tactics (not only employed by govts and military) which many wicked regimes employ. He was taught how to spot these tactics. And he pointed it out to me.

    If someone asks if the photo is real, it would have been honest to simply say it was for illustrative purposes, and that of course one could not be photographed or they would (at least in Saudi) get the death penalty for having the Scriptures.

    Please tell the sister who initially deleted me not to be offended. I was not speaking in ignorance or out of my flesh or emotion. I love Yahuwah – and I have a strong sense of justice and a very strong desire for complete, truthful, transparency in claims and statements that are uttered. Yahushuwah spoke plainly to the disciples — only speaking in parables to the masses.

    There are many from the West who have lived out there (even in Saudi) who know the realities and challenges, and we also understand that the regulations vary from muslim country to muslim country; in other words they are NOT all the same. The sister who was taking care of the page made it sound as if all muslim countries had the death penalty for having the scriptures and that is not true.

    It is not wise to make sweeping statements that are not altogether accurate. That was the essence of the corrective comment I made. I am not above correction, nor should the rest of my brethren be when they are found in slight error.

    On that note, I hope this better clarifies this sister’s unction to speak up.
    Shalom and Yah baruch you as you diligently seek Him first in every single matter.

    On 25 February 2013 02:42, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    Shalom Sister,

    The FB picture is symbolic or in other words a parable in pictures. These people cannot work around openly with His Word, they will be put to death for it and we know this as we work closely with them.

    It is no different than any of the parables that our Savior told. Very few of the parables are literal but are examples usually of the rein of Elohim. This is no different than the picture. We are showing what some have to go through to get His Word and it is a lot harder than what is shown.

    She or us never thought your comments was wicked, we just know first hand the hardship.. it is hard to understand unless you have been there and seen it and I myself have been there and been abused and threatened and attacked, it is not good at all.

    Much love from the HS team

    On Sun, Feb 24, 2013, at 04:46 PM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Shalom –
    I just got off the phone with my dad. He’s going to the library tomorrow to check his email. I sent him your address to send the money order (he is sending $130 – a little extra for others to have copies of the normal print). And please NOTE that I put HIS address incorrectly! So sorry!
    My dad’s CORRECT address is:
    {address and personal details redacted}
    He will be sure to include a note with his money order, though. So, hopefully there will be no problem!

    I’m not sure what the problem was on FB. I made a comment on a photoshopped picture — perhaps she was upset with me? I don’t believe Abba would use illusion (photoshopped pictures like the one with the Arab women wearing abayahs/coverings) to get a point across. If she thought I was being wicked, I would hope that she would take a moment to talk to a sister, before jumping to the wrong conclusions about me. Or perhaps she made a simple mistake? In any case, I’m not offended. I just love my Father and try to speak as He leads (and I’m not above correction).

    Anyway, please tell her she is welcome to talk with me if there is any lingering concern.
    Yah baruch and keep HS team.
    in Yahushuwah,

    On 25 February 2013 00:27, Halleluyah Scriptures wrote:
    HalleluYah. We understand and will get the orders into the system. We only have hardcovered editions in stock. They are very special and good quality.

    HalleluYah and thank you
    Sis Shalom.

    Oh Sis Rina who looks after FB said she clicked unfriend and block on your name and it was for someone else that left a wicked statment.

    Can you send a friend request back through. She felt ill clicking the wrong button.

    Thank you and HalleluYah

    On Sun, Feb 24, 2013, at 04:13 PM, Lisa {sir name redacted} wrote:
    Lisa {sir name redacted}
    {email redacted}

    {details redacted}

    Number of Copies You Would Like?
    Which large print edition would you like?
    Fake Purple Leather Embossed
    Donation Method
    Mail Check or Money Order
    Hi – this is the second order I am submitting (one for my Dad in {location redacted} and one for me in {location redacted}).

    My Dad is paying for both orders; he will send a money order this week to your US address above.

    I will be sure to advise my father to make sure he includes a note specifying that one copy is for him (location redacted) and the other is for me (location redacted). I hope this is okay. Please let me know if there is any problem. Yah baruch the HS team. In Yahushuwah, lisa

    Product Qty Unit Price Price
    Total: $75.00
    Donation Amount
    1 $75.00 $75.00″

    I’m sorry to say that this post about staging photos does not surprise me, in light of the attitude I encountered in the above email exchange. Shalom 🙁

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