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Published on May 15, 2013

Halleluyah Scriptures: Deception and Heresy by YouTube channel: john832awakeyourmind
In this video, I briefly explain about the Halleluyah Scriptures deceptions and a heresy, my personal viewpoint and opinion. I explain how various accusations against Institute for Scriptural Research (ISR) are untrue, and how the Halleluyah Scriptures project itself invalidates its accusations by doing the same thing they accuse ISR of doing. ISR is the producer of The Scriptures, an unbiased, literal translation of the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament of the Holy Scriptures, the Word of Elohim. I also briefly explain how Halleluyah Scriptures (HS) removed a section of Zechariah 12:10 in their plagiarized Bible translation.

Halleluyah Scriptures Copyright?

“This screen shot is from the HS Ebook.  Just to note the hypocrisy of Halleluyah Scriptures, look at their own “copyright” even though they themselves took another ebook copy to make theirs, they refuse to share theirs openly.”

HS copyright

Halleluyah Scriptures Website Suspended
For Copyright Piracy!

HS Suspended

ISR has contacted DMCA Protection and Takedown Services (DMCA-digital millenium copyright act) to intervene in Halleluyah Scriptures piracy.  The HalleluyahScriptures.com website was taken down yesterday, then back up for a little while on a new server today, and as of now it is down again.  They have not complied to remove the copyright protected information, the HS bible, and will therefore be refused access to the web through their host.  We assume they will change web hosts again and again to try to keep their deception going.  To inform the Body of their continuing lies, we would like to share with you what Deborah and Ken with Halleluyah Scriptures are saying.


Published by Halleluyah Scriptures on  May 7, 2013
We Are On The Move HalleluYah. We are moving servers as the server we are on is not big enough for our new radio station so kindly bear with us as our site will be down for a a few days as the web helpers are working on 2 new sites and this large site and we need extra room.


Published by Halleluyah Scriptures on  Facebook May 7, 2013
We are moving web servers as the server we are on is not big enough for our new radio station so kindly bear with us as our site will be down for a a few days as the web helpers are working very hard to set up the new site and the two new radio station sites. We have our own server to house all our projects and radio station. All praise to the Father for He is good all the time. Thank you for bearing with us at this time but be assured there is many new things we are working on that will bring much joy to the world. All for His esteem.

Don’t be deceived by these people.  Please join us in revealing their lies and please also join us in prayer against the principalities.  “For YHWH watches over the way of the righteous but the way of the wicked leads to destruction”.


Click Here – Disclosure  Documentation – Alan Horvath and Incorporation of Halleluyah Scriptures Inc.

Marilyn’s Rebuttal to Alan Horvath Video – Click Here

Disclosure of Bank Accounts – Click Here

The Pictures of Halleluyah Scriptures – Click Here

Shipment Summary of Halleluyah Scriptures Paperback

We have posted this summary so that the readers can see the detail of how many paperbacks were sent out and where.  Please note that these statistics are for the original paperback only, no other products of Halleluyah Scriptures.  I have read many posts on this site of supporters who are wondering about their donations and whether they gave for naught, so I refer you to the summary.  The ratio of total copies sent outside of the United States verses inside is interesting as the Halleluyah Scriptures website paints a very different picture.  Also noteworthy, is the amount of copies sent out to prisons/prisoners verses the totals shipped.


Shipment Summary of HalleluYah Scriptures Paperback

Another post from Alan Horvath that needs rebuke.Alan Horvath Donate Button

(from Alan Horvath’s website site)
“The Master ordered that those who preach the Gospel should be
supported by those who benefit from it”  1Cor 9:14
Then he has his (Donate Button)

Actually Mr Horvath, the verse is :

Even 2532 so 3779 hath 1299 0 the Lord 2962 ordained 1299 that they which preach 2605 the gospel 2098 should live 2198 of 1537 the gospel 2098.

You can look up each of the words but basically what it’s saying is that those who preach the gospel should live BY the gospel  In other words, YOU, Mr Horvath are not exempt from being accountable to your brethren and dealing with sin is one of those areas of accountability.

Paul also said in the same letter:

For 1223 0 this 5124 cause 1223 have I sent 3992 unto you 5213 Timotheus 5095, who 3739 is 2076 my 3450 beloved 27 son 5043, and 2532 faithful 4103 in 1722 the Lord 2962, who 3739 shall bring 363 0 you 5209 into remembrance 363 of my 3450 ways 3598 which 3588 be in 1722 Christ 5547, as 2531 I teach 1321 every where 3837 in 1722 every 3956 church 1577.

“Be imitators of me as I am of Messiah.”  This is where you have gotten off track, Alan.  You are serving your donate button instead of the Word of YHWH.  You don’t want to do the hard thing.  You have sent emails claiming that obedience should be abandoned for the sake of family harmony so as not to cause dissension. You ignore Sabbath yourself when it’s inconvenient.

Should anyone really be listening to you?


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  1. I checked my spam folder and found this site. I contacted HS and got a real snow job so I answered her at 6:30P.M. on4/28.Here it is;

    Hello HS Team;

    Yahweh wants everything we do to be open and without any hidden agendas. In that respect, you owe it to your contributors to make a financial statement available. You are always mentioning the HS ‘Team’. Who are the team members ? How many are there ? Where are they located ? Do they meet together in person, online, telephone ? If we knew who they were, we could pray for them personally. Yahushua ministered to people on a one on one basis, why is HS keeping everyone in the dark about every aspect of the ministry if it has nothing to hide and is very proud of the accomplishments. Show us how much money has been contributed and where it has gone, along with names, dates, facts. Most religious organizations I have been in contact with can furnish a year end statement of each contributor’s gifts. Why doesn’t HS ?

    The HalleluYah Scriptures are great, but it is all thanks to Chris Kostner. All you have done is changed the Block to Paleo and inserted some Hebrew words, exactly like you accuse ‘The Restoration Scriptures’ of.

    John 12:6 And he said this, not because he was concerned about the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and he used to take what was put in it.
    1Th 5:2 For you yourselves know very well that the day of יהוה comes as a thief in the night. 1Th 5:3 For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then suddenly destruction comes upon them, as labour pains upon a pregnant woman, and they shall not escape. 1Th 5:4 But you, brothers, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.
    Act 5:1 But a certain man named Hananyah, with Shappirah his wife, sold a possession. Act 5:2 And he kept back from the price, his wife also being aware of it, and brought a certain part and laid it at the feet of the emissaries. Act 5:3 But Kĕpha said, “Hananyah, why has hashatan filled your heart to lie to the Set-apart Spirit and keep back from the price of the land for yourself? Act 5:4 “While it remained, did it not remain your own? And after it was sold, was it not in your authority? Why have you conceived this deed in your heart? You have not lied to men but to Elohim.” Act 5:5 Then Hananyah, hearing these words, fell down and breathed his last. And great fear came upon all those who heard of this. Act 5:6 But the young men arose and wrapped him up, carried him out and buried him. Act 5:7 And it came to be, about three hours later, that his wife came in, not knowing what had taken place. Act 5:8 And Kĕpha responded to her, “Say to me whether you sold the land for so much?” And she said, “Yes, for so much.” Act 5:9 So Kĕpha said to her, “Why have you agreed to try the Spirit of יהוה? Look, the feet of those who have buried your husband are at the door, and they shall carry you out.”

    I also pray that Yah would lead me in all things. I was going to change my beneficiary tomorrow on my Scottrade Account to HS. Right now I wouldn’t donate a Forever Postage stamp unless you make HS transparent. I guess He led me to check my ‘spam folder’ this morning and behold ! There was the incriminating evidence. The only thing I needed was confirmation that you are the two people responsible for all the false teaching on the 2besaved site.

    If you have nothing to hide, show us. If you are hiding your identity and your theft, please change your name to Shappirah.

    In His Service,
    Kerry White

  2. I guess I am a little confused…Are the Halleluyah Scriptures “legit” and are they still going to be made available? This breaks my heart to hear this. FYI I did not watch either of the short video’s.

  3. Well, the scripture tells to beware of wolves In sheeps clothing. many false prophets will come in his name. We must ask for discernment.

  4. I will hold back my tongue from saying what I really want to say but I think that we are living in a time where people do not fear the Most High AHAYAH. Many people are leaving church in droves because of the influx of false Preachers, Pastors, Elders, Bishops, Evangelists,
    So called Apostles, Prophets Teachers, just to name a few. These wolves are fleecing the Sheep and they weren’t commanded to fleece the sheep but to feed the Sheep. It makes me sad. These false Prophets biggest concern is building Mega Churches and sucking the people dry. Let us pray for each other.

  5. I received this message from the hosting provider where they hosted until we succeeded with the DMCA takedown:

    Since the DNS was recently altered, some lookups may show the old, or the new information. Any DNS changes take up to 48 hours to take full effect.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    The above name servers are not controlled by us, and is directing the domain to the company GoDaddy. At this time this domain name is no longer pointed to us and we have no further control over the website.


    Special Projects and Abuse Manager

      • Many ways. Most countries have similar legislation. There are lawyers who specialize in takedowns in the most remote corners of the web. Even own hosted sites. My guess is that in extreme cases it will involve seizing the actual servers.
        History of people jumping servers because of DMCA takedowns make other providers much more cooperative. http://isr-messianic.org

  6. I never got mine? I’m Glad yer getting busted, make’n money off God’s Word that based on a copy of paraphrase? Yall need to REPENT!

  7. I wonder if that list takes into account individuals who were given shipments in order to take them overseas? As I mentioned on another page here, I was sent three cases of in the Fall of 2012 before Sukkoth. Two other brothers I go to Jerusalem with during the Hagim also received one case. We took all five of those cases to a brother in Jerusalem.

    I mention this because I don’t see Israel mentioned at all on that list, yet I can personally validate that we did take those shipments and deliver them to a brother in Jerusalem during Sukkoth.

    • Mike, I saw your other comment as well and you’re indeed correct. My summary does not include those who take the scriptures to other countries when they travel. There is actually no way for me to know that. So I guess maybe I should say that instead of 20% HS sent outside of the US, it may be 25-30%. As well, instead of 29 countries, it may be in the 30’s. I will post on the other thread as well. Thank you for correcting me and for taking the Word into Jerusalem.

      • Marilyn, I definitely don’t expect you to include figures of people who just took books into other countries casually. I only mentioned these because they weren’t really my idea but the idea of those who run HS, so I just assumed they would be officially known or earmarked or something along those lines. It all started when I had asked for about ten to take with me to Jerusalem in the Fall of 2012, because a few of the brothers there were interested in them, but felt the ordering process was too complicated. When I made that request, I then received a request from HS to take a larger shipment of books into the country to a brother in Jerusalem who had requested them but who, for whatever reason, did not want to receive them by mail. They wanted six cases, but I could only fit in three. That’s when the other two brothers also agreed to take a case. So it ended up being five cases instead of six, but the brother there was grateful. So I thought that because this was a request from HS to do this, and not really my own request for a large shipment, that there must have been some knowledge among the shippers for why these large cases were being sent to a Johnny Nobody like me. It sounds though like some people involved in the shipping may not have known the details of a shipment.

        I also know that one of the other brothers, one who writes a book ministry and is one who took a case in with us, also received a large shipment to distribute to the groups he ministers to in several parts of Africa. I know for sure at least one of the leaders of the congregation in Africa did receive them due to his reports. Unfortunately I don’t know the actual number in that case.

        • Yes, one would think that the postal agent would know more than they typically do but sadly, we were kept in the dark most of the time and as you’ve read, questions were not received very well by Deborah. Mike, I do see your name on the spreadsheet several times but it does not indicate that 3 cases (60) were sent to you for Israel. I can only speak for me when I did the shipping and I documented every item and quantity that I sent out. I think the other postal agents did the same thing so possibly, this shipment was an oversight or someone else sent it to you. I’m just not sure.

          • Hmmm, I don’t have the boxes anymore so I can’t tell you what the return address was. Our instructions were to deliver those with the boxes. In fact, we weren’t supposed to open them, but I did break that rule purely for legal reasons. (I wasn’t sure I wanted to deliver boxes overseas when I wasn’t 100% sure what was in them).

            Are you sure you have the right person in your records? If you would like to email me, I can give you my info there, that way it won’t be in doubt.

    • The English version was easy. They simply copied The Scriptures and what they could not copy they made it off as “man’s doctrine”. Not much work required when you steal other people’s work.

      I see they are taking pre-orders for the Spanish. Now in my first hand experience – you don’t produce a translation from zero in a year. If you do it right it will take full time workers seven years if everything go according to plan. So they are either planning to steal someone else’s work again – or you can expect to wait at least seven to ten years for the first copy.

    • You will have to take that request to the HS website, Paypal etc. Debra and Ken control HS. We can do nothing about that and are not associated with them any longer. We simply have disclosed the truth behind the scenes.

        • I defer that question at the moment. But it may be a question you might want to pose to ISR and maybe Bill can address that. I believe that is a very good suggestion for them and pray they would do that. ~Ted Ramp

        • James
          We will be holding a conference at the end of the year. I will add the request for a paleo edition to the agenda. We looked at it previously and decided to first complete other pressing tasks.

  8. What a shame..All this bickering , accusations, suing etc over a translation. Both the ISR and HS are fine translations. So what if HS used the ISR to create their translation. It is the word of ELohim right? If they are taking money and not mailing out the bibles then they will certainly answer to Yahweh. All this over money..Yeshua certainly isn’t pleased with the behavior of both camps and I am truly disgusted with you all. Say what you want.

    • That is because they are the same translation. And yes you are correct, YHWH will deal with the situation. However, He has commanded us directly in how to deal with those who claim to be believers and refuse to repent. That is what we have done. But we have also afforded you and others, Judeo, the opportunity to share your thoughts. We have been transparent and walk in integrity so as to give honor to YHWH! ~Ted Ramp

  9. I’m the postal agent in the Philippines, and we have not received 1040 copies here since Jan. 2012. I’m not sure where that figure came from, but it’s not accurate. Presently, I have shipped out 514 copies since starting in late 2011 and have another couple hundred or so in stock to ship out once I get orders.

    • Thank you for your questioning, Heather. I double checked the spreadsheet and there are two other names in the Philippines that have rec’d quantities.

      You have made an interesting comment and I think our readers would like clarification. You are willing to overlook the sin/deception/abuse/continuing lies of Deb and Ken to continue shipping an illegal book? If you’ve read this website in it’s entirety, then you know those of us who have brought this to the Body as scripture commands, have endeavored to do it exactly as it’s written. We don’t enjoy this. In fact, the easiest thing we could have done is overlook the sin and continue shipping. Or we could have walked away and allowed others to ship. We’ve given the Body what we think is the correct interpretation of our Father’s instruction. Could you please give us the instructions from scripture that would suggest anyone continue on with HS where there is no repentance and continuing lies?

  10. How ANYone can have the temerity to claim copyright over the Scriptures is beyond me.

    WHO, pray tell, provided the Scriptures? Yahuwah.

    What has happened with the HalleluYah Scriptures is patently wrong. And I’m glad there are courageous brothers and sisters who fear Yah more than man – and came forward according to Scripture.

    I must add, because this is equally wrong:
    ISR is wrong to copyright. They are not above reproach here.

    Yah have mercy on us and help us.

    • Lisa
      Here is a link to Sacred Name Bibles. The Scriptures is not the only one (but seems to be so popular that it was plagiarized twice now).

      The Institute for Scripture Research is the publisher. We published first in 1994 (the 1993 edition), then the 1998 edition and the 2009 edition. We are working on the next edition, which will be a couple of years.

      We make The Scriptures available for free on Bible programs like e-Sword, CrossWire and various other programs. Available for various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android to name a few.

      If someone wants to collect donations and distribute for free they can contact us and we can arrange (as we have done in the past) for special print runs that gets delivered to them. We have done it in the past for fairly large print runs, and we have been contacted for more. That is what the HalleluYah Scriptures should have done – if that was their goal.

      Sadly – the people behind the HS, Deb and Ken is not very honest people. They simply wanted to hijack the publication. To do that they embarked on a campaign of lies and slander.

      I personally attempted to contact them numerous times, and called them out on many forums to talk to us directly. But Deb’s attitude has always been to increase the slander, block emails and delete comments.

      Alan Horvath in his DMCA takedown response actually has the audacity to tell us that we don’t have to right to publish our own publication!!! Which tells you exactly what they were up to – trying to steal other peoples work. The gloves will be off now. No more asking them nicely to come to the table even when we were not in the wrong. They will go down. Full stop.

      • Amen and Amen! The Scriptures plagiarized twice now? Wow, unbelievable! By the way, I am very excited to see an ISR name meanings book!

  11. Sadly I see the HS site up again. Of course it is interesting to see that their excuse for being down was a radio station. But no radio station is up on the site. Do they not realize that the Body can discern their lies? Please join with us in prayer for Ken/Deb’s repentance as we turn them over to Satan. I know that doesn’t sound pleasant but it is what we are to do out of obedience. Please also join in prayer for their site to go offline and that no hosting company will have anything to do with them. As we petition our Father to keep them silent and not allow their deception to spread, we do pray also for many of our brethren who have blinders on. May YHWH have mercy.

    • Only for a while. The can use Zoneedit and move their site to different hosts to evade a takedown as much as they like. We have resolved to now fight this slander lies and piracy to its conclusion. It is up to the HS Inc. (New Jersey) and Ken and Deb on what will happen.

      We will keep on filing DMCA takedowns, Canadian C-32 Notice and Notice filings, or any other filings in other countries to take their site off the web. Should they host themselves, we will apply for seizing the equipment that hosts the site that promotes the pirated version, and apply for the penalties for willful copyright infringement, which caries severe penalties up to US$115,000 and imprisonment. That is not including slander and libel cases. There is only so much abuse that one is willing to take, and we have reached the end of our patience with them.

  12. I must say I am disappointed the HalleluYah scriptures ” team”. They have the nerve to say that they have to make “decisions” as to how the money is used and they want us to keep that in mind? So wait a minute! Why do you advertise the parallel edition, the large print edition, pocket sized edition. Purple imitation leather edition for ? We send money to them that not only covers their bible but also covers enough so that someone else get a standard free copy but we never receive a copy of the edition we sent the money for! Why because you decided you were gonna use the money for something else so we get jerked out of money? WHat a scam..The Philippines is the only place that should read this translation? ridiculous.

    • Call paypal and get a refund for your money. They should suspend any Paypal account for the Halleluyah Scriptures and bar further donations to them.

    • Judeo
      The whole story that they spin is just totally unbelievable.
      All the Institute for Scripture Research Directors have their normal day job, and the translation work we do after hours.

      They claim they are working up to 14 hours a day on the HS. And no source of income. So do you really believe people who do not work for a living, who have no issue with stealing other people’s work (they ripped off the Weights and Measures from the 2009 edition of The Scriptures, they copied the timeline that I did, and even some of the maps) that these people will not look at the funds coming in and not dip into the donations to sustain themselves? If they produced their own work then it will be all good and fair, but they did not.

  13. I would like to encourage our viewers to file a complaint with Paypal against Halleluyah Scriptures. They are continuing to take donations as long as their website is up yet so many have been scammed, never receiving what they ordered. As well, the printer in China has been advised to cease printing which brings into question the claims of HS doing another print run.

    Along with contacting Paypal (strength in numbers of complaintents), you may also contact http://www.abuse@canadianwebhosting.com to demand that they no longer host the HS site. Apparently Canada does not care about copyright infringement. I have contacted the International Trade Commission in Washington DC to help put pressure on this web host.

  14. Hello, I sent Halleluyah Scriptures money for two bibles in Spanish. Does that mean I lost my money? No bibles in Spanish? So sad. Abba Yahweh is Justice in Yahshua Ha Mashiach.

    • Call Paypal immediately and cancel your transaction. Explain to them that the Halleluyah Scriptures is a plagiarized work and you were ignorant of it. Explain to them under Federal trade laws you are entitled to a 30-day refund, because you made a mail-order (or online) purchase and you did not see the item you purchased, therefore you have every right under these laws for a full refund. If you did not go through Paypal, call your bank and explain to them the same thing. Let me know if this helps you.



    • Most likely. It was easy for them to just steal The Scriptures from an electronic edition – but what will they use for the Spanish? Translate from start? That will take many years. To start asking for pre-orders for other Bible translations for other languages when they have not even made any progress with it? Wow.

  15. Hi Heather Roa my name is Stuart Wait…. I am from australia but called to His Philippines to witness and have received about 60copies of HS I think from Mindano they went to Pag Ibig Church in Buhatan.I was told you were going back to the US a few months ago ???? and maybe I could take over distribution ?? I first saw a HS and it said ” Not to be Sold ” so I went online and asked if we could have some for Philippines. I have sent lots of photos with testimonys of Yah’s work here in peoples lives to HS. I now read that this HS could be a ‘Big Con ‘ ( I also donated $100.00 ). So forgive me if I have helped propagate a ” Big Con” I just wanted His word for those who have no money to buy there own. This is all so sad and discouraging …. oh Father … how we mess up. Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us. Feel free to contact me at my email address. Talk about a bowl of pasta.

  16. Sadly, these frauds are still in business – still bilking from those who truly want to serve YaHuWaH precious dollars that should be making possible the gifting of the Word to those in need.
    As to the ZekarYahuw “adjustment” – they have taken away a most important concept concerning the “Oneness of YaHuWaH and His Mashiyach. They deny the following:

    Zech. 12:10 … the Piercing of YaHuWaH …… I will pour out on the house of Dawiyd and on the inhabitants of Yahrushalayim, the Ruwach of favor and of supplication, so that they will look on Me whom they have pierced (et asher dakaru– wrqd rsa ta); and they will mourn for Him, as one mourns for an only (yachid–dyxy) son, and they will weep bitterly over Him like the bitter weeping over a firstborn. The first thing to notice is that the direct object pointer a-t (aleph-taw) is meant to show what part of the sentence receives action. In this case, the part that receives the action is YaHuWaH, Who is Himself pierced! This fact though raises an uncomfortable question: Since YaHuWaH is Ruwach, how can He be pierced? The answer is a few words later in the same verse. The phrase “only son” is dyxy, and it is an exclusive singularity, meaning that only the Mashiyach has an occurrence of YaHuWaH’s nature, as opposed to a separate Mighty-like nature, which would be idolatry. And so, dyxy guarantees that Mashiyach is the only human who has had, or ever will have, an Occurrence of the one Mighty-like nature living separately, and yet side by side, in His own human nature. You don’t have to go to the Besorah’s then to get the truth of this matter. Furthermore, the Ruwach of YaHuWaH is said to rest upon Mashiyach (Yasha. 11:1-2), and so if the flesh of the man containing YaHuWaH’s Ruwach is pierced, then metaphorically speaking so is YaHuWaH pierced. Therefore, in ZecharYahuw’s case, the placement of a-t (aleph-taw) leaves no doubt whatsoever that it is YaHuWaH receiving the action of piercing, and yet they mourn for Him (Mashiyach) as an only Son! That fact alone clearly proves that YaHuWaH is somehow pierced and yet He does not die, but it also shows that His son does! But then, if the Son can die, how is He “equal” with YaHuWaH Who can never die? The answer is in understanding the difference between “equal” in Aramaic and English. When we say “equal” we mean a sense of equivalence, such as 2 +2 = 4. However, to say “equal with Aluhym” in this context does not mean identical but rather “of the same substance as Aluhym”. What’s the difference? Well, water and ice are the same substance but are they identical? Does each one act or is able to do the exact same things as the other two? In the same way, Mashiyach is made up of the same “Mighty-like stuff” as YaHuWaH, but is given a subservient function by the very nature of the fact that He has become human. That is also why He can say “I am nothing without My Father”, because without that Mighty-like part, he is just another man! Over a firstborn: This is the ultimate in weeping. YaHuWSHuWaH is indeed called the “firstborn”. (Luke 2:7; Rom. 8:29; Col. 1:15, 18; Heb. 11:28; 12:23) And this is what is being described—the mass acceptance of YaHuWSHuWaH by the Jews in the Land, for He must be king over all of Ysra’al. (Can a Land be born in one day?) Interestingly, while it was the tribe of Yahuwdah that first crowned YaHuWSHuWaH’s ancestor David, Yahuwdah was the last tribe to accept him back after the rebellion of Abshalom, who is a picture of the Counterfeit Mashiyach. (2 Shmuel 2:4; 19:11)

  17. Amusing updates on their website on the Copyright page:
    At first they denied that the ISR was founded in 1993. They claimed we faked the registration at CIPC and even posted an email to “prove” it. Now they agree that the ISR was indeed founded with Chris as chairman in 1993, but say it does not matter.

    They insisted that Chris published in his personal capacity. Proven wrong as even in the first print it is clear that only the ISR published The Scriptures – apparently that does not matter anymore.

    They insisted that there was no records of The Scriptures in National Library and that would prove copyright. Then we posted it. Now apparently it does not matter. They are trying to claim that we only recently deposited The Scriptures at the NLSA. Records prove otherwise – but that will not matter to them either.

    They insisted that they had contact with people “working closely” with Chris. So far they have no name yet. All the people that worked closely with Chris has also given their copyright assignments to the ISR – apparently that does not matter anymore.

    Amazing that they will claim something as the basis for their copyright violation – and when proven that they outright lied then just claim “it does not matter”. All the while Ken and Deb just set up a string of strawman companies (I am beginning to lose count how many) to front for them. https://www.facebook.com/pages/MessianicHallOfShame-Lashon-Hara/119625114783401

  18. Hi Bill, today I spoke with Paypal (HS money processor) and filed a complaint against HS with Paypal. I spoke to Linda and she told me that they have multiple accounts and now they are now pending an official Merchant Review. I gave them this site as part of the review. Perhaps you or an ISR representative can contact Paypal yourself (if you haven’t done this already; you probably did) to disclose your case against HS. You can legally prove to Paypal that ISR has the copyrights on The Scriptures, and that HS are thieves. If HS has no more funding medium, they will have no choice but to shutdown.

  19. Message from YahSpace.org


    “We have gotten multiple reports of people NOT getting their BIBLES or CASES OF BIBLES that they Paid for and Ordered. The situation has gone beyond that of tolerating the problem so our links to their site is being removed until we get satisfactory response that these problems will be resolved. Additional issues have also been reported that we find best be prayed about and then reviewed by ELDERS in the congregations to resolve. This is NOT a good way to BUILD THE BODY by taking money for items you did not deliver to people. As FOLLOWERS of YHWH and MESSIAH we should KEEP OUR WORD and DO WHAT WE SAY, even if we may take a while to get it done, we should do it!”

  20. Today questions were asked on a (evidently there is more than one)HS Facebook thread by someone who evidently was just getting started in the HS. The questions were in reference to the meaning of the word Mashiah/Mashiach, and the letter O (Ayin)in the name of Messiah. HS did not answer the question. I… being a student of the four Hebrew scripts and Torah keeper decided to answer the questions. I was not trying to teach or be a teacher but was simply answering the questions without a thought about it. Later today to my surprise… my comment was deleted and replaced with the same answers that I provided on the thread by HS. Immediately got a big check in my spirit. I Facebook e-mailed HS to see if I offended someone by my answers and to find out why my comment was deleted only to find out that HS had blocked me on Facebook without any relevant explanation. I went to their website and requested a free HS copy. I’ll keep this review posted as to if I recieve my free copy… or not.

  21. Man o man where do I start! I spent many months in 2012 assisting Shalom and Alan on the audio project and what a ride on the crazy train it was. Phone calls from, “Shalom” asking me all sorts of legal questions (I’m a former cop) about former workers of hers whom she claimed committed fraud against her organization. Then her fanatical desire to let me know every other minute that she works 16 hour days six days a week.

    On and on it goes. Then there is Alan. Sweet guy when you first speak with him but boy does he change fast. Crazy emails demanding me to do more work and piling on left and right. Then of course there was the Vain Traditions book Shalom sent me. Straight up blasphemy! Shalom tried to convince me of the books teachings denying Yeshua as Elohim but I’m no sheep. Once she realized I wasn’t down to deny Yeshua as God everything began to change. Not that things were ever a step or two away from looney tunes before all that.

    Any of you that have spoken with Shalom knows what I’m talking about. Red flags begin to pop up almost immediately but at first you just think, “ahh, were all different, no big deal right?”

    Like any good cult or scam, you get much praise and love if you tow the line but if you start to question things the hammer drops. I didn’t just walk away from that nut house I ran. I’m just pissed that I gave Shalom all that legal advice that she probably used to circumvent the law or harm some of you that she was trying to deal with when you found out she was a fraud.

    I did make some heartfelt audio recordings, I wonder if they kept all those hours of work and editing?

    • James,
      I know this is not funny but in a sort of sad way, its funny to read your version of the time you spent with them. Probably because your way of writing brings back so many memories and probably because each one of us who’ve dealt with her can relate to what you’re saying. In fact, it’s kind of difficult to explain her even on this site unless you’ve actually spoken to her or been in her crosshairs.
      I thought it was just me being too critical when I would bristle every time she told me about her sacrifice of time. But then a former volunteer characterized her as “sanctimonious” and I thought it so appropriate that I knew I wasn’t too harsh.
      Sorry for your abuse and misuse. But glad you had your sneakers on……..

  22. Is there any honest person out there who will please tell my husband and i:
    IS THE HALLELUYAH SCRIPTURES accurate; without anything missing or added?
    We w/love to believe that what we just ordered [paypal on 9/14/13]is GENUINE!
    We feel it’s not about who did what; it’s their conscience and between them and YHVH!
    We just want THE TRUE WORD and will pray for if anyone is guilty that they REPENT!
    Thanks and In Him,
    Lea and Paul C.

  23. Lea,
    That’s my middle name by the way and exactly as I spell it. Your concern is valid and something many on this site wonder. May I ask you a question? When Ananias and Sapphira gave their donation to the cause (whether that cause was feeding the poor or helping those on missionary journeys or helping get more scribes to get the Word into more hands) what do you suppose Peter did with it? We know that he didn’t ignore their sin for the sake of receiving their donation but we aren’t really given any more detail about the actual money and what happened to it. Maybe you have some idea about what they did with it?
    Here’s my point. All we have to go by is what Y’shua told us about fruit and the fruit tree (a bad tree cannot bear good fruit, first make the tree good and then the fruit will be good) as well as what YHWH proclaims in His Torah about His priorities (not turn our face away when we see sin or we are held guilty as well, their blood is on our hands). Paul even teaches to rid the Body of an unrepentant sinner (Eph 5, 1 Cor 5). Y’shua as well confirms the importance of a purified Body in the letters to the churches in Rev. In fact, His words are very strong, “repent” (of tolerating sin in your midst) or it’s bad news. Isn’t all of this teaching us the same thing? Don’t they all have the heart of the individual as top priority and the sanctification of the Body of Messiah as non negotiable? Isn’t circumcision of the heart more important than any action, surely over and above any cause…..even if that cause is noble?
    What are your thoughts on this taking into consideration all of Torah?

  24. Hello Lea,
    As I have spoken with many people, I will also say this to you:
    Call Paypal RIGHT AWAY and ask for your money back. You have a 90% chance that you will not get what you ordered.

    Also, as far as the HS translation’s validity goes, it ISN’T accurate or true. As I study the history and typography and language of our beloved Scripture, I find that you cannot easily, quickly and haphazardly translate the text from one language to another without due diligence and solid KNOWLEDGE and understanding of the original language. The reason why I stress Knowledge is because the HS “translators” have near to none of it. The “team” is an ad-hoc team of wanna-be self-proclamist pseudo-scholars who act like they know what they are talking about but have not the foggiest clue. You CANNOT, CANNOT, (and did I mention CANNOT) remove 86% of the italicized words in the Scripture text, call it “man’s doctrines and opinions” and expect it to reflect the original Hebrew or Greek text! This is a laughable (and because it is the Holy, Sacred Scriptures, righteous anger arises) disastrous approach to YHWH’s Word. Those italicized words are added to carry on the thought and intent of the original language. This is a useless sales “pitch” to grab you to their translation. Also, in older revisions of the HS translation, they tampered with Zechariah 12:10 and removed the word “Me” from it and replaced it with “even whom”. Please see the video on this issue at the top of this page. I personally use the Masoretic text from ISR The Scriptures and the Greek Septuagint (Brenton’s) and the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) from Andrew Roth for my Scripture studies. I do very highly recommend you calling Paypal and demanding a refund of your donation, especially since they are fraudulently operating a) without a proper 501(c)3 status, and b) selling a illegitimate copyrighted work (Halleluyah Scriptures is a plagiarism of ISR The Scriptures). Baruch and Shalom to you Lea and to Paul C.

  25. This continues to bother me so I’m just going to put it out there and maybe someone else can bring clarity. Deb, if you’re reading this, you know that we have always desired your repentance first and foremost. Beyond that, do you know the expression, “your thigh is wasting away”? Basically, it means your credibility is shot to pieces. In swearing an oath, one would put their hand under the thigh of another. If you desire to answer this post, you’re invited to do so, you’re always invited to bring proof of anything we have ever said that would contradict. However, since no swearing of any oath would be accepted by you or Ken or Alan, you would need to show the evidence just as we have done from the beginning. It is not enough to write your defense on Alan’s website when your own word is the very thing in question. Unfortunately, your thigh has wasted away.
    It has come to me that as Deb and Ken still maintain that they do not take any money from the donations to HS, they cannot be living on monopoly money. I guess it’s possible that friends they’ve made along the way could be supporting them…….wait what am I saying? Deb makes enemies out of friends very quickly so scratch that. As everyone has read, the credit card transactions prove they are buying food, gas, dinner out, merchandise, etc. It has also been revealed to us that Deb and Ken have built a house and really only live in their motor home when they choose. So how are they receiving funds? Where did they get the “cash” to build? How do they buy gas for the motor home? How do they eat?…..hmmm
    An interesting fact that was brought up to me when asking some questions, many times a person would donate money to HS for a bible and there would be no record of their donation in the accounts. Orders were oftentimes not on the order sheets as well, when Deb would contact me with questions. So I started putting some things together. Deb has never allowed any volunteer to control the website or have access. Most of you know that the DONATE button links to a PayPal account……but how many PayPal accounts are there, do you suppose? The volunteers only know of ONE and it is how all accounting was being kept……or so we thought. According to Michael’s phone call with Linda at PayPal, Deb and Ken (HS) have several PayPal accounts. How hard would it be to switch a link from time to time and have donations flow into your personal account and then switch it back so as not to bring too much attention from the accountant? I submit that would be the easiest thing in the world for them to do. It’s just a keystroke really.
    Now, whether or not this is one of the ways they are supporting themselves or not, I don’t know. I was hoping that those who are continuing to aide Deb and Ken in any way would step back until we all see repentance. In fact, I’m not too sure that anyone in a ministry who is caught lying should be able to continue as before even after repentance. Wouldn’t the temptation that allowed the deception to begin with, still be an issue?
    If you are still supporting HS, I ask you to consider what is really going on here under the disguise of giving away free bibles. We all know they are not free. We all know that in the beginning, the draft given to the printers was taken right off the internet. We know this because we’ve talked to the proof reader. So if you want free bibles to get into the hands of prisoners or the needy, send your money and your donations and your willingness to volunteer your time to those who walk according to Torah; those willing to be accountable to the Body; those humble enough to place a priority on holiness and not a cause. If you cannot find such an organization, start one. But be of the highest integrity. Bring honor to the Name of our Heavenly Father and not shame and disgrace. He commands us to care about these things.

  26. Bill,

    Some of the emails I got from Shalom (Deb) are actually funny. I don’t recall dumping any emails so everything should be there. I do remember so many of her responses were just nutty as heck.


  27. I understand there’s alot of debate here over questionable stuff behind the scenes and all but when I sent my donation in, I got my copy right away and have been reading it ever since and have enjoyed it greatly. I’ve not only enjoyed it, but I have been reading more than ever before. I also understand however, that as an unbias bystander I have to weigh both arguments equally and not draw arbitrary cinclusions at face value. How can I be so sure the people accusing HS sre lying? After all it seems like Alan is being truthful in the resoonse video and I see no spitfullness or hate from him of any kind. But if the accusations are true, I will keep an open mind. I need soild proof

  28. I was looking to buy a HS bible but now that I have seen all of this I want to ask…Where can I get a bible that reads as HS describes it does?? I just want a good bible to learn the TRUTH!!! I actually tried to donate to HS and get a bible but my credit card info wouldn’t go through…PLEASE help!!!

  29. Ryan
    Here is solid proof…
    Tell them Bill Meyer from the ISR challenge them to meet in front of a properly constituted Beth Din, made up of respected Messianic elders to face and answer the charges, and to explain the lies they have been spreading about the ISR.

    Ask them and see how the rats run for cover.

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