Who is Behind HalleluYah Scriptures

Max and Shalom Weiss,
also known as Ken and Deb Allen
and Ken and Debra Wessel

The Names Behind Halleluyah Scriptures

Will the real Shalom and Max or Debra and Ken please stand up?

This lead to other inquiries which then led to the disclosure of who Shalom and Max are.  You can verify from the below link on You Tube that they are Debra and Ken from New Zealand.

Feel free to watch the whole video but the information pertinent to this document is from minute 5 and 20 seconds to minute 6 and 30 seconds where Ken mentions that they live in New Zealand and Debra identifies herself by name.   To be fair, this video was made a few years ago.  It is possible that they now live in Australia, however, personally Debra (a.k.a. Shalom) told my family via Skype phone conversation that she and her husband were living in Australia and had lived their whole lives in Australia.  This statement was also made to others we have had contact with.

Debra and Ken are also are behind the website http://2besaved.com. It is Ken’s voice on most if not all the videos.  Also you can still order this video that is on you-tube from that sight directly.  I will leave it to others to verify their involvement with other “ministries” or “websites”.

Also on the 2besaved.com website there is an article about “When does a day start.”  The rebuttal  to this article is posted on http://2besaved.com/DayStartEliyah.html and on http://www.eliyah.com/responses/sunrisesabbathresponse.html stating the presumed authors are Debra and Ken Allen.  Also Debra verified in a personal conversation that they had written this article and it came from a vision they had had while Ken was deathly ill. It is Ken’s voice that does the narration for the video on the “When Does A Day Start” video.

Because of all these things coming to light, it was necessary to dissolve Halleluyah Scriptures Inc. in Fort Wayne, Indiana and disassociate with Halleluyah Scriptures.

However, bibilcally we are responsible for addressing the sins of those who claim to be brothers, which we did according to Matt. 18.

Since that has been done and there has been no repentance we are compelled to inform the body Messiah of the sin within in the camp.


Who is Behind HalleluYah Scriptures — 39 Comments

  1. Deb and Ken or whatever your names are. From the proof on this website you have definitely deceived, used, manipulated and lied to many believers.

    Evidently from the beginning these books were never free. And from the evidence it shows that if someone didn’t give money then they didn’t get a book. (This IS Selling the Word!)

    You’ve earned the right and deserve to be on your own website messianichallofshame.com shame on you.

    I forgive you as I’m sure many do. This is an eternal situation and you should listen to Yah’s Word and confess and repent.

    Then if you can’t help yourself, go back to selling your books and stuff and stop being liars and saying they are free when the evidence shows otherwise.

  2. Tis a good question, who is behind [h]alleluyah scriptures? Forty +years in darkness with “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, now more darkness with this kick in the heart, all on the sacred day of Shabbath. Is there anyone out there you can trust besides Yahweh? Does not the right hand know what the left hand is doing? I corresponded numerous times with Shalom Weiss as a sister in the faith in Mashiach, I often asked her for her input on matters in certain areas concerning Torah, for there was a bond of trust there for I truly believed in her and because of her staunch support in His pure word in the Ibri. I am a retiree on Social Security and always found a way each month to donate 50.00 so that others could own and enjoy and find hope in the most valuable Book of instructions in the world, His qodesh writings. I received my two H.S. one for me, one for my wife thats all we need an found it a joy to give, that other unfortunates could receive the true bread of life. Now my hopes are shattered because this was my final frontier in my search for truth and I do not speak for my wife for she is so discouraged she instructed me to leave her out of this confusing scummy dross.

    Ironically, on April15, I was reading my E-mail from H.S. on request for prayer and fasting when another E followed. It was my pay pal statement confirming my March transaction of 50.00 donation to “Vain Traditions” that is when I detected the odor of fraud. Immediately I E-mailed Weiss @ H.S. Her reply was “an innocent mistake”…….. I slept on it for a while with plans to contact pay pal, then, a couple days later, I received notice from Ted Ramp of the scheme. If it is true Weiss and you are viewing my message I am cut deep in my inward parts. I pray for you and your husband incessantly, for your sin is great. You not only sinned against the children of Yisra’el but of the Ruach, which is much more serious. If it indeed be true, Weiss, come forth and lay bare your sin for what profit you if you gain the whole world but lose your hai.

    I am sad and heartbroken, I had deep affection for you because you always advised me through the Word. Raymond Albanese

  3. Raymond, you are the reason, and many others like you, that this website exists. We could not turn our face away and allow people like yourself to be deceived any longer. I hear the pain in your words. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry to so many on this site who have written such heart wrenching stories. I’m grieved that Ken and Deb have plotted such an elaborate scheme and hurt so many people in the process who trusted them. Our enemy is much smarter than we are. Why do we open those doors? One lie is never where it ends up. Yahshua said “I have spoken openly to the world…and in secret I have said nothing.” I believe ignoring these words is where they got off track, assuming they were counted in the faith to begin with. None of us can answer that question for them but there is little fruit of a circumcised heart. Their deeds, while this one was certainly noble, will not gain them what they hope for. Your’s however, will not burn up. You have indeed put our Father’s love letter into the hands of others. You have restored His Name to His Word and sent His Name to many places on the earth. Never forget that.

    • Marilyn, I do appreciate your kind and comforting words,but they are in the same tone as spoken by Weiss, don’t know who to trust anymore, especially this blind document called the internet. I do know who i can trust without doubt and that is none other than YHWH, whom i prefer to call Yahuwah (phonetic)-Yukwa, a name i learned of from an associate of yours, Alan Horvath. Mishley 3: 5&6.

      I call this tool a blind document because i can’t see you, i can’t touch you, i cannot look into your eye nor see you breath. I don,t know if these websites and those who create them are an illusion or just downright deceptive. What i do know and am certain of, is His Word, for which He cannot lie about , there is no reason for Him to lie, no motive because He is Elohim, El Shaddai. There is nothing more important to me than to magnify His Most Qudesh Name and the spreading the good news of His Kingom, mankind’s only hope.

      So, i am resolved in the fact that it is only in Him there can be anything that is called trust. “Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, in whom is no deliverance” Tehillim 146: 3. In these words, i have come to view these Messianic groups and the such, on this blind guide called Wide World Web as no different than the whore Babel’s tele-evangelizers. So, i will save my time and skimpy income till Yahuwah directs me in a path of righteousness for His Names sake. Until then Hallelu’Yah. Yours in Mashiach, Raymond Albanese

      • Raymond, you have wise council for all of us. Indeed YHWH is faithful and trustworthy and man is capable of intense depravity. I don’t ask you to believe us. We don’t ask anyone to believe our words. We did not put up this site to make anything of ourselves. We are not continuing the distribution of HS nor are we involved in any endeavors to do our own version. We waited until our evidence could speak for itself. While Deborah has certainly falsified documents and I guess you or others could be as skeptical of us, we ask you to determine the truth through the Ruach. We have spoken the Truth. You must receive it with discernment, wisdom and knowledge that only He can impart. What has been undeniable, are the many people who have come to this site, never knowing one another, never having contact with one another, and yet having the same story, experiencing the same wickedness. How is that possible a part from the fact that its true?

        • Dear Marilyn, may i converse with you in private. I’m not the sharpest knife in the kitchen when it comes to this computer. I’m a bit confused about Halleluyah Scriptures. com and Halleluyah scriptures Inc. also, i have some other questions, please. Raymond

  4. Raymond, you are precious to Abba and His people, and we have all been allowed to experience this painful journey for a reason. Keep following the Voice of the Shepherd, brother~ He is well able to maneuver you through even the deception of man. We are all shaking our heads and wondering how this could happen. It’s humbling as well as absolutely heartbreaking. We love what He has done in our lives and were so happy to put our hands and resources to work for the Kingdom with cheerful hearts. I personally believe the wicked one is found more in this “Messianic” movement more than any other because we found the long missing truth ~ the Torah as well as the Living Torah Himself. Hazon/Rev. 12:17~ “And the dragon was enraged with the woman, and he went to fight with the remnant of her seed, those guarding GUARDING THE COMMANDS OF YAHWEH and possessing THE WITNESS OF YAHSHUA HA MASHIACH.” Stay strong brother! Keep following the Shepherds voice, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. And I give them everlasting hai, and they shall by no means ever perish, and no one shall snatch them out of My hand.” Yohanan/Jn. 10:27-28 He knows you by name and has you safe in His mighty hand. Man is sure to fail you but Abba will NEVER leave you or forsake you. May He give all of us who have been hurt by this project an even greater capacity to love and forgive than ever before. I pray for all of us, that we do not let a bitter root take hold in our hearts like it did to Debra and Ken(aka. Shalom & Max). It is a fearful and sobering example to us as we move forward in Mashiach. Let us finish the race, allowing nobody to steal our crown, that we may lay it before His pierced and precious feet on that soon coming day. I pray that the presence of the Ruach Ha Kodesh bring you comfort and strength of heart, friends. Sis. Nance

    • Nance, my same sentiments to you as to Marilyn. I’ve been “dooped” to many times in the name of “religion”. I’ve become “gun-shy” to the voice of those calling themselves brothers and sisters. I have but one brother,Yahushuah and one sister, the fellow brides of Mashiach. I do appreciate your kind words, but i am innocent as a dove but cautious as a serpent. Mattithyahu 10:16. Shalom Aliechem, Raymond Albanese

    • Nance, i just read your reply to me for the upteenth time. i’ve had time to “cool down” and reflect on this atrocity and, as you say, an experience to a painful journey. Perhaps time to pick up where we left off and perhaps it was for a reason-“Woe to the world because of stumbling blocks! For it is (necessary) that stumbling blocks come, but woe to that man by whom the stumbling-blocks comes! Mattithyahu 18:7. However, for Yahuwah’s people,”Great peace have those loving Your Torah, and for them there is no stumbling block.Tehillim 119:165. I hear you sister, where do we go from hear? yours in Mashiach Raymond

  5. Hello,
    I do not have personal experience with what is being alleged, nor do I support any form of impropriety or false representation if there has been any by Shalom and her husband; however, I’m sharing the following to lend witness to my personal experience for the year that I helped with the project. I worked extensively with Shalom from Fall of 2011 until Fall of 2012 via phone conversations and email as the Missions Team organizer facilitating the Prison Project and getting stock into various countries, along with other duties including the weekly prayer email, monthly prayer and fasting email, video voice over and editing the newsletters, various correspondence and articles for the website. I write the following of my own accord simply to share my personal experience in efforts to encourage those whom feel their support of HS has been for nothing. Since I received this disturbing information, I’ve let Shalom know that I’m no longer able to help in any way with the project due to what has been brought forth.

    To be fair, in regards to those whom have said that ‘no one has ever received a free copy’…this is not a true statement. I cannot speak for anything after the Fall of 2012, but in the year that I helped, I personally know of countless believers and ministries in the US, India, Phillipians and Indonesia whom have received free copies, as I was directly in contact with them…meaning I located their ministry, arranged shipment, and received confirmation (from them personally) of having received their shipment….as well as personally shipping out many free copies to various believers here in the states. Any time I ever asked Shalom for stock for various ministries or believers in need, I never experienced any problem in obtaining free copies for them. They would contact me personally letting me know they received their copies and how grateful they were.

    As well, the Prison Project, where over a thousand prison chaplains have been contacted to receive a free copy of HS for their prison library—I know this personally as well because it was my mother who phoned each of them directly from fall of 2011 to fall of 2012…and some whom have received their prison library copy have contacted my mother directly to thank HS for the free copy for their library. I cannot say whom has received and whom has not, however, at times if shipment was delayed, some would contact my mom to ask where the copy was, etc….then would later confirm upon receipt.

    I share this for those whom feel discouraged in light of what has been brought forth, that all they’ve donated or supported has been for nothing, from my personal experience, that is not true at all. Multitudes have received free copies both here and abroad. This recent information is indeed saddening and I can only hope resolution comes soon, as like many of you, I love the idea of this project and still believe in the original vision given to offer it for free…I indeed hope this dust settles and this important work will continue forth with whomever the Father wills.


  6. But let me add that I have been unemployed and still am, making a living on selling my stuff on eBay. I requested a free copy because I’m unemployed. Didn’t receive it so I had to contribute.

  7. My thought’s on this matter are tov (good) ! we have been given an example of the importance of the fathers name (shem) and truths and has lead myself and others to a closer examination of the truth of his name being יהוה , truth of Him being in control , ext . He made good come from HS in so many ways revealing the blessings of obeying His Word (Torah) and the curse not to listen , hear and do (shemar) Him through His Word , Ben (Son) Instruction (Torah). Like many of you I made donations for others to receive a copy of his Word (HS) with his restored name and am sure He will , has made good come from it . Basically what i’m saying is let us not throw out the baby with the bath water stay focused on the good knowing that יהוה is in control .
    YaHuWaH Baruch

  8. CAUTION! REGARDING VAIN TRADITIONS, the Halleluyah Scriptures, and THE HS “TEAM”:
    After reading the HS review site further regarding this mysterious “Vain Traditions” book, and actually reading the book itself, and spotting THE DELETED, LET ME EXPRESS, the REMOVED/ALTERED/TAMPERED verse in Zechariah 12:10, I can only conclude that Shalom Deb Weiss Wessel Weezel is promoting heresy, and is a double-minded hypocrite. I’m sorry for sounding dogmatic, but when she (Deborah) accuses others of something she does herself, how can you believe anything the Halleluyah Scriptures itself and the “HS team” says? I can deduce that Shalom doesnt believe that our Messiah and Elohim are One, which is why they took out the word “Me” in Zech. 12:10, because that would associate Elohim as being One with His son, Yahshua/Yahushua/Jesus. This is nothing more than false Jehovah witness heresy! They do not believe that YHWH and His Son are one? Wouldn’t that make Him “just a good man” or a “prophet” only, then?

    I burned the book vain traditions today as a “burnt offering” to YHWH. I have collected almost ALL the HS bibles I handed out to people. I will not be promoting this heresy. The HS may have some good adaptations to ISR’s The Scriptures, but it is heresy due to the above aspect. I ordered The Scriptures, will be replacing them with the HS I promoted. I strongly advise all others to do the same. I will NOT be held liable by Abba YHWH for spreading heresy against His precious Son, Yahushua!

    • I admit I did probably shouldn’t of called Deborah a “weezel” but I have righteous anger against the whole matter! The Halleluyah Scriptures is corrupt and deceiving when she denies the Supreme Deity of our precious Messiah! Yahushua/Jesus admits overtly in the Good news of Matt, Mark, Luke and John how He is ONE with HIS FATHER. Read please John 17. How can she do this? I also admit that I ignored the Holy Spirit more than once with Deb. When I first received the vain traditions book, I said “what in the WORLD IS THIS!” I thought it screamed WITCHCRAFT. Then opening up the cover I noticed it was associated with HS, so i dismissed my conviction. When I first talked to Shalom, I discerned JEZEBEL spirit. Again, I ignored it! I guess never put down the gift of discernment, especially in these last days.

      • And Deborah (Shalom) if you happen to read this, you NEED to REPENT straight away! You will be damned to hell (Gey-Hinnom) because you removed a VERY IMPORTANT CRUCIAL THOUGHT and word out of YHWH’s Scriptures. You will be damned because you took away from His Son, and you have done worse than any Bible translator out there, EVEN THE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (NIV)! Not even the NIV does what you have done. Please, I ask that you would stop doing what you’re doing, repent, recant, and run back into the forgiveness that Yahushua is offering to you and your husband Ken. Please shut down the HS site and repent. We (I speak for everyone here) do care about your soul and eternal future. Please, REPENT!

    • Over 2 years ago, as we were the closest people to Ken and Deborah Allen,supporters of the HS from its inception, I can whole-heartedly agree that your conclusion is correct. As the HS came close to print I tried to reason with Ken (& Jezebel), that our Elohim Yahweh is ONE! I had grave concerns that Yahwehs hand is not in the wrong! That Yahweh is One:(H259)
      ‘echâd; properly united, that is, one; or (as an ordinal) first: – a, alike, alone, altogether,one, only, other, some, together! only one man! Not a person (Latin – persona; put on the face of an actor)
      Zec 14:9 And יהוה shall be Sovereign over all the earth. In that day there shall be one יהוה, and His Name one!!!!
      I said that Koster had uncovered a truth that one day will be exposed.I precluded that as publishers,were no better than any previous bible printer, and their placement of their prefered name of Messiah in the Brit-Hadasha had no acheological or historical proof,the greatest heist,ineffable name change in the history of publishing,and the implication of their ‘dualism’ theology is BAAL. The following scriptures stand as evidence against them both (and all mankind), That Master Yahweh is the creator and Saviour of Yisrael;
      Isa 43:3 “For I am יהוה your Elohim, the Set-apart One of Yisra’ĕl, your Saviour;
      Isa 44:6 “Thus said יהוה, Sovereign of Yisra’ĕl, and his Redeemer, יהוה of hosts, ‘I am the First and I am the Last, besides Me there is no Elohim.
      Isa 44:8 ‘there is no other Rock, I know not one”.Isa 45:5 ‘I am יהוה, and there is none else – there is no Elohim besides Me.Isa 45:5 ‘I am יהוה, and there is none else – there is no Elohim besides Me. Isa 44:15 “saviour”.
      Isa 45:18 For thus said יהוה, Creator of the heavens……“I am יהוה, and there is none else. Brothers and sisters Read Heb 1:10 And, “You, Master (Yahweh), did found the earth in the beginning, and the heavens are the work of Your hands. YES YAHWEH, NO OTHER!!!!
      Isa 45:21 “……Is it not I, יהוה? And there is no mighty one besides Me, a righteous Ěl and a Saviour, there is none besides Me. And again in Isa 45:22 “Turn to Me and be saved, all you ends of the earth! For I am Ěl, and there is none else.
      Isa 47:4 Our Redeemer, יהוה of hosts is His Name, the Set-apart One of Yisra’ĕl.
      I confronted them both in person, they both manifested,yelled and screamed at me yelling, “No…The creator, THE SON, it is another person, you are a liar, you are not saved, lies lies all lies!!!!
      I walked away in shame and disgrace thinking that WE as men are not worthy to stand before such an ONE as was sacrificed for ALL at the stake.Act 2:21 ‘And it shall be that everyone who calls on the Name of יהוה shall be saved.’(1Joel 2:28-32, Rom. 10:13.) How dare we call on another name!Shame on us who call ourselves Yisra’El….
      Joh_5:43 “I have come in My Father’s Name and you do not receive Me, if another comes in his own name, him you would receive.Yes he was given His Fathers Name,Joh 17:12 “When I was with them in the world, I was guarding them in Your Name which You have given Me!

      Psa 106:47 Save us, O יהוה our Elohim, And gather us from among the gentiles, To give thanks to Your set-apart Name, To exult in Your praise.Blessed be יהוה Elohim of Yisra’ĕl From everlasting to everlasting! And all the people shall say, “Amĕn!” Praise Yah!

  9. Actually, they are resolving the Zech 12:10 issue in their next print run Though I always knew that verse referred to Yahshua. They may be controlling people and may even tell lies but the fact is this. The HS is better than the ISR..I don’t care if you say they based their translation off of the ISR. The HS is better hands down. Man up Bill..Stop crying already.

  10. I do miss the Hebrew rendering of various words that the HS translation offers, but one must realize that you ((Cannot)) remove “man’s words” i.e. the italicized words and think that all these are man’s doings. ISR The Scriptures and HS are TRANSLATIONS, meaning they are not the original Hebrew/Aramaic Masoretic Text. When translating from one language to another, you will have to add some words to keep the Meaning the same. As long as the Meaning and line of thought is the same then it is ok and sometimes necessary. HS “editors” simply removed MOST italicized words without even reading the original Hebrew/Aramaic to make sure that they aren’t butchering the translation. I also use the Aramaic English New Testament (AENT) by Andrew Roth as a companion Scripture text to ISR Scriptures. I appreciate what Chris Koster has done with The Scriptures Tanak (OT text) and Andrew Roth with the NT Aramaic text. Keep searching for YHWH’s truth and you will find it.


  11. I Just received my copy of the HS. Don’t know about the controversies much, but do know this; the HS and “the sunrise” theory don’t mix well. For example when you go to the 8 main passages in the NT that talk about the “first day of the week,” (Sunday) there is the confusing use of the word “shabbathoth” to OBFUSCATE the placement of actual time of the Shabbat. I was not happy to find that.

    [Happily, my new copy of HS appears to have corrected the Zechariah 12:10 issue. So I don’t have much to say on that.]

    In general, I think the HS is a very special Bible and have been blessed using it as a comparison to the KJV (good enough for many martyrs and written for 6th to 8th graders!), Lamsa, and the AENT.

    I think one of the greatest things the HS does is help the spirit of the mind expand in comprehension of the character of our Great and Almighty Elohim by the expressions of the various names used for him. It is more than a study tool, it is a devotional POWER tool.

    I have always hoped to find a Bible one day that would express the meaning behind ALL names, not just those pertaining to GOD; but this is the best on that count I’ve found thus far in 30+ years of study! Sorry that there are other issues that taint the circumference!

    I would like to offer a word of warning to all. Make it your 1st priority to study to fear or Reverence Elohim with solemnity and sobriety! And to especially consider his Holiness with Awesome Reverence and solemnity and LOVE upon Shabbat! Time is short, very short!

    We see that YHWH is in wrath with the nations at this time; he is finishing his judgment of the living, and soon will come to take his set apart people (his chosen) home to a SINLESS heaven.

    Perfection is a must! Sinlessness WILL happen to the Overcomers! No one in heaven, or going to heaven sins! “Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed (his Holy Word) remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.” 1 John 3:9

    The 2nd coming is going to come about in a way that we cannot anticipate; false theologies abound here at the end just before the coming of the true Christ; therefore Trust, Obey (the commandments), and give Glory to JAH by exalting in your hai’s the importance of learning to come Reverently into the Presence of God.

    This is more NOW important than it ever has been ESPECIALLY in reference to keeping the 7th day 4th commandment Shabbat holy!

    Jesus is, with his voice thundering all over the earth in the cloud just above our heads. He is seeking to warn all his true set apart ones, that we cannot afford to have one nonchalant “theological” Shabbat from here on forward!

    I FEAR God! Let us utilize the HS in our personal relation with Yahshua to seek him with a holy abandon, pleading for his special end-of-the-world ‘power of His grace’ that we may stand in the evil day that is before us.

    The children of Israel, in like circumstances, feared and quaked, knowing that they, as sinners, could die because of their sins at any moment.

    Today at any moment, Jesus may say, “It is done!” (REV 16:17) Therefore, I sense the Ruach of God moving upon me to exhort all believers to actively utilize “All Scriptures,” the Hallelujah Scriptures or other, to this great and holy purpose of securing the salvation of your souls in “the hope of righteousness by faith” in the Word of Elohim!

    Amen! and Amen! Shabbat Shalom to all fellow believers and students of the TORAH!

  12. Raymond, I was raised in a house stricken with the lies of the JW’s all my life now a true believer I understand your situation. The truth is as hidden treasure.. on my search I have dug deep into the Hebrew roots and the language. I am currently using the Besorah of Yahusha and it is the best book I have found so far. Remember how fast he is falling out of the word. You will find truth in little pieces as the Ruach of Elohim leads you.

  13. Greetings Mellissa, thank you for your reply, alas someone i can relate with. I am currently communicating with a fellow believer named Wayne Smith and his website YaHuWaH is.com, perhaps you’ve seen his comments in this website. Since being jilted in the H.S. scam I’ve been using the ISR scriptures in studying His Word. Is it possible that we can communicate in private?, let me know, please. Berekah, yours in Mashiach, Raymond.

  14. I just recently purchased a copy of the Halleluyah Scriptures Soft cover. I sent 40$ as I thought I would be helping someone get a free copy. I am still waiting for it as it says I have to wait about 14 Days. My question is.. Is this version incorrect, and is it teaching a false truth like all the other Bibles like the KJV etc? Are the names in it wrong? and if so, what is the correct and true WORD of YHWH? Four weeks ago I found out that I am a Sephardic Jew and I’m searching for the truth and have learned a lot in the last couple weeks and totally changed my life around. I have dropped all the worldy (Video games, Pot, Bars, TV, Sports and disobeying my parents, Drinks, Food and many other things) I began obeying all the Commandments and I believe that YHWH has helped me see things that I would never have seen before because He only helps those who really want and that ask for it. I get on my knees every morning and night and communicate during the day so he can help me not loose sight of the truth and to keep me walking down the correct path so I believe that’s why I am here asking for help because I believe I will get a correct answer. Please help

  15. Nuno,
    Bless you my friend and may Yah bless your search and lead you to the answers that only He can give. I will only be able to give you my thoughts on some of your questions. As far as the version, to me it does not matter any longer what it contains or does not contain. Those that are behind it have not repented. They are a bad tree with many more charges against them than what has been revealed on this site. A bad tree cannot bear good fruit…….in its present state…..and certainly without repentance/cleansing. So far, there is no humility, therefore no restitution. I believe our Father would have His true Body hand them over to Satan and distance themselves from anything their hands produced.
    As for the name of YHVH/YHWH, no one knows…..even despite what some will tell you. What I just wrote and you just wrote are an English attempt at writing our Creator’s name but it is not what was originally written down, nor is it understood by anyone, how to pronounce it. Many pray for that hearing and understanding. Maybe He will answer you. Let us know if He does.
    I would consider your donation as one given to YHVH and let it go at that. He will take care of Deb and Ken and be assured, they will not escape His judgment. I know that the intention of all of us is to only do what would be pleasing to our Father and that means obey His commands. I want to encourage you to continue what has been given to you by His Spirit. May you be a fragrant offering to our Heavenly Father. Blessings.



    I Asked HS In An Email About ZekarYah 12:10 Being CHANGED From (on Me) To (upon even), And Ken (Max) Or Debra (Shalom) Replied Telling Me That Having ABBA’S Name In The HS Is MORE IMPORTANT THAN DEFENDING OUR RISEN MESSIAH. That’s NOT Exactly How They Wrote What They Said. But It’s VERY SADLY What They Meant.

    They When I Wrote Back STRONGLY DEFENDING OUR RISEN MESSIAH, I Was Told That “We do not get into arguing with anyone”.

    Some Of The CHANGED Verses That Alan Points Out Are VERY POSITIVE CHANGES! However, The ZecharYah 12:10 CHANGE IS TOTALLY CORRUPT.



  17. Michael Rood (who is rude sometimes), and Nehemiah Gordon, (a Karite Jew, and a translater and who has access to the most ancient Hebrew texts) have some recent new evidence that helps with the pronunciation of YHVH’s name. They referred to Him as Yahweh for years, until this oversight was discovered. Many old scriptures were found to have the vowels in the Name…….. After the first time they found the vowels, they did a search and found that the vowels had been left in MANY old manuscripts……….short story is that it would be pronounced as Yehovah. Check it out!

  18. from dictionary.reference.com
    bless [bles]
    verb (used with object), blessed or blest, bless·ing.
    1.to consecrate or sanctify by a religious rite; make or pronounce holy.
    2.to request of God the bestowal of divine favor on: Bless this house.
    3.to bestow good of any kind upon: a nation blessed with peace.
    4.to extol as holy; glorify: Bless the name of the Lord.
    5.to protect or guard from evil (usually used interjectionally): Bless you! Bless your innocent little heart!

    Andrew, while I appreciate those in the Body who are looking out for us dumb sheep, I want to warn everyone that declaring a pagan around every corner is a slipper slope. While I agree that my FAther’s name should be restored and the name of His Messiah is of ultimate importance, that argument stops right there. My name and your name add nothing to this story of redemption. I don’t care what you call me or if you call me anything at all. I believe our eyes should be on our Creator.
    YHVH used the word “elohim” to describe a pagan. So tell me how “elohim” is not a pagan word but “god” is? That makes absolutely no sense.
    What people are trying to do these days is gain a following. They take a principle of scripture (don’t look like the world) and then go way off the reservation. To declare certain words as pagan is not only off the reservation, it’s unbiblical. Paul said “do not inquire” about the worship practices of a pagan. This instruction holds true for words, days, meat, trees, holidays, rainbows, etc, etc, etc, etc. If we are so immature in our faith that we believe a pagan can now own a word or a day, we have some serious bible study to do. “The earth is YHVH’s and the fullness thereof”. It all belongs to Him and no pagan can claim what is YHVH’s. People need to allow the Spirit to reveal the truth in this because so many people are adding their own commands to scripture by this very argument. jmho

  19. This write up bothers me greatly and here is why. I have no affiliation with the H.S. I could care less who owns this ministry or what they are doing. What I do know and care about is ANYONE *and I MEAN ANYONE* spreading the TRUTH in this day and age needs to be supported! I don’t care if they don’t even believe in it themselves or even half-way believe it! Everyone deserves love, support, and recognition! Anyone advocating for Yahushuah or YWVH needs to be heard! Now, more than ever, we NEED God’s word to be spread to the masses. There is a great “falling away” happening and SOULS are at stake! You truly should be ashamed getting caught up in these petty battles. ANYONE who is spreading the TRUTH deserves to be left alone in this day and age. They are doing more than MOST! You know it in your heart! For YWHW.

  20. While I am seeing a lot of accusations being thrown about, and we know who the accuser really is according to scripture, I would like to point out the fact that the Word of Elohim is given freely, and we are told to freely give as we freely receive.

    As far as copyright issues go, that is stating WHO the specific copyrighted item belongs to as being the original creator, or one who has purchased the copyright from the creator of the material where the copyright is placed. NONE, NO ONE but Elohim, or Yahuwah, Yahushua and the Qodesh Spirit actually own the “copyright” to His Word, the Word of Elohim.

    Anyone attempting to charge for the deliverance of His Word is attempting to make null and void the freely given Word of Elohim for the sake of it now being something that has to be paid for. You who do such a thing are stealing from Yahuwah right before His presence, and you shall receive your reward accordingly.

    There are many who are trying to find the Word of Elohim as it was from the original form, but translated to their language so that they might understand better as they seek Him with a true and pure heart. I personally, am one of those people, and have searched high and low for a translation that uses the correct names of Elohim for quite some time, and with the least amount of corruption of the Word as possible, without actually having to learn the whole Hebrew and Greek languages.

    I have placed an order for the FREELY given Word of Elohim, entitled HalleluYah Scriptures, and have made no “donation” as I am very limited on income, but still do what I can to serve Elohim. The order I have placed was shown to have been shipped and is expected to arrive Oct. 29, and I await this with great joy in my heart that I may be able to read the Word of Elohim with a minimal amount of degradation and any removal of the names of Elohim!

    While there may be some with improper intentions, they can still be used to deliver what He has intended to be delivered without their even knowing or realizing He is using them for His purpose. What is more of this from what I understand, is that it is clearly stated within the HalleluYah Scriptures that it is NOT to be sold.

    The body of His gathering, or the house of Elohim is NOT to be divided against itself, for a house divided against itself shall not stand. You who attempt to stand and point fingers at one another instead of trying to work together for doing as we are called to do, preach the gospel of the Kingdom of Elohim and the testimony of Yahushua to the world are acting as if you are the very scribes and Pharisees from the days when Yahushua walked the face of this earth before His crucifixion, by pointing at trivial things in comparison to the Truth.

    Repent, and seek the Kingdom of Elohim, and all these things shall be added unto you. Work together in the love of Yahuwah for one another, and remember even as you do to the least of the brethren, you do unto Him.

    • Yes we pray you receive your free copy. This was NOT the case in the past. From my hands on experience, if you didn’t donate you were NOT sent an HS. Also many that did donate did not received one either. Hopefully the truth in this website has helped HS to do the right thing and ship the word to people that ask for it without donating.

  21. Shannon,

    I appreciate your fervor and enthusiasm but does YHVH need us to get His Word out? Doesn’t scripture tell us that if we don’t do it, the rocks will cry out?

    My point is not to disagree in principle with you but when laws are broken, and worse, the two people who run HS are devoid of basic ordinary fruit of a Saint, trample on people, lie very easily, have a history of scamming on ebay, and certainly the great lengths they’ve gone to to scheme and deceive those of us who volunteered for them, are you going to overlook that because you believe YHVH is so handicapped that He needs their rotten fruited effort or He’s going to be silenced?

    I cannot find the command “overlook sin so that My will can be done”. Please show it to me. What I read is that YHVH’s will will be done regardless……and you and I will answer for our part in that….whether it’s to promote the spreading of His Word or turning a blind’s eye to sin. I want to be on the right side of both. jmho

  22. shalom I was so happy that Ican share my though regarding this,we are really confuse in pronouncing the real name of the creator and the messiah all I want to know is to how to pronounce it,yes I know how to read the hebrew alphabet and the paleo form but I am careful in pronouncing and reading that names,all my life I aim to go in Israel to know the real name of the creator and the messiah,I’m hoping that you can help us to connect to our fellow believers,we don’t know where can we find our fellow believers who believes the name Yahusha and YaHuWaH.I’m begging you that you can help me.only my sister,her husband and me who believes that names in philippines,if and only you can help me I am proud to proclaim and utter that names,all I want today are the documents and proofs to show to the other people who are discouraging me to proclaim that names.please contact me to my mobile phone +6309284990984

  23. shalom again I connot make myself comfort if we I really doesn’t have a documents and proofs in the name of Yahusha and YaHuWaH,I want to baptize in your congregation,but I don’t know when we connect and who will baptize us,because we don’t know when I can find our fellow believers here in philippines.

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